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By statute, however, such judgment is valid, a misnomer or variance; 5 Johns. 84. As it for the infant; 3 Saund. 212 (n. 5). to idem sonans, see 18 East, 83; 16 id.

Imprisonment. A sentence to imprison- 110; 2 Taunt. 400. Since oyer of the writ ment in New York, either of plaintiff or de- has been prohibited, the misnomer must apfendant, abates the action by statute; 2 pear in the declaration; 1 Cowen, 37. MisJohns. Cas. 408; 1 Duer, 664; 2 R. S. § 19, nomer of defendant was never pleadable p. 701, but see 8 Bosw. 617.

in any other manner than in abatement; 5 Lunacy. A lunatic may appear by attor- Mo. 118; 3 Ill. 290 ; 14 Ala. 256 ; 8 Mo. ney, and the court will on motion appoint an 291; 1 Metc. Mass. 151; 3 id. 235. In attorney for him; 18 Johns. 135. But a England this plea has been abolished; 3 & suit brought by a lunatic under guardianship 4 Wm. IV., ch. 42, s. 11. And in the shall abate ; Brayt. 18.

States, generally, the plaintiff is allowed to Misjoinder. The joinder of improper amend a misnomer. plaintiff's may be pleaded in abatement; In criminal practice the usual pleas in Comyn, Dig. Abt. E, 15; Archbold, Civ. abatement are for misnomer. If the indictPl. 304; 1 Chitty, Pl. 8. Advantage may ment assigns to the defendant no Christian also be taken, if the misjoinder appear on name, or a wrong one, no surname, or a record, by demurrer in arrest of judgment, or wrong one, he can only object to this matter by writ of error. If it does not appear in the by a plea in abatement; 2 Gabbett, Crim. pleadings, it would be ground of non-suit on Law, 327. As to the evidence necessary in the trial; 1 Chitty, PP. 66. Misjoinder of such case, see 1 M. & S. 453 ; 1 Salk. 6; 1 defendants in a personal action is not subject Campb. 479 ; 3 Greenl. Ev.

$ 221. of a plea in abatement; 18 Ga. 509; Arch- Non-joinder. If one of several joint tenbold, Civ. Pl. 68, 310. When an action is ants sue, Coke, Litt. 180 b; Bacon, Abr. thus brought against two upon a contract Joint Tenants, K; 1 B. & P. 73; one of made by one, it is a good ground of defence several joint contractors, in an action ex conunder the general issue; Clayt. 114 ; 1 East, tractu, Archbold, Civ. Pl. 48–51, 53; one of 48 ; 2 Day, 272; 11 Johns. 104;,. 1 Esp. several partners, 16 M. 340; 19 Penn. St. 363; for in such case the proof disproves 273; 20 id. 228; Gow. Partn. 150; Collier, the declaration. If several are sued for a Partn. & 649 ; one of several joint executors tort committed by one, such misjoinder is no who have proved the will, or even if they ground of objection in any manner, as of co- have not proved the will, 10 Ark. 169; 1 defendants in actions ex delicto, some may be Chitty, Pl. 12, 13; one of several joint adconvicted and others acquitted; 1 Saund. ministrators, id. 13; the defendant may plead 291. In a real action, if brought against sev- the non-joinder in abatement; Comyn, Dig. eral persons, they may plead several ten- Abt. E; 1 Chitty, Pl. 12. The omission of ancy; that is, that they hold in severalty, one or more of the owners of the property in not jointly, .Comyn, Dig. Abt. F, 12; or one an action er delicto is pleaded in abatement; of them may take the entire tenancy on him- 22 Vt. 388; 10 Ired. 169 ; 2 Cush. 130; 13 self, and pray judgment of the writ; Comyn, Penn. St. 497; 11 III. 22. Dormant partDig. Abt. F, 13.

ners may be omitted in suits on contracts to Plisnomer of plaintiff, where the misnomer which they are not privy; 4 Wend. 628 ; 8 appears in the declaration, must be pleaded S. & R. 55; 6 Pick. 352; 3 Cow. 85. A in abatement; 1 Chitty, Pl. 451; i Mass. non-joinder may also be taken advantage of 76; 5 id. 97; 15 id. 469; 10 S. & R. in actions ex contractu, at the trial, under the 257; 10 Humphr. 512;, 9 Barb. 202; 32 N. general issue, by demurrer, or in arrest of H. 470. It is a good plea in abatement that judgment, if it appears on the face of the the party sues by his surname only; Harp: pleadings ; 4 Wend. 496. 49; 1 Tayl. No. C. 148; Coxe, 138. A Non-joinder of a person as defendant who mistake in the Christian name is ground for is joinıly interested in the contract upon abatement; 13 Ill. 570. In England the which the action is brought can only be taken elicct of pleas in abatement of misnomer has advantage of by plea in abatement, 5 Term, been diminished by statute 3 & 4 Wm. IV., 651; 1 East, 20; 4 Term, 725; 3 Campb. ch. 42, s. 11, which allows an amendment at 50; 2 Jur. 48; 2 Johns. Cas. 382; 3 Caines, the cost of the plaintiff. The rule embodied 99 ; 18 Johns. 459 ; 2 Iowa, 161 ; 24 Conn. in the English statute prevails in this country. 531 ; 26 Penn. St. 458; 24 N. H. 128 ; 8

