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This volume of legislation and related material is part of a five volume set of laws and related material frequently referred to by the Committees on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives and Foreign Relations of the Senate, amended to date and annotated to show pertinent history or cross references.

Volumes I, II, III and IV contain legislation and related material and are republished with amendments and additions at the end of each annual session of Congress. Volume V which contains treaties and related material will not be revised every year, but only as necessary

We wish to express our appreciation to Dianne E. Rennack and C. Winston Woodland of the Foreign Affairs and National Defense Division of the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress who prepared volume III of this year's compilation.

DANTE B. FASCELL, Chairman, Committee on Foreign Affairs.

CLAIBORNE PELL, Chairman, Committee on Foreign Relations.


All public laws included in this volume, except as noted below, are codified and in force through the first session of the 101th Congress. The texts of the public laws in this volume are printed as they appear in the United States Statutes at Large rather than the United States Code. Amendments are incorporated into the text and distinguished by a footnote.

All Executive orders and State Department delegations of authority are codified and in force as of January 31, 1990.


Bevans.......... ... Treaties and Other International Agree

ments of the United States of America, 1776–1949, compiled under the direction of

Charles I. Bevans. CFR........

Code of Federal Regulations. EAS ..........

Executive Agreement Series. F.R ......

Federal Register. LNTS.....

League of Nations Treaty Series.
I Malloy, II Malloy.... Treaties, Conventions, International Acts,

Protocols, and Agreements Between the
United States of America and Other
Powers, 1776-1909, compiled under the
direction of the United States Senate by

William M. Malloy.
Stat .........

United States Statutes at Large. TIAS ..........

Treaties and Other International Acts Series. TS..

Treaty Series. UNTS

United Nations Treaty Series.

United States Code. UST .....

United States Treaties and Other Interna

tional Agreements.



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