Travels in North America in the Years 1827 and 1828, Volumen1

Cadell and Company, 1829

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Página 325 - I think, can be more idle than what is sometimes said on this subject, by people on both sides of the Atlantic, and on both sides of the frontier I am now looking at out of the window.
Página 233 - She made the earth below seem holy ground. This may be superstition, weak or wild, But even the faintest relics of a shrine Of any worship wake some thoughts divine.
Página 339 - ... but I remember when we have entered, at sunset, upon one of those beautiful lakes, into which the St. Lawrence so grandly and unexpectedly opens, I have heard this simple air with a pleasure which the finest compositions of the first masters have never given me...
Página 339 - Blow, breezes, blow, the stream runs fast, The Rapids are near and the daylight's past! Utawas' tide! this trembling moon Shall see us float over thy surges soon. Saint of this green isle! hear our prayers, Oh, grant us cool heavens and favouring airs. Blow, breezes, blow, the stream runs fast, The Rapids are near and the daylight's past!
Página 69 - ... if he continue to deport himself correctly for a month, let his term of detention be shortened a fortnight; and if he shall go steadily on for six months, then let half a year be struck off his whole period; and so on, according to any ratio that may be found suitable. ". . . It must surely be the wish of society in general to let a prisoner out as soon as possible, consistently with a certain salutary effect on himself and on others. It has always seemed to me, that by the process of giving...
Página 121 - It has been the fashion of travellers in America, I am told — for I have read no travels in that country — to ridicule the practice of giving to unknown and inconsiderable villages, the names of places long hallowed by classical recollections. I was disposed, however, at one time to think, that there was nothing absurd in the matter. I did not deny that, on first looking at the map, and more particularly on hearing stage-drivers and stage-passengers, talking of Troy, Ithaca, and Rome, and still...
Página 151 - ... happy mortal ! He told us that the Great Horse Shoe Fall had, within his memory, gone back forty or fifty yards — that is to say, the edge, or arch of the rock over which the water poured, had broken down from time to time to that extent. This account was corroborated by that of another gentleman, who had been resident on the spot for forty years. As these statements came from...
Página 111 - Be the cause what it may, I cannot conceive a more beautiful combination of verdure ; and as the windings of the canal brought us in sight of fresh vistas, new cultivation, new villages, new bridges, new aqueducts, rose at every moment, mingled up with scattered dwellings, mills, churches, all span new. The scene looked really one of enchantment.
Página 28 - Amongst other things, it was curious to hear one of the lawyers quote a recent English decision. The Chief Justice and two judges were on the bench; but I must say, that the absence of the wigs and gowns took away much more from their dignity than I had previously supposed possible. Perhaps I was the more struck with this omission, as it was the first thing I saw which made me distrust the wisdom with which the Americans had stripped away so much of what had been held sacred so long.
Página 223 - The cleared and airy country was exchanged for close, choky woods ; the horrible Corduroy roads again made their appearance in a more formidable shape, by the addition of deep, inky holes, which almost swallowed up the fore wheels of the waggon, and bathed its hinder axletree. The jogging and plunging to which we were now exposed, and the occasional bang when the vehicle reached the bottom of one of these abysses, were so new and remarkable in the history of our travels, that we tried to make a good...

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