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S. Government con- (a) To keep the Commission infor oper operation of the

as to significant developments in the is xaminers.

of emergency preparedness, den on instruction of the mobilization, and any defense acti2 Chairman, as liaison that involve formulation or revisione

and the Office of Commission policy in any area di : i in the making of sponsibility of the Commission. ments for the secur- (b) To represent the Commission i imation from repre- national defense matters requiring of

agencies, bar asso- ferences or communications with the interested persons in governmental officers, departments formulation and im- agencies. istrative procedures (c) To act as the Defense Coordinat: able to the Commis- in representations with other agenci

with respect to planning for the en h authority as may tinuity of the essential functions of t by the Commission Commission under national emergen

(d) of the Commu- conditions, and to serve as the principi ended.

representative of the Commission to tà BOARD

Interagency Emergency Planning Core

mittee of the Office of Emergen the Board.

Planning. s a permanent body

(d) To serve as the principal reps cions, composed of

sentative of the Commission to the Intermission employees

agency Civil Defense Committee of the Commission. The

Office of Civil Defense, Department . ecisions and other

the Army. red to it by the

(e) To serve as the principal point of nal action on cer

contact for the Commission on all matters which arise

ters pertaining to the National Commi: ring proceedings,

nications System. tional duties not

(f) To take such measures as will asfunctions as may

sure continuity of the Commission's Commission, functions under any foreseeable circum.

stances with a minimum of interruption. AND REVIEW

(g) In the event of enemy attack, of Office.

the imminent threat thereof, or other

disaster resulting in the inability of the 3 and Review is

Commission to function at its offices ir ering, accounta

Washington, D.C., to assume all of the and is headed 1 makes recom

duties and responsibilities of the Com.

mission and the Chairman, until relieved nission, and to

or augmented by other Commissioners designated to

or members of the staff, as set forth in in the disposi

$$ 0.186 and 0.383. cases of adjue Administrach other cases tre handled in h have been

(a) To act as Alternate Defense Co.

Commission licensees who might n

such assistance in various conditions ordinator in representations with other agencies with respect to planning for the

mobilization, particularly those result continuity of the essential functions of

from attack; the Commission under national emer

(7) Stimulation of the developmen gency conditions, and to serve as the

common carriers and by licensees, alternate representative of the Commis

standby plans for the conservation sion to the Interagency Emergency Plan

salvage of supplies and equipment ning Committee of the Office of Emer

the rehabilitation, restoration, or gency Planning.

placement of essential communica (b) To serve as the alternate repre- facilities after an attack; sentative of the Commission to the Inter- (8) Preparation, as claimant age agency Civil Defense Committee of the for the non-government communicat: Office of Civil Defense, Department of industry, to claim materials, manpo the Army.

equipment, supplies and services nee (c) To keep the Defense Commissioner in support of the common carriers, informed as to significant developments Commission licensees from the ap in this area.

priate resource agencies, and work 129 F.R. 14664, Oct. 10, 1964)

such agencies in developing program

insure availability of such resources i: $0.183 Office of Emergency Communi

emergency; cations,

(9) Provision of advice and guid: (a) The Chief of the Office of Emer- to achieve such industry protection gency Communications plans, directs necessary to maintain the integrit and coordinates the functions of the Of- the facilities and services provided fice. The Office of Emergency Commu- common carriers and radio statioi nications under the supervision and di- censees, and promote a national rection of the Executive Director and in gram to stimulate disaster preparec collaboration with, and with the concur- and damage control, including, but rence of the responsible Bureau Heads limited to, organizing and training f and Staff Officers, develops, prepares, and ity employees, personnel shelter, eva recommends to the Defense Commis- tion and relocation plans, records sioner national emergency plans and de- tection, continuity of management velops preparedness programs covering curity, emergency repair and reco (See Executive Orders 10312, 10346, as of facilities, deconcentration and amended, 11007, 11092, and 11179) : persal of facilities, and mutual (1) Provision of service by common

associations for emergency; carriers, broadcasting facilities, and the (10) Development and mainter safety and special radio services under of a capability to assess the effec national emergency conditions;

attack on communication facilities (2) Assignment of radio frequencies to services subject to Commission re Commission licensees under national tion, which are essential in a nat emergency conditions;

emergency, and provide data to the (3) Preparation of data with respect partment of Defense; and to facilities operated by the non-govern

