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In Appreciation of the Public Service of



Through the untimely death of CLYDE L. SEAVEY, the Nation has lost one of its most devoted and unselfish public servants and the American people one of their truest friends.

In a singular degree, he combined resolution and firmness in the advancement of his ideals with kindly consideration for everyone who aided in the performance of his public functions. All who were associated with him in any capacity will long remember his high idealism, his complete self-effacement and his rugged honesty both in word and deed.

He was a leader among the regulatory officials of the United States in establishing the doctrine that every dollar appearing on the books of public utilities should represent a dollar of honest investment. As member and President of the California Railroad Commission and later as member and Chairman of the Federal Power Commission he strove quietly but effectively to make this principle the law of the land.

He was primarily responsible for drafting those sections of the Federal Power Act providing for Federal regulation of interstate electric utilities; for the determination of the original cost of utility properties; and for the establishment of a uniform system of accounts. And, within recent months through the repeated decisions of the highest courts, he had seen with satisfaction the realization of his objectives. All the people will reap the fruits of his toil.

One of his outstanding characteristics was a sense of orderorder in his personal life and in his work. Through his achievement in making effective a uniform system of accounts for the electric and natural gas utilities, he succeeded, as have few men in our generation, in impressing that orderliness on one of the great segments of our national economy. The importance of this achievement. is recognized today by all constructive interests in the field of investment as well as by those concerned with the welfare of consumers.

The impress of his sense of order, grounded in basic honesty, lives today not only in the field of utility regulation but also in other aspects of the administration of one of the great States which

compose the Union. As member of the State Board of Control, of the State Civil Service Commission and as Chairman of the State Tax Commission, his influence upon California's fiscal and employment policies still persists.

His example of forceful but selfless public service should be known to every young man and woman entering public life. His passing marks the culmination of 40 years in the service of good government, in the course of which personal considerations never turned him from the path which he considered right. FEDERAL POWER COMMISSION:


Chairman. BASIL MANLY,

Vice Chairman. CLAUDE L. DRAPER,

Commissioner. JOHN W. SCOTT,


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