The Orders of Knighthood, British and Foreign, with a Brief Review of the Titles of Rank and Merit in Ancient Hindusthan: In Three Parts, Parte1

Catholic Orphan Press, 1883

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Página 112 - Knight of the most ancient and most noble Order of the Thistle, and...
Página 115 - HRH the Prince of Wales. HRH the Duke of Edinburgh. HRH the Duke of Connaught. HRH the Duke of Albany.
Página 183 - ... any such body of seamen or marines, or for every troop or company of soldiers, one officer shall be selected by the officers...
Página 181 - Whereas We, taking into our Royal consideration that there exists no means of adequately rewarding the individual gallant services either of officers of the lower grades in Our Naval and Military Service, or of warrant and petty officers, seamen, and marines, in Our Navy, and noncommissioned officers and soldiers in Our Army...
Página 182 - It is ordained that every person selected under Rule Eight shall receive his decoration as soon as possible, and his name shall likewise appear in a General Order as above required, such General Order to be issued by the Naval or Military Commander of the Forces employed on the service. Eleventhly.
Página 57 - was a man of unquestionable loyalty to the late King, and gave clear testimony of it before he received any obligations from the court, and when he thought himself disobliged by it. This King in his first year sent him the Garter; which, in many respects, he had expected from the last. And the sense of that honour made him so readily comply with the King's command in attending him, when he had no confidence in the undertaking, nor any...
Página 216 - And We do hereby give and grant unto you full Power and Authority to suspend any of the Members of Our said Council, from sitting, voting and assisting therein, if you shall find just Cause for so doing.
Página 177 - Services, and are graciously pleased to make, ordain and establish the following rules and ordinances for the government of the same, which shall from henceforth be inviolably observed and kept: Firstly. It is ordained, that the distinction shall be styled and designated
Página 181 - Thirdly. — It is ordained, that the names of those upon whom We may be pleased to confer the decoration shall be published in the " London Gazette," and a registry thereof kept in the office of Our Secretary of State for War.
Página 182 - It is ordained, with a view to place all persons on a perfectly equal footing in relation to eligibility for the decoration, that neither rank, nor long service, nor wounds, nor any "other circumstance or condition whatsoever, save the merit of conspicuous bravery, shall be held to establish a sufficient claim to the honour. Seventhly.

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