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Pursuant to the Proclamation of the Governor, the Senate convened at 12, M., and were called to order by his Honor, Joseph P. Root, Lieutenant Governor of the State and ex-officio President of the Senate, who submitted the following remarks:

Gentlemen of the Senate:

It becomes my duty at the present time, as ex-officio President of the Senate, to call your honorable body to order; and while so doing, I feel, and I have no doubt we all feel, that this is a moment of deep interest to us, and to the new State of Kansas, so ably represented in this Senate Chamber.

The time so long looked for, so long prayed for, and so long and arduously struggled and worked for, has at length arrived, and Kansas has taken her place among the troubled Sisterhood of States.

That old and glorious Constellation of Stars, originally numbering thirteen, and called THE UNION, once burnished bright with the holy blood of 1776, and shining with dazzling splendor among the political constellations of Earth, now increased to thirty-four, is covered with dark and threatening clouds.

You, gentlemen of this Senate-we, citizens of Kansas-have something to do in view of the perils that hang over this nation; and like men, like patriots, let us that duty perform. Let us show our devotion to Freedom, as given us by the Fathers of the Republic -youngest though we are of the family-by being the FOREMOST and the FIRMEST to PROTECT in their entirety the CONSTITUTION and the UNION.

GENTLEMEN, I will not detain you. I have confidence to believe that no

What I feel you all feel; and act of this body will tend to

weaken the fraternal bonds that have so long bound our country to

gether. We have passed through trials before, caused by the fickleness and base falseness of mere political rulers. My memory needs no unusual touch to enable it to bring before my vision here, on this very spot-now as then, the capital of the STATE of Kansas-whole companies of mounted soldiers, with sabers drawn, and steed eager for the battle, with loaded cannon, and the lighted fuse burning, ready at a moment's warning to send death and destruction through the streets of this quiet town-all these, and a thousand worse scenes, are fresh in our minds; but FREEDOM has triumphed, and Kansas is FREE! With a firm and steady faith and purpose, thus it will ever be.

On motion of Mr. Elder,

John A. Martin, member elect from the Second District, was elected temporary Secretary.

The following Senators presented their credentials, and took and subscribed the following oath, which was administered by Jacob Safford, Esq., Judge of the Third Judicial District, viz:

First District-H. N. Seaver, Thomas A. Osborn.

Second District-John A. Martin, H. R. Dutton.

Third District-Samuel Lappin.

Fourth District-Samuel D. Houston.

Sixth District-H. W. Farnsworth, Edward Lynde.

Seventh District-John H. McDowell, Jesse Connell.

Eighth District-John Lockhart, O. B. Gunn, Josiah Miller, Robert Morrow.

Ninth District-J. C. Burnett, J. F. Broadhead, J. A. Phillips. Tenth District-P. P. Elder, William Spriggs.

Eleventh District-Samuel E. Hoffman.

Twelfth District-E. P. Bancroft, H. S. Sleeper.

Thirteenth District-S. N. Wood.


Fifth District-Josiah M. Hubbard.

Seventh District-Hampton B. Denman.

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