The Senator; or, Clarendon's parliamentary chronicle, Volumen27


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Página 111 - Channel and in the North Seas, after the space of twelve days, to be computed from the exchange of the Ratifications of the...
Página 237 - RyJtr moved the Order of the Day for the Houfe to go into a Committee of the Whole Houfe to take into confideration the Report from the Committee appointed to confider of the prefent High Price of Provifions.
Página 99 - I have received the letter which you have done me the honour to address to me, in order to make me acquainted with the refusal which has been given to your request.
Página 162 - The bill was ordered to be read a third time to-morrow, if then 'engrossed.
Página 112 - ... of war, may freely go out and navigate, and in the event of their meeting at fea with (hips belonging to his Britannic Majefty, they (hall obferve the cuftoms eflabliflied before the war.
Página 126 - I was to underftand that this ftipulation was a point from which the French government would not recede? M. Otto replied, that, in his opinion, the French government would not recede from it.
Página 224 - March 9th, moved the order of the day for a committee of the whole house on the catholic question.
Página 232 - ... of grain is undoubtedly excellent; and wherever it has been introduced it appears to have been highly acceptable; the encouragement now held out to the importation of it, will probably bring into Great Britain all that can be fpared from every part of America; and confiderable...
Página 106 - Advantages : if he mould continue to derive no Benefit from them, it would no longer be Moderation, but Weaknefs ; it would no longer be the Means of arriving at the Conclufion of Peace, but that of perpetuating the War. Perhaps in the Judgment of...
Página 107 - Uneafmefs and Jealoufy of Europe ; and the Difpofition which it evinces not to fee with Indifference the unlimited Extenfion of the Power and Commerce of England, it will be acknowledged, at the fame Time, that the Advantages to be derived to the French Republic from a Maritime Truce are admitted j that this Truce would not be fo eminently difadvantageous to England as her Government appears to imagine.

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