Supreme Court Cases on Political Representation, 1787-2001

Routledge, 2016 M07 8 - 822 páginas
This book includes every Supreme Court case relevant to elections and political representation from the Court's beginnings to 2001, including the 2001 decision in Cook v. Gralike that limited citizens' rights to instruct Federal representatives. It is a primary document reference book organized topically in sixteen chapters. Every case is included either as a full (edited) opinion, extensive excerpts of the opinion, or a detailed description of the case. As with the companion volume on gender and sexual equality, using this single volume a researcher can see how American legal history on the topic played out in its entirety. A Table of Cases, relevant Federal statutes, and an extensive bibliography further enhance the volume's usefulness.

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Voters and Voting
Poll Taxes and Literacy Tests
Apportionment and Redistricting
The Decennial Census
Seeking Public Office
Political Parties
First Amendment Implications
Initiatives Referenda and the Right of Political Advocacy
Legislative Inquiries and Political Rights
Loyalty Tests and Oaths of Political Allegiance
Forms of Government
Other Cases Related to Political Rights
The Constitution of the United States of America
Table of Cases

Campaign Contributions Finance and Spending
Electors Elections and Challenges to Electoral Outcomes
Election Judges Inspectors and Canvassing Boards
Accountability and Holding Legislative Elective Office
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