If the defendant is sued or declared against Gill, Md. 59; 19 Ala. N. 8. 340; 2 Zabr. by a wrong name, he may plead the mistake 372; 9 B. Monr. 30; 23 Ga. 600; Archin abatement; 3 Bla. Com. 302; 1 Salk. 7; bold, Civ. Pl. 309; unless the mistake ap3 East, 167; Bacon, Abr. D; and in abate- pear from the plaintiff's own pleadings, when ment only, 5 Mo. 118; 3 Ill. 290 ; 14 Ala. it may be taken advantage of by demurrer or 256; 8 No. 291; 1 Metc. Mass. 151; 3 id. in arrest of judgment; 1 Saund. 271; 18 235; but one defendant cannot plead the mis- Johns. 459; i B. & P. 72. Non-joinder of nomer of another, Comyn, Dig. Abt. F, 18; a co-tenant may be pleaded when the suit 1 Chitty, Pl. 440; Archbold, Civ. Pl. 312; respects the land held in common; 44 Me. 1 Nev. & P. 26.

92. When the contract is several as well as The omission of the initial letter between joint, the plaintiff is at liberty to proceed the Christian and surname of the party is not against the parties separately or jointly. 1




Chitty, Pl. 43; 1 Saund. 153, n. 1; 2 Burr. either for matter apparent on the face of the 1190; Brayt. Vt. 22. In actions of tort the writ, or for matter dehors; Comyn, Dig. plaintiff may join the parties concerned in the Abt. H, 17. tort, or not, at his election ; 6 Taunt. 29, 35, Pleas in abatement to the form of the writ 42; 1 Saund. 291 ; 6 Moore, 154; 7 Price, were formerly allowed for very trifling errors Exch. 408; 3 B. & P. 54; Gould, Pl. ch. 5, apparent on the face of the writ, 1 Lutw. 25; $118; 3 East, 62. The non-joinder of any 1 Strange, 556; Ld. Raym. 1541 ; 2 B. & P. of the wrong-doers is no defence in any form 395, but since oyer has been prohibited have of action.

fallen into disuse; Tidd, Pr. 636. When husband and wife should be sued Pleas in abatement of the form of the writ jointly, and one is sued alone, the non-joinder are now principally for matters dehors, may be pleaded in abatement; Archbold, Comyn, Dig. Abt. H, 17; Gilbert, C. P. 51, Civ. Pl. 309. Non-joinder of co-executors existing at the time of suing out the writ, or or co-administrators may be pleaded in abate-, arising afterwards; such as misnomer of the ment; Comyn, Dig. Abt. F. The form of plaintiff or defendant in Christian name or suraction is of no account where the action is sub- name; Tidd, Pr. 637. stantially founded in contract; 6 Term, 369; Pleas in Abatement to the Action of the Writ 5 id. 651. The law under this head has in a are that the action is misconceived, as if asgreat measure become obsolete in many of the sumpsit is brought instead of account, or tresStates, by statutory provisions making, con- pass when case is the proper action; 1 Show. tracts which by the common law were joint, 71 ; Hob. 199; Tidd. Pr. 579; or that the both joint and several.

right of action had not accrued at the comPrivilege of defendant from being sued mencement of the suit; 2 Lev. 197; Cro. may be pleaded in abatement; 9 Yery. 1; Eliz. 325; Hob. 199; Comyn, Dig. Action, Bacon, Abr. Abt. C. See PRIVILEGE. A E, 1. But these pleas are unusual, since adpeer of England cannot, as formerly, plead vantage may be taken for the same reasons on his peerage in abatement of a writ of sum- demurrer or under the general issue; Gould, mons; 2 Wm. IV. ch. 39. It is a good Pl. ch. 5, s. 137; 1 C. & M. 492, 768. It may cause of abatement that the defendant was also be pleaded in abatement that there is arrested at a time when he was privileged another action pending; Comyn, Dig. Abt. from arrest; 2 N. H. 468; 4 T. B. Monr. H, 24; Bacon, Abr. Abt. M; 1 Chitty, Pl. 539; or that he was served with process 443. See LIS PENDENS. while privileged from suits, 2 Wend. 586; 1 Variance. Where the count varies from South. N.J.366; 1 Ala. 276. The privilege the writ, or the writ varies from the record or of defendant as member of the legislature has instrument on which the action is brought, it been pleaded in abatement; Day, 129. is pleadable in abatement; 2 Wils. 85, 395;

