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volume, 'Gleaninge,' i. 97. See Questions Con

stitutionnelles,' 1880. CONTENT 8.-N° 54.

*On the influence of authority in matters of opinion. NOTES:-The Birthday of the Year-Gladstone Biblio

- Nineteenth Century, March, 1877, pp. 2-22. graphy, 1-Lord Chief Baron Nicholson, 3-Shakspeare in Oxford, 5%"The Zoo”—The Haymarket Theatre-Arch- The first page of the first number of the Ninebishop Whately : Prisoner—The Star of Bethlehem, 6.

teenth Century contains a sonnet by Tennyson, QUERIES:-Dorset Marriage Licences-Persse— Lines on and Mr. Gladstone's article on Sir George CorneTennyson'- Arms Kilmeston Manor House - Stormy

It is Petrel-Water Mill-A View of Life-Grotto at Margate wall Lewis's book follows immediately. Moreton Family, 7 - Cozens Miniature Discourse of reprinted in 'Gleanings,' 1879, iii. 137-71. Pirates' - Tithe Commutation - Mediæval Diptychs "Commenced M.A.”—Blow Family-Tennyson and 'The

Montenegro. A Sketch.-Nineteenth century, May, Gem'-Hollow Sword-Blade Company-Stewart's Rooms, 1877, pp. 360-79. 8-'Imitation of Christ'—Verses by Whittier-Authors

Reprinted in 'Gleanings,' 1879, iv. 305-39. See Wanted, 9.

also Carrent Discussion,' 1878. REPLIES :-Shakspeare and Molière, 9-Burns in Art, 11St. Citha—"At" following “Smell”-Smollett's Rode- The Eastern Question Association. Mr. Gladstone's rick Random'- Golden Bullets, 12—" Dutch Nightin- resolutions and speech on the Eastern Question in the gales" – Topeball-Wesley and the Microscope - Grote's House of Commons, May 7, 1877. London, Eastern * History of Greece'-Ciry Companies – Marks on Ships: Question Association.—1877, 8vo. B.M. 8028 aa. 6 (6). 13–Miserere Carvings–Š. Basire—Song of the Silent Land'-Heligoland Beans —“ Dame” - Strachey, 14 - Apother edition, London, Paris, and New York,

Croyland Chronicle - A Jesuit Playwright Gray's is 8028 de. 15 (2).
Bard'-Nelly Moore" Festum Patefactionis "-Manila
-Fire by Rubbing Sticks-" It fair sheds,” 15–G. Isbam
-"A Dream of Fair Women'-St. James's Square-Wilde teenth century, July, 1877, pp. 902-26.

*Rejoinder on authority in matters of opinion.-NineJäger – Tithe Barns, 16–Shakspeare and the Commentators-Lord Bacon: “Baugh and “May" “ Coals to A reply to Sir James Fitzjames Stephen's article Newcastle"-S'aughter Family– De Gestis Tancredi'

'Mr. Gladstone and Sir George Lewis on Authority,' Crossbow8-Chief Justice Jeffreys-Livery Companies, 17

Gloves and Kisses-Daniel Sedgwick, Select Historical in the April number of the Nineteenth Century. Documents'-Jewish Sects, 18—Mistake: Mistaken, 19. Mr. Gladstone's 'Rejoinder' is reprinted in NOTES ON BOOKS :-· Dictionary of National Biography,''Gleanings,' 1879, iii. 173-215. Vol. XXXVIII.

*Piracy in Borneo and the operations of July, 1849.Notices to Correspondents.

Contemporary, July, 1877, pp. 181-98.

* Aggression on Egypt and freedom in the 'East.

Nineteenth Century, August, 1877, pp. 149-66.

Reprinted in Gleanings,' 1879, iv. 341-65, but

the close of the article is omitted as too political, THE BIRTHDAY OF THE YEAR.

See also 1884. This, a New Year? Sad is the sky and grey;

The trees writhe still beneath the ruthless blast; *The colour-sense. -Nineteenth Century, October, 1877, No freab bope dawn18, nor is the old grief past :

pp. 366-88. All seems the same as it seemed yesterday.

For a German translation see 1878.
Here is no Babe of Time, as poets say,
Brought in to us from out the unknown vast:

*The dominions of Odysseus, and the island group of 'Ti-, like ibe Child the giant served agbast, * the Odyssey.-Macmillan's Magazine, October, 1877, Older than eld, wielder of world-wide sway; And though as Stranger hailed, this wintry morn *The county franchise and Mr. Lowe thereon.-Nine

By men and bells, yet mark, the wise Eurth gets teenth Century, November, 1877, pp. 537-60.
No greeting ready, and uo glad bird trills—

Reprinted in ‘Gleanings,' 1879, i. 131-70; and Surely if ever a New Year is born, 'Tis when the Spring charms forth the violets,

in 'Questions Constitutionnelles,' 1880. And March beams on us with brave daffodils.

Lessons in massacro; or, the conduct of the Turkish

Government in and about Bulgaria since May, 1876, &c.
London, John Murray, 1877.-8vo. B.M. 8028 cc. 4 (12).

*The Sclavonic provinces of the Ottoman Empire. CONTRIBUTIONS TO A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF Addrees at Huwarden, Published for the Eastern QuesTHE RIGHT HON. W. E. GLADSTONE,

tion Association by Cassell, Petter & Galpin, London,

1877.-800. pp. 16. B.M. 8028 cc. 7. (Continued from gih S. ii. 503.)

The royal supremacy; as it is defined by reason, his1877.

tory and the constitution, Being the substance of a *Life of the Prince Consort, —- Church Quarterly the......Bishop of London...... With a preface Prriero, January, 1877, pp. 465-88.

to the present edition by...... W. E, G. London, 1877.-This is a notice of the second volume of Sir

8vo. B.M. 4109 b, 1 (9). Theodore Martin's work. The mistake in the title This is a reprint of the edition of 1865, with of the magazine, noted under July, 1876, occurs

the addition of a foot-note concerning a statement In the reprint in Gleanings, 1879, i. 63 ; and of Bishop Gibson. The letter was also reprinted in ako in the reprint of the article on the third Gleanings,' 1879, v. 173-289, with the passages

placed within brackets which had been omitted * See the legend of St. Christopher.

in the editions of 1865 and 1877.


pp. 417-28.



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