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Political Chaos

in Colorado

The Southern Vote

The State of Colorado is incarcerated. I feel that some of those in still suffering the conse

jail have been unjustly dealt with. But be quences of the long period made; I want it to extend from the

head to

that as it may, I want this investigation of social and political disorder which the foot, and I want the truth known. has existed in that State. It was gener- If Mr. Adams is declared the Governor ally supposed that in the November by the courts, and can inspire his gubernatorial election the Democratic administration and his fellow-citizens candidate, Alva Adams, was chosen

with the belief which he thus so well Governor and that Governor Peabody expresses, his election will have been was defeated for re-election. There is, well worth while. however, a serious contest which is now before the courts and is not yet settled. The Republicans accuse the Democrats

Whatever theories we of wholesale corruption and fraud, and

in National Elections may hold regarding the Democrats make similar accusations

the disfranchisement against the Republicans. The courts

of large groups of citizens in certain are now issuing writs and rendering Southern States—whether such disdecisions which the canvassing board franchisement be regarded as an unand other officers are evading, and there mixed evil, as a necessary evil, or as a is a general taint of lawlessness in the

well-ordered working out of sane conpolitical atmosphere of the State. What cessions to the highest form of political the final decision of the courts will be it expediency—this at least is true: there is at the moment impossible to tell. is now and has long been a marked disDespatches to the newspapers indicate parity between the vote cast in National that Governor Peabody is going to issue elections by these Southern States and a message as though he were elected. the vote cast by Northern and Western A telegram to so influential a Republican States of corresponding rank. Nor can journal as the New York “Tribune," this disparity be laid wholly to negro however, speaks of Alva Adams as the disfranchisement. In mors than one Democratic Governor-elect. The most

State of the South the white vote is hopeful and clarifying statement which itself relatively small—in a few cases has so far come out of this political con

almost insignificant—as compared with fusion is one issued last week by Mr.

the white vote of Northern States.

In Adams :

the accompanying table, the vote of each

Southern State at the last Presidential I have no question about my election by substantially the majority reported on the election is compared with the vote of face of the returns. I believe if the frauds the Northern or Western State which in outside counties could be unearthed my approaches it most closely in populahonest majority would amount to 20,000. But I want no tainted seat. It is of far tion and in Congressional representation. greater importance that extensive election It is shown, for example, that Alabama, frauds be unearthed and punished than which ranks eighteenth in population that I or any other particular individual should be sworn in as Governor.

among the States of the Union, cast a I don't know who committed the alleged total vote of 108,855 at the recent elecfrauds in Denver. I know nearly thirty men tion, while Minnesota, which ranks nineare in jail ostensibly for contempt of court, teenth, rolled up a vote of 292,870. In but really charged with election crimes. If other words, Minnesota sent one voter they are of the character reported, I feel assured that there are men at liberty far

to the polls for every six of her total more deserving of jail than those who are population; Alabama sent one for every

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