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$ 0.413 General information office.

(d) The The Office of Reports and Information

Rooms, lo is located in the New Post Office Building.

11th Stree Here the public may obtain copies of

NW. Here

following: public notices of Commission actions, formal documents adopted by the Com (1) A mission and other public releases, as they

by commor are issued. Back issues of public releases

219(a) of are available for inspsction in this Office.

(2) The Copies of fact sheets which answer re

interstate curring questions about the Commis

communica sion's functions may be obtained from

203 of the this Office.

(3) Conte

rangements $ 0.415 Public reference rooms.

suant to se Public reference rooms are main

munications tained by the Commission where the

(4) All a public may inspect any material which

rier authoris is available for public inspection in ac radio, and fi cordance with $ 0.417. Unless otherwise

(e) The E indicated, these rooms are located in

of the Tech the New Post Office Building, 13th Street

of the Chief and Pennsylvania Avenue NW., Wash may inspect ington, D.C. They are as follows:

(f) The E (a) The Broadcast and Docket Refer

Notification ence Room. Here the public may in

Allocation a spect all broadcast applications and files

of Chief Eng relating thereto, lists described in

inspect the $$ 0.419, 0.421, and 0.425, dockets relat Commission. ing to all Commission matters which (g) The T have been designated for hearing or

of the Techr which are the subject of rule making pro

of the Chief ceedings, any other docketed matters, may inspect and undocketed petitions for rule

(lists of typ making.

cepted equip (b) The public may inspect all safety $ 0.417 Insr and special applications and files re

(a) Subject lating thereto at the offices of the Divi

tions 4(j) an sions of the Safety and Special Radio

tions Act of 19 Services Bureau which process such ap

ing Commissi plications. The categories of radio sta

available for p tions in the Safety and Special Radio

(1) Tariff Services, and the Divisions concerned

filed under sec therewith, are listed in $ 1.951 of this

cations Act, a chapter. The Marine Radio Division, nection therev the Public Safety Radio Division, and tions related t the Amateur and Citizens Radio Division (2) Valuatic are located in the 1101 Building, 11th tion 213 of te Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW., including exh Washington, D.C. In addition, a com therewith, unl plete file concerning amateur radio the Commissio operators is available for inspection in pursuant to se the Amateur License Reference Room, munications Ac which also is located in the 1101 Build (3) Annual ing.

quired to be fi: (c) Information concerning applica the Communica tions filed by commercial radio operators (4) Contracts may be obtained at the 1101 Building,

rangements bet 11th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue suant to section NW., Washington, D.C.

cations Act, exc

y in


(d) The Common Carrier Reel idential by the Commission pursuant to tive Procedure Act, however, the Eormation Rooms, located in the 1101 E secton 412 of the Act. The Commission

Commission may, upon a finding of good Building. 11th Street and Pennsylvania I will give appropriate consideration to a cause, either on its own motion or on copies of NW. Here the public may inter petition filed by any person showing that motion of any participant in the rule actions, following: any such contract, agreement, or ar

making proceeding, designate any of the he Com (1) All annual and other reporte rangement relates to foreign wire or material in this paragraph as not for 5, as they

by common carriers pursuant to get radio communication; that its publica public inspection. e releases 219 (a) of the Communications & tion would place American communica

(7) All minutes of Commission actions is Ofice.

(2) The schedules for all chartstion companies at a disadvantage in except for minutes of classified matters swer re

interstate and foreign wire of it meeting the competition of foreign com (pursuant to section 4(j) of the ComCommiscommunications filed pursuant to bene

munication companies; and that the munications Act) and executive matters 203 of the Communications Act. public interest would be served by keeped from

(pursuant to section 3 of the Administra(3) Contracts, agreements, ar ing its terms confidential.

tive Procedure Act). rangements between carriers filed :: (5) All applications and amendments (8) The Master Frequency Records suant to section 211(a) of the cal thereto filed under Title II or Title III (Standard Form 128). munications Act.

of the Communications Act, including main

(9) Files relating to submarine cable (4) All applications for commor ti

all documents and exhibits filed with and ere the

landing licenses, except for maps show which

rier authorizations, both radio and is made a part thereof; all communications ing the exact location of submarino

radio, and files relating thereto. in ac

opposing or endorsing any such applica cables, which are withheld from public (e) The Experimental Services Bras erwise

tion; all pleadings, briefs,' and other inspection under section 4(j) of the Com ted in

of the Technical Division of the li papers filed with the Commission with munications Act.

