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United States Government; customs regulations:

Merchandise sold to; affidavit, drawback allowance, 19 § 22.41

Parcels for; importation by mail, 19 § 9.7

Persons employed in services of, and their families; free importation of personal

and household effects during war, 19 § 54.2
United States Tariff Commission. See Tariff Commission.


Vegetable oils. See Oils.

Vessels; customs regulations respecting documentation, measurement, entry and
clearance, etc. See Customs Bureau.

Violations of, or importations contrary to, any customs law; action to be taken,
penalties, etc. See Customs Bureau.

Virgin Islands; customs relations with, 19 § 7.9

Viruses, serums, toxins, and antitoxins; customs regulations respecting importation,
labels, sampling, dispositions, etc.:

For treatment of domestic animals, 19 §§ 12.17-12.20

For treatment of man, 19 §§ 12.21-12.23

Importation by mail, 19 § 9.12

Vouchers, vendors' bills of sale, or invoices for purchases or services intended for
payment from official funds; customs regulations, 19 § 24.34


Wake Island, customs relations with, 19 § 7.8

War; customs requirements and procedure due to or during. See Customs Bureau.
War relief work, articles imported by Red Cross for purpose of; customs regulations,
19 § 53.2

Warehouses, customs, for imported merchandise; regulations respecting. See Cus-

toms Bureau.

Warrant, issued to customs officers to search for and seize merchandise, 19 § 23.11
Wild or game animals or birds; customs regulations respecting entry, 19 §§ 10.75,
10.76, 12.26-12.29

Wines. See Liquors, distilled spirits, malt beverages, etc.

Wire, fencing and netting, from Australia; customs regulations respecting counter-
vailing duties, 19 § 16.24

Women's wearing apparel, models of; customs regulations respecting entry, 19 § 10.35
Wool products; customs regulations respecting labeling to indicate fiber content,
19 § 11.12

Wool and hair; customs regulations:

Camel wool and hair; entry or withdrawal, bond, duties, records, etc., 19 §§ 10.91–

General; invoices, entry, examination, weighing, sampling, etc., 19 §§ 13.11–13.16


Zinc-bearing materials; customs regulations:

Not for smelting in bond; entry and sampling, transportation bond required,
19 § 8.46

To be smelted or refined in bonded warehouse, 19 §§ 19.17-19.28

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