(11) Fostering or conducting res ment communications industry for use

in areas directly concerned with by the National Resources Evaluation Commission's emergency prepare

responsibilities; (4) Control of radio stations in an (b) The Office of Emergency Cor emergency, except those belonging to, or

nications, in collaboration with, and operated by, any department or agency

the concurrence of, Bureau Headof the United States Government;

Staff Officers, prepares plans for the (5) Investigations of violations of per

tinuity of Government functions tinent law and regulations in an emer

Commission in the event of a na gency, and development of procedures

emergency (except for certain designated to initiate, recommend, or

nated functions of the Field Engin otherwise bring about the appropriate Bureau, as set forth in $ 0.111) a: enforcement actions required in the in

scribed by Executive Order 1034 terest of national security;

amended, including plans for emer (6) Provision of financial, credit, or

mobilization of the Commission's other assistance to common carriers and

sonnel; positioning, maintenance 28



nissioner. and two Alzioners are Lission. The ects the demission and nd responsi

(h) To perform such other duties and assume such other responsibilities related to the Commission's defense activities as may be necessary for the conti. nuity of functions and the protection of personnel and property of the Commis. sion. (29 F.R. 14664, Oct. 28, 1964) $ 0.182 Executive Director.

Under the general direction of the Defense Commissioner, and with the advice and assistance of the heads of the seve eral bureaus and offices, the Executive Director coordinates the defense activities of the Commission, and has the following duties and responsibilities.


protection of supplies, material and tion plans, essential records; and selection, training, of manager transportation and emergency assign- pair and red ment, notification and funding arrange

tration and ments for the Commission's Executive mutual aid Reserve Unit of the National Defense (5) Resed Executive Reserve Program under the search in al provisions of Executive Order 11179 (ex- the Commis cept for certain designated functions of ness respons the Field Engineering Bureau as set forth (f) Emerg in $ 0.111).

sources Plar (c) The Office of Emergency Commu- gency Comn nications provides the Executive Secre- Diyision deve tariat for the National Industry Advisory and procedu. Committee, its sub-committees at the (i) Comma Regional, State and Local level, and tension, disco

common carr special working groups as may be formed

issuance of for specific purposes by the Defense Commissioner.

for such facili (d) The Office of Emergency Commu

in an emerger

charges, pra nications is composed of the Office of the Chief, including the NIAC Secretariat regulations f and the FCC Mobilization Planning Of

and non-Gov ficer, the Emergency Communication emergency, in Systems Division, and the Emergency

economic stal Communication Resources Plans Divi

(6) Develop sion, with functions as set forth in para

of priority syst

ence and for t graphs (e), (f), and (g) of this section.

leased inter-ci (e) Emergency Communication Systems Division: The Emergency Commu

an emergency.

(c) Use of nication Systems Division develops and

and services to recommends plans and procedures for

vital needs in a the following: (1) Broadcasting service. Construc

(ii) Safety a

Authorization, tion, activation, deactivation of broadcasting facilities and services, the con

ified safety an

facilities, and p tinuation or suspension of broadcasting

interest in an e services and facilities, and issuance of

(iii) Radio fr appropriate authorizations for such fa

signment of ra cilities, services, and personnel in an

their use by, Co emergency. (2) Safety and special radio services.

emergency. Authorization, operation, and use of

(iv) Resource

sistance and dat specified safety and special radio sery

ties operated b: ices, facilities, and personnel in the na

for national reso tional interest in an emergency.

of the Office of (3) Electromagnetic radiation. Control of radio stations in an emergency,

(v) Financial except for those belonging to, or oper

cial, credit, or o ated by, any department or agency of mon carriers an the United States Government.

who might need (4) Facilities protection. Provide ad- ous conditions of vice and guidance to achieve such indus- larly those result: try protection as is necessary to main- (vi) Conservata tain the integrity of the facilities and bilitation. Stimu station licensees and promote a national ment, by comm program to stimulate disaster prepared- licensees, of stand ness and damage control. The guidance servation and sa shall include, but not be limited to, orga- equipment and th nizing and training facility employees, ration, or replacer personnel shelter, evacuation and reloca- munication faciliti


supplies, material and
tion plans, records protection, one

(vii) Claimancy.

sion's essential functions in the event s; and selection, training,

a national emergency, of management, security, emerge claimant agency for the non-Government and emergency assign- pair and recovery of facilities, de communications industry,

to claim ma

(iii) Prepares recommendations fi ce and funding arrangetration and dispersal of facilities terials, manpower, equipment, supplies,

the selection, positioning, maintenanc Commission's Executive mutual aid associations for et and services needed in support of the

and protection of essential records fi f the National Defense

the performance of essential function (5), Research. Foster or contre common carriers and Commission licens

of the Commission in the event of a ni te program under the search in areas directly concernede ees from the appropriate resource agencutive Order 11179 (ex

tional emergency. the Commission's emergency pre cies, and insure availability of such redesignated functions of ness responsibilities.

sources in an emergency.

