Collection of English Almanacs for the Years 1702-1835


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Página 15 - Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years...
Página 2 - The golden zones of heaven; to some she gave To weigh the moment of eternal things, Of time, and space, and fate's unbroken chain, And will's quick impulse; others by the hand She led o'er vales and mountains, to explore What healing virtue swells the tender veins Of herbs and flowers...
Página 1 - Charcole being chiefly to keep the Parts feparate for the better kindling of it.) So that if we fuppofe in the Air, a convenient mixture of Nitrous and Sulphorous Vapours, and thofe by Accident to take Fire ; fuch Explofion may well follow, with fuch. Noife and Light, as in the firing of Gun-powder. And being once kindled...
Página 2 - Things formerly to be done and performed on the laid Feafls, fliall be Kept, Obfervcd, and Performed, on the fame natural Days of the Year on which the faid Feafts would have fallen, if this Aft had not been made. For this Reafon the 5th of April is called Old...
Página 16 - Years and Queen; alfo the Year, Month, and Day, whereon they began to reign : beginning the Year the firft Day of January, 1763.
Página 2 - The aftive pow'rs of man ; with wife intent The hand of nature on peculiar minds Imprints a different bias, and to each Decrees its province in the common toil.
Página 8 - Table of feme principal fixed Stars, with the time they Rife, South and Set, either before or after the Seven Stars, as alfb their Colour, Magnitude and Meridian which they may be readily difcovered.
Página 7 - Panures, íhall not by this Means be accelerated or forwarded; but that the Days of Payment, or Right of opening or inclofing of Commons, formerly depending on the faid Fealb, are to be kept and obferved on the fame natural Days of the Year, on which the faid Feafts mould have fallen if this Aft had not been made.
Página 5 - Stars, as alfo their Colour, Magnitude, and Meridian Altitude, by which they may be readily difcovered. THE brighteft of the Seven * is of the third Magnitude, and hath 61 Degrees of Meridian Altitude, and in Colour participates of the...
Página 2 - Tables, prior to, or npon, the fécond of September 1751, are to be underftood according to the Julian Account, or Old Style ; but after that Time, the annual Returns of them are placed in the Calendar Part of the Almanack,, according to the New Style, Elev:n nominal Days later, • TANUARY hath xxxi Days.

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