of the Chief Engineer. Here the po respect to such applications; transcripts Street

(b) Except as provided in paragrapl Wash

may inspect experimental license of testimony, depositions, and exhibits (a) of this section or as otherwise ex

(f) The Frequency Registration pertaining to such applications; orders 5:

pressly provided in this chapter, the rec Refer

Notification Branch of the Frequire and other documents issued by the Com ords and files of the Commission are no

Allocation and Treaty Division, Of mission or the presiding officer in pro routinely available for public inspectior files of Chief Engineer. Here the public

aceedings thereon; and all authorizations No officer or employee of the Commis

and certifications issued upon such apinspect the frequency records of a d in

sion shall permit the inspection of suc plications. Pursuant to section 3(c) of Commission. elat

records or files, or disclose informatio the Administrative Procedure Act, how contained therein, unless such inspectio hich g) The Technical Standards Breza

ever, the Commission may, upon a finding of the Technical Division of the Ora

is authorized by the Commission. gor

of the Chief Engineer. Here the poetry of good cause, either on its own motion (c) Upon written request describin pro

or on motion of an applicant, permittee, may inspect the Radio Equipment LG

in detail the papers to be inspected ters,

or licensee, designate any of the material (lists of type-approved and type-

the information to be disclosed, and th rule cepted equipment).

in this subparagraph as "not for public reasons for such inspection or disclosur inspection".

the Commission may in its discretion au fety $0.417 Inspection of records. NOTE 1: Certain broadcast applications, re

thorize the inspection of records no (a) Subject to the provisions of se*: ports, and records are also available for in

routinely available for public inspectic ivitions 4(j) and 605 of the Communes spection in the community in which the

under paragraph (a) of this section, ndio

main studio of the station in question is tions Act of 1934, as amended, the follos

the disclosure of information containe ap

located or is proposed to be located. ing Commission records are routines

See therein. Except upon an appropria taavailable for public inspection:

showing, however, the Commission wi dio (1) Tariff schedules required to 8 NOTE 2: Network affiliation contracts at

not authorize the inspection (or di. ed filed under section 203 of the Commun. tached as an exhibit or incorporated by ref

closure) of records and files, such as te erence in accordance with the requirements his cations Act, all documents filed in coto of Item 3, section 1, of FCC Form 302, are

following, which contain informatic on, nection therewith, and all communica: not normally open to public Inspection. See

submitted to the Commission in co nd tions related thereto. paragraph (c) of this section.

fidence: On (2) Valuation reports filed under set

(1) Those containing informatic (6) All petitions for issuance, amendth tion 213 of the Communications Act ment, or repeal of any rule, including all

filed under $ 1.611 of this chapter, ar 1., including exhibits filed in connection documents or exhibits filed with and

network and transcription contracts fil 2therewith, unless otherwise ordered by made a part thereof; all communications

under § 1.613 of this chapter. See io the Commission, with reasons therefor

opposing or endorsing any such petition;

U.S.C. 1905.
pursuant to section 213(f) of the Com.
all pleadings, comments, briefs, and

(2) Those containing informatic 2, munications Act. other papers filed in rule making pro

submitted by equipment manufacture (3) Annual and monthly reports receedings; transcripts of testimony, dep

and other persons under $ $ 2.557, 5.2

and 15.70 of this chapter. See 18 U.S. the Communications Act. ings; and all orders and other documents

1905. (4) Contracts, agreements, orar

(3) Personnel files. See 5 U.S.C. 6– (d) In the event that a

dema: (subpena, order or other demand)

made by a court or other competent a


$1.526 of this chapter.


quired to be filed under section 219 of

ositions, and exhibits in such proceed


issued by the Commission or the pre-
siding officer in such proceedings. Pur-
suant to section 3(c) of the Administra-

rangements between carriers filed pur• suant to section 211(a) of the Communi. cations Act, except for those kept con.



thority outside the Commission, upon each assig
any officer or employee of the Commis available fo
sion for the production of records or files of the Cor
not routinely available for public inspec Bureau fiel
tion, or for testimony concerning infor Washington
mation contained therein, he shall Broadcast
promptly advise the Commission of such and in the o
demand, the nature of the papers or in tration and
formation sought, and all other relevant Frequency
facts and circumstances. The Commis vision, Off
sion will thereupon issue such instruc They may !
tions as it may deem advisable.

