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majority of the votes in each house, if any person has received such majority, duly elected Senator to represent the State of Illinois in the Congress of the United States for the term aforesaid. And if no person has received such majority, then proceed as prescribed in said law, in joint assembly, to choose a person for the purpose aforesaid. Adopted January 12, 1897.


Secretary of the Senate. On motion of Mr. Allen, of Vermilion, the foregoing joint resolution was taken up, read at large by the clerk.

The question being, "Shall the House concur with the Senate in the adoption of said resolution," it was decided in the affirmative.

Ordered the clerk to inform the Senate thereof. Mr. Garver offered the following resolution and moved its adoption: Resolred, That immediately after the reading of the journal Thursday, January 14, the Speaker shall cause every seat to be vacated, that the Clerk of the House shall then place in a box the name of each member written on a slip of paper, that he then proceed, in the presence of the House, to draw from the said box one of the slips of paper at a time until all have been drawn, and as each is drawn he shall announce the name of the member thereon, who shall then and there choose his seat for the season.

And the resolution was adopted.

Mr. Miller, of Cook, offered the following resolution and moved its adoption:

Resolred, That the Speaker of the House be, and he is, hereby authorized to appoint two additional members to the Committee on Rules.

And the resolution was adopted.

The Chair announced the following additional members to the Committee on Rules: Messrs. Cochran, Sherman, Powell of Iroquois, and Johnson of Whiteside.

Mr. Glade offered the following resolution, and moved its adoption:

Resolved, That the Speaker be, and he is, hereby authorized to appoint five (5) pages, at a per diem authorized by law; also to appoint one mail carrier to serve the House at a per diem of three dollars.

And the resolution was adopted.

The Speaker appointed the following persons to act as pages of the House: Judson Lord, Frank Houston, Marion Gray, Harry McLain, Wain Smith, Clifford Beam, Dewitt McConnell, Earl Roberts, D. W. Morris, Harry Lewis.

The Speaker appoints the following persons to act as policemen of this House: Ned C. Sherburne, Phil S. Hainer, L. R. Robinson, Jas. Russell, T. B. Scouten, W. C. Campbell.

The Speaker appoints the following to act as Private Secretary, stenographer and mail carrier: Grant A. Curtis, secretary; F. C. Dodds, stenographer; R. E. Mabrey, mail carrier.

Mr. Ely offered the following resolution, and moved its adoption: Resolred, by the House of Representatives, the Senate concurring therein, That there shall be a joint committee, consisting of three members of the House and two of the Senate, to prepare and report joint rules for the regulation and conduct of the business between the two houses.

And the resolution was adopted.
Ordered, that the Clerk inform the Senate thereof.

At the hour of 3:15 o'clock p. m., Mr. Murdock moved that the House do now adjourn.

The motion prevalied, and the House stood adjourned to meet at 10 o'clock a. m. to-morrow, January 14, A. D. 1897.


The House met pursuant to adjournment,
The Speaker in the chair.
Prayer by the chaplain.
The journal of yesterday was read and approved.

Mr. Needles offered the following resolution, and moved its adoption:

Resolved. That the Secretary of State be requested to furnish each member of this House with a copy of the latest Revised Statutes, for use during the session only.

And the resolution was adopted. A message from the Governor, by H. F. Dorwin, Private Secretary pro tem.:

Mr. Speaker:-I am directed by the Governor to lay before the House of Representatives the following communication:


SPRINGFIELD, Jan. 13, 1897. To the Honorable, the House oj Representatives:

I beg to inform your honorable body that I have appointed J. Mack Tanner my Private Secretary, and I respectfully ask that he be recognized as such.


Gorernor. Mr. Cochran offered the following report from the Committee on Rules:


MEMBERS. 1. No member shall absent himself from the service of the House unless he have leave or be sick, or his absence be unavoidable. A majority of the House shall constitute a quorum, but a smaller number may adjourn from day to day, or for a less time than one day.

2. No member shall name another member present in debate.

3. Rooms 11 and 13 are set apart for smoking rooms during the session of the House. No smoking shall be allowed in the hall, lobbies or galleries.

4. No person shall be allowed the use of Representatives Hall for the purpose of a public lecture.

5. No persons, other than members and officers of the House, members and officers of the Senate, Governor and State officers and their secretaries, exState officers, the judges of the Supreme Court, members of Congress and ex-members of Congress, members of the last constitutional convention of the State, ex-members of the General Assembly, and the reporters of the press, shall be entitled to remain upon the floor of the House, without special permission.


6. The Speaker shall take the chair every day at precisely the hour to which the House shall have adjourned on the preceding day, shall immediately call the members to order, and, on the appearance of a quorum, shall cause the journal of the preceding day to be read.

7. He shall preserve decorum and order, and for that purpose the officers and employés of the House shall be under his direction; may speak to points of order in preference to other members, rising from his seat for that purpose, and shall decide all questions of order, subject to an appeal to the House by any two members-on which appeal no member shall speak more than once, unless by leave of the House.