(iv) Prepares plans for the selectio ring Bureau as set forth (f) Emergency Communication :

(viil) Damage assessment. Maintain

training, emergency assignment, eme sources Plans Division: (1) The be a capability to assess the effects of at- gency notification, transportation, ai of Emergency Commu- gency Communication Resources i tack on communication facilities and emergency funding arrangements f is the Executive Secre- Division develops and recommend services subject to Commission regula- personnel in the Commission's Execonal Industry Advisory and procedures for the following:

tion which are essential in a national tive Reserve Unit of the National D b-committees at the (1) Common carrier service. of emergency, and provide data to the De- fense Executive Reserve Program und and Local level, and tension, discontinuance, or reductie partment of Defense.

the provisions of Executive Order 111" oups as may be formed common carrier facilities or services

, a

(2) The Emergency Communication () Selects and prepares detail oses by the Defense issuance of appropriate authorizatie Resources Plans Division coordinates plans for training, emergency assig

for such facilities, services, and persons and directs the activities of the Com- ment, emergency notification, and trar | Emergency Commu- in an emergency; and control of allna mission's Damage Assessment Unit, and portation of the Emergency Task Ford ed of the Office of the charges, practices, classifications, a

coordinates the activities of the Com- assigned to the Special Facilities Dibe NIAC Secretariat regulations for service to Goverune mission's Resource Data Officer assigned sion of the Office of Emergency Pla ization Planning Ofand non-Government users during i

to the National Resources Evaluation ning and to the Commission's Princip ncy Communication emergency, in consonance with nation Center.

Emergency Relocation Facility. and the Emergency

economic stabilization policies. (3) The Emergency Communication (vi) In cooperation with the Chi sources Plans Divi- (6) Development and administraties Resources Plans Division conducts the Emergency Communication Systems I as set forth in par&

of priority systems for public correspond review of plans developed by the State vision, and the Chief, Emergency Coz (g) of this section. ence and for the use and resumption d Task Groups and the Commission's rep

munication Resources Plans Divisi ommunication Sys

leased inter-city private line sertlee t resentatives to the Regional Prepared- makes detailed plans for appropriate mergency Commuan emergency

ness Committees of the Office of Emer- vestigation, enforcement and carry vision develops and (c) Use of common carrier facilite gency Planning.

out by Emergency Task Forces of all a nd procedures for and services to overseas points to me

(g) FCC Mobilization Planning Officer: proved emergency preparedness pla vital needs in an emergency. (1) The FCC Mobilization Planning Of

(except for certain functions of the Fi ervice. Construc(Ü) Safety and special radio service

ficer, pursuant to the provisions of Ex- Engineering Bureau) under the pro ivation of broad

Authorization, operation and use of speecutive Order 10346, as amended, and sions of Executive Orders 11092 a ifled safety and special radio servlees

in consultation with the Bureau Heads services, the con

10312. and Staff Officers of the Commission,

(vii) Prepares plans for and condu n of broadcasting facilities, and personnel in the national

interest in an emergency. and issuance of

has responsibility for the preparation of

tests and exercises (except for cert Cons for such fa(it) Radio frequency assignment. As

plans for recommendation to the De- activities of the Field Engineering I signment of radio frequencies to, and

fense Commissioner for maintenance of personnel in an

reau as set forth in $ 0.111) to determ their use by, Commission licensees in an the Commission's essential functions at

the state of operational readiness of il radio services.

Commission and its emergency facilit emergency.

the seat of Government, and elsewhere, n, and use of

to execute its essential emergency fu: (iv) Resource data. Provision of 86. during a national emergency (except for cial radio serve sistance and data with respect to facli- certain designated functions of the Field

tions and emergency mobilization pl:

in the event of a national emergen annel in the naties operated by Commission licensees

Engineering Bureau as set forth in Eergency. for national resource evaluation purposes

and performs such other duties rela $0.111) including the following specific

to the Commission's continuity of G adiation. Conof the Office of Emergency Planning,

ernment activities and responsibilites an emergency, (v) Financial aid. Provision of finan.