brooke Print
(e) Unless specifically authorized to Washington
produce such records or files or to testify

$ 0.421 Th
with respect thereto, any officer or em-
ployee of the Commission who is served Pursuant
with a demand for the production of Regional Br
records or files not routinely available U.S./Mexica
for inspection, or his testimony con countries are
cerning the same, shall appear in re cast station
sponse to the demand and respectfully made, The
decline to produce such records or files by notice inc
or to testify concerning them, basing his cation, call
refusal upon this rule.

technical pai
(1) If instructions have not been re a recapitulat
ceived by such officer or employee prior formation f
to his appearance, he shall advise the broadcast st
court or other authority that the demand quency order
has been, or is being, referred to the mission. Thi
Commission, and respectfully request

List. These
that the demand be stayed pending the lic examinatid
receipt of instructions from the Commis sion's Field

offices (see şc
(2) If the demand is made while such D.C., at the Cc
ofñcer or employee is in the presence of Docket Refere
the court or other authority, he shall purchased fro.
offer to refer the demand to the Com Co., 514 10th
mission for instructions. Unless the de D.C., 20004.
mand is withdrawn, he shall respect-

$ 0.423 The
fully request that it be stayed pending

Lists of ty
the receipt of instructions from the

accepted equip
[28 F.R. 12411, Nov. 22, 1963, as amended at

ment Lists) ar
30 F.R. 4546, Apr. 8, 1965; 30 F.R. 8678, July 9,

the Commissio
1965; 30 F.R. 13060, Oct. 14, 1965)

available for pe
$ 0.419 The FCC Service Frequency

of the Commis

Bureau field of
Lists of frequency assignments to

Washington, D

Technical Sta
radio stations authorized by the Com-

Technical Divis
mission are recapitulated periodically by

Chief Engineer.
means of a machine record system. All
stations licensed by the Commission are $ 0.425 Lists
included, except the following: Aircraft,

stations and
Amateur, Citizens (except Class A), Civil

Air Patrol, and Disaster. The resulting Periodically
documents, the FCC Service Frequency pares lists conta
Lists, consist of several volumes ar authorized broad
ranged by nature of service, in frequency ing applications
order, including station locations, call lists, which are
signs and other technical particulars of ing machine, co

locations, and other particulars. They of export of technical data will be taken
are available for public examination at into account before such certified copies
the Commission's Broadcast and Docket will be made available.
Reference Room, Washington, D.C., and

$ 0.429 Where to obtain forms.
may be purchased from Cooper-Trent,
Inc, 1130 19th Street NW., Washington,

All forms for use in submitting ap-

plications for radio
D.C., 20006.

(a) For standard broadcast stations together with instructions and infor-
the lists are arranged as follows:

mation as to filing such forms, may be
(1) Authorized stations arranged in

obtained at the Washington offices of
frequency order, alphabetically by state

the Commission or at any of the engi-
and city, and by call letters.

neering field offices listed in $ 0.121.
(2) Pending applications for new sta-

$ 0.431 Printed publications.
tions and major changes in existing fa-
cilities arranged in frequency order and

The Commission's printed publications
alphabetically by state and city.

may be obtained from the Superintend-
(b) For FM broadcast stations the lists

ent of Documents, Government Printing
are arranged as follows:

Office, Washington, D.C., 20402. These
(1) Authorized stations arranged by

include, among other things, the Com-

mission's rules and regulations, its an-
call letters and alphabetically by state
and city.

nual reports to the Congress, and the
(2) Pending applications for new sta-

FCC Reports.
tions and major changes in existing fa-

cilities arranged alphabetically by state
and city.

$ 0.441 Place of filing of applications

for radio authorizations.
(C) For television broadcast stations
only one list is prepared. This list con-
tains authorized stations and pending

Class of station Method of filing Number of

applications for new stations and major
changes in existing facilities, and is ar-

(a) Alaskan fixed Via Engineer in 3.
alphabetically by state and city.

public and Charge, Radio
d) For television broadcast translator Alaskan District No. 14,
stations only one list is prepared. This


Seattle, Wash.,

'st contains authorized stations and (b) Amateur.... See $$ 0.443 and As specified
pending applications for new stations


in form,
(c) Interim ship See $0.447....

and major changes in existing facilities station
and is arranged alphabetically by state

and city.