For cases where the defendant may plead Cro. Eliz. 722; 1 H. Bla. 249; 17 Ark. non-tenure, see Archbold, Civ. Pl. 310; 254; 17 Ill. 529; 25 N. H. 521. If the variCro. Eliz. 559 ; 33 Me. 343.

ance is only in matter of mere form, as in time Where he may plead a disclaimer, see or place, when that circumstance is immaterial, Archbold, Civ. Pl. ; Comyn, Dig. Abt. F, advantage can be taken only by plea in abate15; 2 N. H. 10.

ment; 8 Ind. 354; 10 Ill. 75; Yelv. 120 ; PLEAS IN ABATEMENT TO THE COUNT Latch, 173; Gould, Pl. ch. 5, ss. 97, 98–101. required oyer of the original writ; and, as But if the variance is in matter of substance, this cannot now be had, these pleas are, it as if the writ sounds in contract and the decseems, abolished; 1 Chitty, Pl. 450 (6th laration in tort, advantage may also be taken Lond. ed.); Saunders, Pl. Abatement. by motion in arrest of judgment; 28 N. H.

PLEAS IN ABATEMENT OF THE Writ.- 90; Hob. 279; Cro. Eliz. 722. Pleas under In general, any irregularity, defect, or in- this head have been virtually abolished by the formality in the terms, form, or structure of rule refusing oyer of the writ; and the operathe writ, or mode of issuing it, is a ground of tion of this rule extends to all pleas in abateabatement; Gould, Pl. ch. 5, s. 132. Among ment that cannot be proved without examinathem may be enumerated want of date, or tion of the writ; Gould, Pl. ch. 5, s. 101. It impossible date; want of venue, or in local seems that oyer of the writ is allowed in some actions, a wrong venue; a defective return; of the states which retain the old system of Gould, Pl. ch. 5, s. 133. Oyer of the writ pleading, as well as in those which have being prohibited, these errors cannot be ob- adopted new systems. In such states these jected to unless they appear in the declara- rules as to variance are of force. 28 N. H. tion, which is presumed to correspond with 90 ; 25 id. 521; 17 III. 529 ; 22 Ala. N. s. the writ; 1 B. & P. 645–648; 6 Fla. 724 ; 588; 23 Miss. 193; 8 Ind. 354; 21 Ala. N. s. 3 B. & P. 399; 14 M. & W. 161. The ob- 404; 11 III. 573 ; 35 N. H. 172; 17 Ark. jection then is to the writ through the decla- 154; 1 Harr. & G. 164; 1 T. B. Monr. ration ; 1 B. & P. 648; there being no plea to 35; 11 Wheat. 280; 12 Johns. 430; 4 Halst. the declaration alone, but in bar; 2 Saund. 284. 209; 10 Mod. 210.

QUALITIES OF PLEAS IN ABATEMENT. Such pleas are either to the form of the The defendant may plead in abatement to writ, or to the action thereof.

part, and demur or plead in bar to the residue, Those of the first description were formerly of the declaration; i Chitty, Pl. 458 (6th




Lond. ed.); 2 Saund. 210. The general rule fact, and not merely that the plea is a true is that whatever proves the writ false at the plea; 3 Strange, 705; 1 Browne, 77 ; 2 Dall. time of suing it out shall abate the writ en 184; 1 Yeates, 185. tirely; Gilbert, C. P. 247; 1 Saund. . 286 JUDGMENT'ON PLEAS IN ABATEMENT. (n. 7).