(1) Prepares detailed plans for the directed. ng to, or opercial, credit, or other assistance to comemergency mobilization, assignment and

(viii) Prepares data and informat $ or agency of mon carriers and Commission licensees utilization of present Commission per

with respect to continuity of the ess nent. who might need such assistance ta vartsonnel and augmentation staff, includ

tial functions of the Commission 1 2. Provide adous conditions of mobilization, particu. Ing emergency notification, transporta

national emergency (except for the F ve such indus- larly those resulting from attack.

tion, and continuity of funding arrange

Engineering Bureau as set forth in sary to main- (vi) Conservation, salvage, and reha.

111), for use by the Defense Coordina facilities and bilitation. Stimulation of the develop

(H) Makes detailed advance arrange

and Alternate Defense Coordinator ote a national ment, by common carriers and by

ments for selection, positioning, main.

Interagency Emergency Planning C tenance, and protection of supplies and

mittee meetings, as directed, and i materials required by emergency re

location personnel for the execution of ited to, orga

the plans for continuity of the Commis

of such meetings. y employees, a and reloca




ter prepared licensees, of standby plans for the conThe guidance servation and salvage of supplies and

equipment and the rehabilitation, restoration, or replacement of essential communication facilities after an attack.

pares initial drafts of documents to plement any required actions as a re



(h) Executive Secretariat of the Na- (c) The field offices of the Office of tional Industry Advisory Committee: Emergency Communications are locatec The Executive Secretary of the National at the following addresses: Industry Advisory Committee provides secretariat service to the National Indus

OCDI Address of the FCC try Advisory Committee, and its sub- OEP Field Liaison Officer


Region committees at the Regional, State and Local level and special working groups as

1 OCD Region One, may be formed for specific purposes by

Connecticut, Maine,

Oak Hill Road, Massachusetts, Ne the Defense Commissioner, in accordance

Harvard, Mass., Hampshire, New

01451. with the provisions of Executive Order

Jersey, New York,

Rhode Island, 11007, as follows:


2 (1) Preparation of appointments to

OCD Region Two, Delaware, District of
Olney, Md.,

Columbia, KenCommittees or Working Groups as di


tucky, Maryland, rected by the Defense Commissioner and

Ohio, Pennsylvani

Virginia, West maintenance of membership rosters, rec

Virginia. ords and files of all committees and re

OCD Region Three, Alabama, Florida,

Thomasville, Ga., quests for appropriate security clearance

Georgia, Mississip 71792.

North Carolina, for selected members.

South Carolina, (2) Preparation, certification, and ap

Tennessee, Virgin

Islands, Puerto propriate distribution of agendas and

Rico. associated material for meetings of all

OCD Region Four, Illinois, Indiana,
Federal Center,

Michigan, Minne committees.

Battle Creek,

sota, Wisconsin. (3) Arrangements for preparation of

Mich., 49016.
OCD Region Five,

Arkansas, Louisiana appropriate minutes of meetings, and

Denton Federal New Mexico, distribution thereof.

Center, Denton, Oklahoma, Texas (4) Preparation of interagency coor

Tex., 76202.

6 OCD Region Six, Colorado, Iowa, dination of National Industry Advisory

Denver Federal Kansas, Missouri Committee recommendations as directed.

Center, Denver, Nebraska, North
Colo., 80225.

Dakota, South (5) Coordinates preparation of the re

Dakota, Wyomir

7 quired agenda items for consideration by

OCD Region Seven, American Samoa,
Federal Center,

Arizona, Californ the Commission to effect implementation

Santa Rosa,

Guam, Hawaii, of National Industry Advisory Commit

Calif., 95401.

Nevada, Utah.

OCD Region Eight, Alaska, Idaho, Ore tee recommendations.

Everett, Wasti., Montana,

Washington. [29 F.R. 15758, Nov. 24, 1964) $ 0.184 Field Liaison Offices of the

FCC Field Supervisor, Eastern United States (C Office of Emergency Communica- Regions 1, 2, 3, 4) located at OCD Region 3, Tho tions.

ville, Ga.

FCC Field Supervisor, Western United States ( (a) Field Liaison officers of the Office Regions 5, 6, 7, 8) located at OCD Region 7, S

Rosa, Calif. of Emergency Communications (OEC)

(d) The FCC Field Liaison Offic are designated as FCC representatives

listed in paragraph (c) of this section to Regional Civil Defense Coordinating

designated as the FCC representative Boards of the Office of Civil Defense, De

attend and supervise all Regional partment of the Army (DOA). (Engi

State Industry Advisory Commi neers in charge of Field Engineering

meetings within their respective Reg Bureau (FEB) district offices at Boston,

and States pursuant to the requirem Massachusetts; Baltimore, Maryland;

of Executive Order 11007. Atlanta, Georgia; Detroit, Michigan;

(29 F.R. 14665, Oct. 28, 1964) Dallas, Texas; Denver, Colorado; San Francisco, California; and Seattle, § 0.185 Responsibilities of the bur

and staff offices. Washington are designated as alternates.)