(d) Citizens... To Federal Com-


10.427 Certified copies; requests for;


Gettysburg, Pa.,

(e) All others... - Directly to the

Copies of any documents subject to

main Washington
Tspection under the provisions of

office of the Com-

mission, See
10.417, and copies of the documents de-

$ 0.401,
kribed in $80.421, 0.423, and 0.425,
vi be prepared and certified by the Sec-

(29 F.R. 12371, Aug. 28, 1964)
retary, under seal, on written request
specifying the exact documents, the

$ 0.443 Applications for amateur sta-
sumber of copies desired, and the date

tion and operator license and/or
thich the same will be required.

commercial operator license.
Bien request must be made so as to

(a) Application for a new amateur
mit a reasonable time for the prep-

operator license, or for a combination of
con of such coples, and any cost in-

new amateur operator and station li-
sered in the preparation of such copies

cense, which will require examination
I be prepaid by the person making

supervised by Commission personnel,

shall be filed in the appropriate engi-
m.cation therefor: Provided, however, neering field office listed in $ 0.121. All

u requests are received from rep other applications for amateur radio li-
statives of foreign governments or

censes shall be submitted to the Federal
from persons residing in foreign coun Communications Commission, Gettys-
ra the criteria established by the De burg, Pennsylvania, 17325. Only one
Ament of Commerce for the control copy of the application is required.


(b) Application for commercial oper schedules, ator license of a class for which exami details, in nation is required, for a verification card the office (FCC Form 758-F) or for a verification the chosen of operator license (FCC Form 759) shall be filed with an engineering field office listed in 8 0.121 (a) or (b) at which the


Phoenix, Ari applicant desires his application to be

Little Rock, considered and acted upon, except that

Fresno, Cali application for replacement or dupli Fort Wayne, cate license of such class shall be filed Indianapolis with the office of issue.

Davenport, I (c) Application for commercial opera

Des Moines, I tor license for which examination is not

Louisyille, K

Grand Rapid required (Restricted Radiotelephone

St. Louis, MO Operator Permit) shall be submitted to

Omaha, Nebr the Federal Communications Commis

Schenectady, sion, Gettysburg, Pa., 17325, with the Syracuse, N.Y following exceptions:

Winston-Sale (1) When application is accompanied Cincinnati, O. by a written showing by the applicant of immediate need for a permit for safety

Fairbanks, Al purposes and is presented in person by

Tucson, Ariz. the applicant or his agent, the applica

Hartford, Con tion may be submitted to the nearest en Jacksonville, E gineering field office.

Boise, Idaho. (2) When application is from an alien Wichita, Kans aircraft pilot (see § 13.4(c) of this chap

Portland, Mair ter), it shall be submitted to the Federal

Jackson, Miss. Communications Commission, Washington, D.C., 20554.

Bakersfield, Ca [28 F.R. 12411, Nov. 22, 1963, as amended at Hilo, Hawaii. 29 F.R. 12371, Aug. 28, 1964; 29 F.R. 15760, Lihue, Hawaii. Nov. 24, 1964)

Wailuku, Hawa

Bangor, Maine. $ 0.445 Amateur and commercial opera

Marquette, Mic tor examination points.

(d) Arrang (a) Examinations for amateur and

made, with th commercial radio operator licenses are

eral agencies, conducted at each of the Field En

eral Class gineering Bureau district offices listed in

areas, as follo $ 0.121 on the days designated by the Engineer in charge of the district office, Alaska: Static Examination schedules may be obtained

cations System.

Guam: Distri from the Engineer in Charge.

United States r (b) Examinations for amateur radio

Hawaii: At no operator licenses are given frequently, by

Island, by the appointment, at the Commission's offices lulu). in Gettysburg, Pa. Examinations for

[28 F.R. 12411, all classes of radio operator licenses are 29 F.R. 10397, J given frequently, by appointment, at the Nov. 7, 1964; 29 Commission's offices in the following F.R. 4612, Apr. 9, cities:

1965; 30 F.R. 88

14932, Dec. 2, 196 Mobile, Ala.

Tampa, Fla. Anchorage, Alaska Savannah, Ga.

$ 0.447 Applic San Diego, Calif. Beaumont, Tex.

station lice (c) Examinations are also given at Formal appli greater intervals in the cities listed be licenses for use low, which are visited for that purpose dar transmitting by Commission examiners from the field applications foi offices for such locations. For current licenses shall, w


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