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world, as an incarnation of the people, and of modern democracy itself.

The great work of emancipation had to be sealed, therefore, with the blood of the just, even as it was inaugurated with the blood of the just. The tragic history of the abolition of slavery, which opened with the gibbet of John Brown, will close with the assassination of Lincoln.

And now let him rest by the side of Washington, as the second founder of the great Republic. European democracy is present in spirit at his funeral, as it voted in its heart for his re-election, and applauded the victory in the midst of which he passes away. It will wish with one accord to associate itself with the monument that America will raise to him upon the capital of prostrate slavery.


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UITE a serious error has crept into the biographies of Mr. Lincoln, in W respect to his parentage. His mother's name is said to be Nancy Hanks, while in reality it was Nancy Sparrow. Our late illustrious Chief Magistrate was born in Hardin County, Kentucky, on the twelfth day of February, 1809, and was the son of Mr. Thomas and Nancy [Sparrow] Lincoln. The other children were Sarah, who married Mr. Grigsby, and died in Indiana ; and a son, who died in infancy.

Thomas Lincoln was the son of Abraham, who was shot by an Indian in 1784. His children were Mordecai, who avenged the death of his father ; Joseph, Mary, Nancy, and Thomas. The family is very probably from the New-England stock, which settled at Hingham previous to 1640. Thomas Lincoln was a man of integrity, but could neither read nor write. He married Miss Nancy Sparrow in 1806. She was the daughter of Henry and Lucy [Hanks] Sparrow; was born in Mercer County, Kentucky, and grew up in the family of her uncle, William Hanks. She was tall and commanding in person, could read and write, was a good singer, and a member of the Baptist Church. Her name was mentioned by her neighbors only to be praised. She had a sister Mary, who married Thomas Whitehouse; another sister, Sarah, and two brothers, Thomas and Henry. She died in 1818. Mr. Thomas Lincoln married, for his second wife, Mrs. Sarah [Bush] Johnson, of Hardin County, Kentucky, who still lives with her daughter Matilda, on the farm which Mr. Lincoln bought for his father, Thomas, in Cole's County, Illinois.

North BILLERICA, Mass., Aug. 28, 1865.

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