Memoir and Letters of Charles Sumner: 1860-1874

Roberts Brothers, 1894

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Página 53 - I have not forgotten that, if the safety of this Union required the detention of the captured persons, it would be the right and duty of this government to detain them.
Página 29 - Upon your closing propositions, that 'whatever policy we adopt, there must be an energetic prosecution of it, " 'For this purpose it must be somebody's business to pursue and direct it incessantly, " 'Either the President must do it himself, and be all the while active in it, or " 'Devolve it on some member of his Cabinet. Once adopted, debates on it must end, and all agree and abide,' I remark that if this must be done, I must do it.
Página 491 - Alabama claims;" And whereas her Britannic Majesty has authorized her high commissioners and plenipotentiaries to express, in a friendly spirit, the regret felt by her Majesty's Government for the escape, under whatever circumstances, of the Alabama and other vessels from British ports, and for the depredations committed by those vessels...
Página 528 - The little dogs and all, Tray, Blanche, and Sweetheart, see, they bark at me...
Página 462 - He had in himself a salient, living spring, of generous and manly action. Every day he lived he would have re-purchased the bounty of the crown, and ten times more, if ten times more he had received. He was made a public creature, and had no enjoyment whatever but in the performance of some duty. At this exigent moment, the loss of a finished man is not easily supplied.
Página 300 - We have witnessed in one department of the Government every endeavor to prevent the restoration of peace, harmony, and union. We have seen hanging upon the verge of the Government, as it were, a body called, or which assumes to be, the Congress of the United States, while in fact it is a Congress of only a part of the States.
Página 456 - Executive be authorized to appoint a commission to negotiate a treaty with the authorities of San Domingo for the acquisition of that island, and that an appropriation be made to defray the expenses of such a commission.
Página 233 - For the genius to write these things I would gladly give up my office.
Página 40 - Representatives, by a vote of 92 to 55, resolved that "it is no part of the duty of the soldiers of the United States to capture and return fugitive slaves.
Página 398 - ... .during our late civil war, in the increased rates of insurance, in the diminution of exports and imports, and other obstructions to domestic industry and production, in its...

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