The heads of each of the several (b) Field Liaison officers of the OEC reaus and staff offices, in rendering ac are designated to serve as alternate FCC and assistance to the Executive Dire representatives to the OEP Regional in the performance of his duties Preparedness Committees. (The Engi- respect to defense activities will ; neers in Charge listed in paragraph (a) the following duties and responsibili of this section are principal representa- (a) To keep the Executive Directo tives.)

formed of the instigation, progress,


completion of programs, plans, or activ- (12) An Assistant Chief, Broadcast Les with respect to defense in which Bureau. they are engaged or have been requested (13) The Associate Chief, Common to engage.

Carrier Bureau. b) To render assistance and advice to (14) The Chief of Division, ranking the Executive Director on matters which in the same order as indicated in subrelate to the functions of their respective paragraphs (1) to (7) of this paragraph. bureaus or staff offices.

(28 F.R. 12392, Nov. 22, 1963, as amended at (c) To render such assistance and ad- 29 F.R. 15923, Nov. 28, 1964) vice to other agencies as may be consistent with the functions of their respective

Subpart B-Delegations of bureaus or staff offices and the Commis

Authority sion's policy with respect thereto.

AUTHORITY: $80.201 to 0.887 also issued d) To perform such other duties re- under sec. 5, 48 Stat. 1068, as amended; 47 lated to the Commission's defense activ- U.S.C. 155. as may be assigned to them by the

SOURCE: $80.201 to 0.387 appear at 28 F.R. Commission.

12402, Nov. 22, 1963, except as otherwiso :29 FR 14665, Oct. 28, 1964)

noted. $ 0.186 Emergency Relocation Board.

GENERAL (a) An Emergency Relocation Board, $ 0.201 General provisions. to be convened at the Commission's re

(a) There are three basic categories ocation headquarters, performs the

of delegations made by the Commission functions of the Commission in the

pursuant to section 5(d) of the Comevent of the inability of the Com

munications Act of 1934, as amended: assion to function at its offices in Wash

(1) Delegations to act in non-hearing ton, D.C., resulting from disaster or

matters and proceedings. The great the threat of imminent disaster from

bulk of delegations in this category are enemy attack or from natural causes,

made to bureau chiefs and other memeser:

bers of the Commission's staff. This 11 At the time of or under circum

category also includes delegations to insances specified in a directive from the

dividual commissioners and to boards or Pres.dent.

committees of commissioners, such as 2. In the absence thereof, upon re

the Telegraph and Telephone Commiteppt of a warning signal indicating that

tees. 13 attack on the capital is likely.

(2) Delegations to rule on interlocu3: In the absence of either a direc

tory matters in hearing proceedings. "Te or warning signal, immediately

Delegations in this category are made to having an actual attack.

the Review Board and to the Chief Hearbi The Board shall comprise such

ing Examiner. Carnissioners as may be present and

e to act or, if no Commissioner is NOTE: Interlocutory matters which aro sent and able to act, the occupant of

delegated neither to the Review Board nor the following positions, in the order

to the Chief Hearing Examiner are ruled on

by the presiding officer by virtue of the wird, who is present and able to act:

authority vested in him to control the course 1. The Chief, Field Engineering and conduct of the hearing. This authority Birrau.

stems from section 7 of the Administrative 21 The General Counsel.

Procedure Act and section 409 of the Com-3» The Chief Engineer.

munications Act rather than from deleg&4, The Chief, Safety and Special tions of authority made pursuant to section Paco Services Bureau.

5(d) of the Communications Act. (See 51 The Chief, Broadcast Bureau.

$$ 0.218 and 0.341.) 6. The Chief, Common Carrier Bu- (3) Delegations to review an initial

decision. Delegations in this category 1 The Executive Director.

are made to individual commissioners, to & The Deputy Chief, Field Engineer- panels of commissioners, or to the Bureau

Review Board.
The Deputy General Counsel.

(b) Delegations are arranged in this 10) The Associate Chief Engineer. subpart under headings denoting the

11) The Assistant Chief, Safety and person, panel, or board to whom authorPraca! Radio Services Bureau.

ity has been delegated, rather than by

51 460 -3

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