8. He shall rise to put a question, but may state it sitting.

9. The Speaker shall examine and correct the journal before it is read; he shall have general direction of the hall; he shall have the right to name any member to perform the duties of the Chair, but such substitution shall not extend beyond five days after adjournment.

10. All acts, addresses and joint resolutions shall be signed by the Speaker; and all writs, warrants and subpænas, issued by order of the House, shall be under his hand and seal, and attested by the Clerk.

11. In case of any disturbance or disorderly conduct on the floor of the House, in the lobby or galleries, by the spectators, the Speaker or Chairman of the Committee of the Whole House shall have power to order the floor of the House, the lobby or galleries to be cleared of spectators, and for that purpose the officers and employés of the House shall be under the orders and direction of the Speaker or Chairmau of the Committee of the Whole House, as the case may be.

ORDER OF BUSINESS, 12. The following shall be the daily order of business of the House:

1. Reading of the journal. 2. Petitions. 3. Reports from standing committees. 4. Reports from select committees. 5. Messages on the Speaker's desk. 6. Introduction of bills. 7. House bills on first reading. 8. House bills on third reading. 9. House bills on second reading. 10. Senate bills on third reading. 11. Senate bills on second reading. 12. Senate bills on first reading. 13. Senate messages other than bills. 14. Resolutions. 15. Unfinished business.

And such order of business shall not be changed except by a twothird's vote.

('OMMITTEES. 13. All committees shall be appointed by the Speaker, unless otherwise specially directed by the House.

The following standing committees shall be appointed by the Speaker, with leave to report by bill or otherwise, and to them respectfully shall be referred all bills pertaining to the subjects indicated by the names of said respective committees, to-wit:

1. Committee on Judiciary—Thirty-five members.
2. Committee on Judicial Department and Practice-Twenty-five

3. Committee on State and Municipal Civil Service Reform-Twenty-

one members. 4. Committee on Corporations-Twenty-six members. 5. Committee on Railroads-Twenty-three members. 6. ('ommittee on Warehouses-Seventeen members. 7. Committee on Canal, River Improvement and Commerce-Twenty

one members. 8. Committee on Finance-Fifteen members. 9. Committee on Mines and Mining-Nineteen members. 10. Committee on Fees and Salaries—Thirteen members. 11. Committee on Appropriations-Thirty-one members. 12. Committee on Penal and Reformatory Institutions-Twenty-three

members. 13. Committee on Municipal Corporations-Twenty-three members. 14. Committee on Education--Twenty-one members. 15. Committee on State Institutions-Seventeen members. 16. Committee on Public Charities--Seventeen members. 17. ('ommittee on Public Buildings and Grounds-Fifteen members. 18. Committee on Revenue-Twenty-five members. 19. Committee on Banks and Banking-Twenty-one members. 20. Committee on ('ounty and Township Organization-Nineteen mem

bers. 21. Committee on Agriculture-Twenty-five members. 22. Committee on Live Stock and Dairying-Twenty-one members. 23. Committee on Labor and Industrial Affairs-Seventeen men ers. 24. Committee on Manufaetures-Fifteen members. 25. Committee on Building, Loan and Homestead Associations— Twenty

one members. 26. Committee on Statutory Revision-Fifteen members. 27. Committee on Elections-Nineteen members. 28. Committee on Sanitary Affairs--Fifteen members. 29. Committee on State and Municipal Indebtedness-Fifteen members. 30. Committee on Insurance-Twenty-one members. 31. Committee on Federal Relations --Fifteen members. 32. Committee on Claims-Fifteen members. 33. Committee on Military Affairs-Seventeen members. 34. Con.mittee on Retrenchment-Fifteen members. 35. Committee on History, Geology and Science-Fifteen members. 36. Committee on Printing-Fifteen members. 37. Committee on Roads and Bridges-Twenty-five members. 38. Committee on Executive Department-Fifteen members. 39. Committee on Drainage and Waterways-Twenty-five members. 40. ('ommittee on Contingent Expenses of the House-Eleven members. 41. Committee on Rules (consisting of the Speaker and eight members)

--Nine members. 42. Committee on Miscellaneous Subjects-Fifteen members. 43. ('ommittee on Libraries-Thirteen members. 4. Committee on Engrossed Bills-Seven members. 45. Committee on Fish and Game Laws-Twenty-one members. 46. ('ommittee on License-Twenty-one members. 47. Committee to Visit Penal and Reformatory Institutions—Nine mem

bers. 48. Committee to Visit Educational Institutions—Nine members. 49. Committee to Visit State Charitable Institutions-Nine members. 50. ('ommittee on Soldiers' Home and Soldiers' Orphans' Home-Thir

teen members.
51. Committee on Farm Drainage-Seventeen members.

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