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No. 1. Reactionary Interpretation of the Code.

By Lenn J. Oare, 6.

Contracts of Fraternal Insurance Com-

panies as Coming Under the Faith and
Credit Clause of the Constitution. By N.
C. Collier, 8.

No. 12. To What Extent Does the Carmack

Amendment to the Hepburn Law Affect
Common Law Remedies and Proceedings in

the State Courts? By F. E. Riddle, 207.

This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or in our Notes of Impor-
tant Decisions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially--R. D., cases
commented upon in our Yotes of Important Decisions, and ann, case, annotated case.

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Bagdon v. Phila. and Reading Coal & Iron Co.

(New York S. C.) Foreign Corporations-
Conditional Jurisdiction in Suits Arising
Elsew} ere, R. D. 117.

Bank of Lauderdale, et al., v. Cole, et al., (Mis-

sissippi S. C.) Alteration of Instruments-
Original Consideration, ann. case, 322.

Dahmer v. City of Meridian (Mississippi S. C.)

Municipal Corporations--Injury to Pedes-

trians, ann. case, 359.

Des Moines Packing Co. v. Umcaphor (Iowa S.

C.) Bulk Sales Act-Transfer to Creditor

Not Within Its Provisions, R. D. 190.

Dinubo Farmers Union Pkg. Co. v. J. M. An-

derson G, Co. (Missouri) Statute of Frauds

-Sufficiency of Memorandum by Broker in

a Sale Transaction, R. D. 261.

Edwards v. Hambly Fruit Products Co., et al.,

(Tennessee S. C.) Bills and Notes-Holder

in Due Course, ann. case, 34.
Eng v. Oken (Nebraska S. C.) Homestead-

Grant of Right of Way Without Joinder

by Wife, R. D. 99.
English v. Brown (U. S. C. C. A.) Participation

by Grantee in Intent of Grantor to Defraud

His Creditors, Ed. 259.

Eversole v. Eversole (Kentucky) Public Policy

Statute Specifically Providing


Rights May Be Acquired by Crime, R. D.

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Fall V. Eastin (U. S. S. C.) Judgment-Faith

and Credit for Decree Affecting Land in

Another State, R. D. 154.
Farmers' Bank of Deepwater v. Ogden (Mis-

souri) Principal and Surety-Notice to Sure-

ty of Employe's Dishonesty, R. D. 298.

Farmers' & M. Nat. Bank v. Ridge Ave. Bank

(U. S. S. C.) Bankruptcy-Individual Prop-

erty Where Partnership is Without Assets,

R. D. 387.

Fidelity & Deposit Co. v. Pennsylvania (U. S.
S. C.) Commerce State

Tax of Company
Qualified to be Surety on Recognizance to

Government, R. D. 279.
Fleitmann v. Welsbach Street Lighting Co. (U.

S. S. C.) Equity--Billby Stockholder to
Recover Triple Penalty Under Anti-Trust

Law, R. D. 206.

Frashella v. Taylor (New York) Negligence in

Owner of Automobile Leaving Same Fully

Charged in Public Place, Ed. 367.

Freeman v. United States (U. S. C. C. A.) Im-

possible for Accused on Trial for Crime to

Waive Continuous Presence of Same Judge

and Same Jury, in a Federal Court, Ed.


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