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Table 10. Most Prevalent Record Album Price,

on Various Dates

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Billboard charts of best selling albums, dates listed; prices are for monaural records for May 5, 1965, and stereophonic for other dates, since these were the most common categories on the various dates.

57-786 0.76 - pt.3 - 16

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Table 11. Number and Percentage of Best Selling Albums

at Various List Prices

5/5/65 4/15/67 1/5/74

1/4/75 Price range (dollars per album) Number Percent Number Percer

| Number Percent Number Percent Number Percent Number Percent

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Note: Percentages may not add to total due to rounding. Source: Billboard, dates listed.

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Table 12. Most Prevalent Number of Songs per Album from

Billboard Chart of Best Selling Albums, 1965-75


Most prevalent number of

songs per album

May 5, 1965..........
April 15, 1967.......
February 24, 1968.....
May 5, 1969..........
January 6, 1973.........
January 5, 1974......
January 4, 1975........

Source: An analysis by National Music Publishers' Association

of the best-selling albums listed in Billboard on
dates cited.

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