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HIS LAW BOOK is at once the confirmation of a belief and the promise of more to be. It confirms in the practical language of performance the publisher's belief that better law books can be published at reasonable prices. When subjected to the conclusive test of comparison, its superiority over the average law book will be evident. In scope and utility, in scholarship, design, printing, binding and paper, it is a unique law book. Yet seldom in the history of law book publications, certainly not in recent times, has so much been offered at such a modest price.

The publisher readily and gratefully acknowledges its indebtedness to those whose tireless efforts helped translate its beliefs and ideals into this exceptional value — to the author, Commander Frederick K. Arzt, for his scholarship and rare cooperation; to Henry D. Chaplin of the Rumford Press for his excellent suggestions in design; to Curtis Clarke for the bright pen illustrations which banish drabness from the format; and to its editor-in-chief, Reed Newsom, and its staff, for their relentless effort to achieve accuracy.

March, 1953


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