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The general accuracy and exactness of the works published from this long-established house, has

been fully appreciated by the learned and intelligent of all parts of the world; and it is with pleasure that the publisher can refer to this fact, in soliciting a continuance of the public favor. It has ever been his care to procure the earliest and most reliable information, on all topics connected with the peculiar branch in which he is engaged, and being assisted in the several departments of his business by competent co-laborators, he has been enabled to invest his publications with that authenticity which has gained for him the confidence and approbation of all persons interested in geographical inquiries. His efforts, in the same direction, are unremitted, and by frequent revisions and the issue of new works, the public may rely upon receiviny, in an authentic form, every new geographical and statistical fact at the earliest period. The following works from his Catalogue for 1852 (which may be had on application), are worthy of special notice

Monnted Maps.
WORLD, on Mercator's projection, engraved on INDIANA, in sections of two sizes, viz. : 66 by

steel and highly embellished, in three sizes, 48 inches, and 43 by 32 inches.
viz.: 80 by 60 inches; 44 by 36 inches; and ILLINOIS, in sections, 43 by 32 inches.
28 by 22 inches.

MICHIGAN, in sections, 35 by 25 inches. WORLÝ, in hemispheres, for the use of schools TOWNSHIP MAPS, of the States severally, a

and churches, each hemisphere, sir feet in UNIFORM SERIES, size of each 32 by 29 inches, diameter.

now in progress, and of which the following NORTH AMERICA, in 1.200 series; the size

are completedSOUTH AMERICA,

of one being 58 by 44 MAINE, N. HAMP. Οπτο, EUROPE,

, inches, and of the other VERMONT, CONN., ASIA,

WISCONSIN, 32 by 25 inches.

Mass., RHODE IS.,

New York,


VIRG., Mo., DEL.

&C., &c. inches. WEST INDIES, 32 by 25 inches.

NEW ENGLAND, in townships, on steel and UNITED STATES, &c., engraved on steel, in embellished, 64 by 56 inches.

two sizes, viz.: 62 by 55 inches, and 45 by 36 SOUTHERN STATES, size, 80 by 60 inches inches.

(in progress). MEXICO, 42 by 32 inches.

WESTERN STATES, in townships, 30 by 26 NEW YORK, in townships, 60 by 50 inches.

Also, mounted Maps of PALESTINE, in two sizes, viz. : 80 by 62 inches, and 43 by 32 inches;
EGYPT, ARABIA PETRÆ, &c., 32 by 25 inches; and a great variety of local Maps. Also, the STREAM
Op Time, an historical chart; PORTRAITS OF THE PRESIDENTS, &c.

Guide Books, &c.
Guide-Book through the United States, Canada, &c., with a large Map.
Route-Book through the United States, Canada, &c., with a large Map.
Guide-Book through New England and the Middle States, with a new Map.
Western Tourist and Emigrant's Guide, with a township Map.
Overland Guide to California and Oregon, by Horn, with a Map.
Isthmus of Panama Guide, with three Maps, by Dr. E. L. Autenrieth.
Western Portraiture, with a Township Map, by D. S. Curtiss.

Travelling Maps in Portable form.
UNITED STATES, in several sizes.

WESTERN STATES, viz.: Ohio, Ind., &c. NEW YORK, in two sizes.




N. B.- All of the above Maps are complete in regard of railroads, canals, &c., up to the date which appears in the title, and in all respects are much more correct and detailed than any others hitherto published.

Besides his own publications, J. H. C. has constantly on hand an assortment of American and foreign Atlases, Maps, and other geographical works.


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“ I have looked over the work with a good deal of interest. It appears to me to be a very useful publication. It brings down the geographical and statistical information of the various countries of the world to a much later period than any other work that has come under my observation, and will not only be useful to the student, but to every man desirous of obtaining the latest and most authentic information.”

MILLARD FILLMORE, Vice Pres. of U. S “ The work appears to me a very excellent one, and a very valuable contribution to American literature."

CHARLES ANTHON, LL.D. “ I have examined it sufficiently to perceive that it contains an immense amount of interesting and useful information.”

ROBERT C. WINTHROP, M. C. “ It deserves a place in that indispensable department of every private, and especially of every school library-the department of books of reference.”

HENRY BARNARD, Sup. Com. Schools in Conn. “I have been fully satisfied with the fullness and extent of the information its ample pages present in answer to every inquiry-embracing topography, physical geography, climate, products, mineral resources, commerce, and history.”

S. W. SETON, Agt. Pub. Sch. Soc. N. Y. It appears to me to contain a more full and accurate exhibition of the world, in its geographical, commercial, and statistical aspects, than any work with which I am acquainted.”

Rev. R. R. GURLEY, Chaplain U. S. Senate. “As a book of reference it is of great value, and contains more in the same space than any work of a similar character I have yet seen.

I have great pleasure in recommending this book to all persons who desire to possess a work of reference touching the great interests of all nations."

ABBOTT LAWRENCE, U. S. Minister to England. “ The work, as a whole, may be said to constitute a library within itself. There is no point, scarcely, in art, science, literature, economy, or history, at all appropriate to the subjects treated upon, which, on reference to the work, will not be found fully elucidated ; and the aim of the author seems to have been to condense into as small a space as possible the entire circle of human knowledge."

HUNT'S MERCHANTS' MAGAZINE. “ No work of a similar character, or on so magnificent a scale, has been issued from the American press since the volumes of the veteran Morse. *

* The author has omitted nothing that could at all add to the perfection of his work.”

DEMOCRATIC REVIEW. “ We feel asssured that the learned compiler of these volumes has spared no investigation and care to exhibit the world as it now is, and we can very confidently recommend the result of his labors. Such a work was especially needed."

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER. * It is written in a style at once easy, perspicuous, and energetic."

INDEPENDENT, N. Y. “ We feel satisfied that the greatest labor and pains-taking must have been expended, to have brought together such an amount of valuable information.”

NEW YORK JOURNAL OF COMMERCE. “ Editors and politicians, especially, have great use for such a work. They have constant occasion to appeal to just such satistics as these volumes embody, to illustrate and enforce their arguments or explode the sophistries of dogmatists."

NATIONAL ERA. “ The · Book of the World,' embodying as it does a vast and varied amount of information, drawn from all available authentic sources, possesses great intrinsic value, and must prove useful to all classes of American readers.”


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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1849,


in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District

of New-York.

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