Reports of Patent Causes: Decided in the Circuit Courts of the United States Since January 1, 1874, Volumen1


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Página 228 - But the results must be a product of the combination, and not a mere aggregate of several results each the complete product of one of the combined elements. Combined results are not necessarily a novel result, nor are they an old result obtained in a new and improved manner. Merely bringing old devices into juxtaposition, and there allowing each to work out its own effect without the production of something novel, is not invention.
Página 93 - ... to the full end of the term for which said letters patent are or may be granted, as fully and entirely as the same would have been held and enjoyed by me had this assignment and sale not been made.
Página 501 - This provision of the Act of 1836 was in turn superseded by § 53 of the Act of July 8th, 1870, c. 230, 16 Stat. 205, which provided, " that whenever any patent is inoperative or invalid, by reason of a defective or insufficient specification, or by reason of the patentee claiming as his own invention or discovery more than he had a right to claim as new...
Página 507 - Office a written description of the same, and of the manner and process of making, constructing, compounding, and using it, in such full, clear, concise, and exact terms as to enable any person skilled in the art or science to which it appertains, or with which it is most nearly connected, to make, construct, compound, and use the same...
Página 143 - Any person who has invented or discovered any new and useful art, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvements thereof, not known or used by others in this country, before his invention or discovery thereof...
Página 568 - ... to enforce obedience to such order by the same process as if he were a party to the cause...
Página 114 - ... or more than two years prior to his application, and not in public use or on sale in this country for more than two years...
Página 235 - But I claim the combination of the lead and India-rubber, or other erasing substance, in the holder of a drawing pencil, the whole being constructed and arranged substantially in the manner and for the purpose set forth.
Página 550 - States, in default of which it shall be void as against any subsequent purchaser or mortgagee for a valuable consideration, without notice, whose assignment has been duly recorded.
Página 32 - ... in controversy were issued without authority of law, and therefore void ; that in view of the state of the art at the date of the alleged improvements of Wright, the letters patent granted to him did not exhibit any patentable invention, and for that reason are invalid ; that the defendants were not engaged in the manufacture of cultivators, but have Opinion of the Court.

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