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SERM. XLIV. Chrift, the Believer's Wifdom, Righteoufnefs, Sanctification, and Redemption.

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1 COR. i. 30. But of him are ye in Chrift Jefus, who of God is made unto us, wisdom, righteousness, fanctification, and redemption

P. 187 SERM. XLV. The Knowledge of Jefus Chrift the best Knowledge.

} The

1 Cor. ii. 2. I determined not to know any thing among you, fave Jefus Chrift, and him crucified. p. 203

SERM. XLVI. Of Juftification by Christ.

Cor. vi. 11. But ye are juftified. The whole verfe is: And fuch were fome of you; but ye are washed, but ye are fanctified, ye are juftified in the name of our Lord Jefus Chrift, and by the Spirit of our God. p. 214

SERM. XLVII. mended.

The great Duty of Charity, recom


COR. xiii. 8. Charity never faileth.

SERM. XLVIII. Satan's Devices.

I COR. ii. 11. Left Satan fhould get an advantage over us; for we are not ignorant of his devices. P. 244

P. 227.

SERM. XLIX. On Regeneration.

2 COR. v. 17. If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. P. 257

SERM. L. Chriftians, Temples of the living God. 2 COR. vi. 16. Ye are the Temple of the living God. P. 273 SERM. LI. Chrift the only Preservative against a Reprobate Spirit.

2 COR. xiii. 5. Know ye not your ownselves, how that Jefus Chrift is in you, except ye be Reprobates." P. 287

SERM. LII. The heinous Sin of Drunkenness.
EPHESIANS V. 18. Be not drunk with wine, wherein is excefs;
but be filled with the Spirit.
P. 303


PHILIP. iii. 10.

1 THESS. V. 25.

The Power of Chrift's Refurrection.

That I may know him, and the power of his
P. 319

Interceffion every Chriftian's Duty.

Brethren, pray for us.

SERM. LV. Perfecution every Chriftian's Lot.
2 TIM. iii. 12, Yea, and all that will live godly in Chrift Jefus,
fhall fuffer perfecution. ̧
SERM. LVI. An Exhortation to the People of God not
to be difcouraged in their Way, by the Scoffs and Con
tempt of wicked Men.

HEBREWS iv. 9. There remaineth therefore a reft to the per of God.

P. 331


Preached before the Governor and Council, and the Houfe of Affembly, in Georgia, on: January 28, 1770. 360

ZECH. iv. 10. For who hath defpifed the day of small thing

p. 369

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A Penitent Heart, the best New Year's Gift.

LUKE Xiii. 3.

Except ye repent, ye shall all likewife perish.



HEN we confider how heinous and aggravating our offences are, in the fight of a just and holý GOD, that they bring down his wrath upon our heads, and occafion us to live under his indignation; how ought we thereby to be deterred from evil, or at leaft engaged to ftudy to repent thereof, and not commit the fame again; but man is fo thoughtless of an eternal ftate, and has fo little confideration of the welfare of his immortal foul, that he can fin without any thought that he muft give an account of his actions at the day of judgment; or if he, at times, has any reflections on his behaviour, they do not drive him to true repentance: he may, for a short time, refrain from falling into some grofs fins which he had lately committed; but then, when the temptation comes again with power, he is carried away with the luft; and thus he goes on promifing and refolving, and in breaking both his refolutions and his promifes, as fast almoft as he has made them. This is highly offenfive to GOD, it is mocking of him. My brethren, when grace is given us to repent truly, we fhall turn wholly unto Gop; and let me beseech you to repent of your fins, for the time is haftening when you will have neither time nor call to repent; there is none in the grave, whither we are going; but do not be afraid, for GOD often receives the greatest finner to mercy through the merits of CHRIST JESUS; this magnifies the riches of his free grace; and fhould be an encouragement for you, who are great and notorious finners, to repent, for he will have mercy upon you, if you through CHRIST return unto


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St. Paul

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St. Paul was an eminent inftance of this; he speaks of himfelf as "the chief of finners," and he declareth how GOD fhewed mercy unto him. CHRIST loves to fhew mercy unto finners, and if you repent, he will have mercy upon you, But as no word is more mistaken than that of repentance, 1 fhall

1. Shew you what the nature of repentance is.

II. Confider the feveral parts and caufes of repentance,

III. I fhall give you fome reafons, why repentance is neces
sary to falvation. And

IV. Exhort all of you, high and low, rich and poor, one
with another, to endeavour after repentance.

I. Repentance, my brethren, in the first place, as to its nature, is the carnal and corrupt difpofition of men being changed into a renewed and fanctified difpofition. A man that has truly repented, is truly regenerated: it is a different word for one and the fame thing; the motley mixture of the beast and devil is gone; there is, as it were, a new creation wrought in your hearts. If your repentance is true, you are renewed throughout, both in soul and body; your understandings are enlightened with the knowledge of God, and of the LORD JESUS CHRIST; and your wills, which were ftubborn, obstinate, and hated all good, are obedient and conformable to the will of GOD. Indeed, our deifts tell us, that man now has a free will to do good, to love GOD, and to repent when he will; but indeed, there is no free will in any of you, but to fin; nay, your free-will leads you fo far, that you would, if poffible, pull Gon from his throne. This may, perhaps, offend the Pharifees; but (it is the truth in CHRIST which I speak, I lie not) every man by his own natural will hates GOD; but when he is turned unto the LORD, by evangelical repentance, then his will is changed; then your confciences, now hardened and benumbed, fhall be quickened and awakened; then your hard hearts fhall be melted, and your unruly affections fhall be crucified. Thus, by that repentance, the whole foul will be changed, you will have new inclinations, new defires, and new habits.


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