If issue be joined on a plea in abatement, a As this plea delays the ascertainment of the judgment for the plaintiff upon a verdict is merits of the action, it is not favored by the final, 2 Wils. 368; 1 Ld. Kaym. 992; Tidd, courts; the greatest accuracy and precision are Pr. 641 ; 1 Strange, 532; 1 Bibb, 234; 6 therefore required; and it cannot be amended; Wend. 649; 8 Cush. 301 ; 3 N. H. 232 ; 2 3 Term, 186; Willes, 42; 2 Saund. 298; Penn. St. 361 ; 3 Wend. 258; but judgment Comyn, Dig. I, 11; Coke, Litt. 392; Cro. Jac. for plaintiff upon a demurrer to a plea in abate82; 13 M. & W. 464; 2 Johns. Cas. 312; 8 ment is not final, but merely respondeat ouster; Bingh. 416; 44 Me. 482; 18 Ark. 236; 1 1 East, 542; 1 Ventr. 137; Ld. Raym. 992; Hempst. 215; 27 Ala. n. s. 678; 24 id. 329. Tidu, Pr. 641 ; 16 Mass, 147; 14 N. H. 371; It must contain a direct, full, and positive 32 id. 361 ; 1 Blackf. Ind. 388. After judgaverment of all the material facts ; 30 Vt: 76; ment of respondeat ouster, the defendant has 35 N. H. 172; 4 R. I. 110; 37 Me. 49; 28 four days' time to plead, commencing after N. H. 18; 26 Vt. 48 ; 24 Ala. N. s. 329; 1 the judgment has been signed ; 8 Bingh. 177. Mich. 254. It must give enough so as to He may plead again in abatement, provided enable the plaintiff by amendment completely the subject matter pleaded be not of the same to supply the defect or avoid the mistake on degree, or of any preceding degree or class which the plea is founded; 6 Taunt. 595; 4 with that before pleaded; Comyn, Dig. Abt. Term, 224; 8 id. 515; 1 Saund. 274 (n. 4); 1,3; 1 Saunders, Pl. & Ev. 4 (5th Am. ed.); 6 East, 600; 1 Day, 28; 3 Mass. 24; 2 id. Tidd, Pr. 641. 362; 1 Hayw. 501 ; 2 Ld. Raym. 1178; 1 If the plea is determined in favor of the East, 634.

defendant either upon an issue of law or fact, It must not be double or repugnant; 5 the judgment is that the writor bill be quashed; Term, 487; Carth. 207; 3 M. & W.607. It Yelv. 112; Bacon, Abr. Abt. P; Gould, Pl. must have an apt and proper beginning and ch. 5, § 159 ; 2 Saund. 211 (n. 3). conclusion ; 3 Term, 186 ; 2 Johns. Cas. 312; See further, on the subject of abatement of 10 Johns. 49; 2 Saund. 209. The whole actions, Comyn, Dig. Abt.; Bacon, Abr. Abt.; matter of complaint must be covered by the United States Digest, Abt.; 1 Saunders, Pl. plea; 2 B. & P. 420. It cannot be pleaded & Ev. 1 (5th Am. ed.); Graham, Pr. 224; after making full defence; 1 Chitty, Pl. 441 Tidd, Pr. 636; Gould, Pl. ch. 5; 1 Chitty, (6th Lond. ed.).

Pl. 446 (6th Lond. ed.); Story, Pl. 1–70. As to the form of pleas in abatement, see 22 Of Taxes. A diminution or decrease in Vt. 211; 1 Chitty, Pl. (6th Lond. ed.) 454; the amount of tax imposed upon any person. Comyn, Dig. Abt. I, 19; 2 Saund. 1 (n. 2). The provisions for securing this abatement are to the

time of pleading matter in abate- entirely matters of statute regulation ; 5 Gray, ment, it must be pleaded before any plea to 365; 4 R. I. 313; 30 Penn. St. 227; 18 Ark. the merits, both in civil and criminal cases, 380; 18 III. 312, and vary in the different except in cases where it arises or comes to States. See the various digests of State laws the knowledge of the party subsequently; 6 and collections of statutes. Metc. 224; 11 Cush. 164; 21 Vt. 52; 40

ABATOR. One who abates or destroys a Me. 218; 22 Barb. 244 ; 14 Ark. 445 ; 35 Me.

nuisance. One who, having no right of entry, 121; 15 Ala. 675; 13 Mo. 547; and the right gets possession of the freehold to the prejudice is waived by a subsequent plea to the merits; l of an heir or devisee, after the time when the 14 How. 505 ; 15 Ala. 675; 19 Conn. 493; ancestor died, and before the heir or devisee 1 Iowa, 165; 4 Gill, Md. 166. See PLEA

enters; Littleton, $ 397; Perkins, Conv. §

383; 2 Preston, Abstr. 296, 300. See Adams, Of the Affidavit of Truth. Every dilatory Eject. 43 ; 1 Washb. R. P. 225. plea must be proven to be true, either by affidavit, by matter apparent upon the record, or

ABATUDA. Any thing diminished; as, probable matter shown to the court to induce moneta abatuda, which is money clipped or them to believe it; 3 & 4 Anne, ch. 16, s.

diminished in value. Cowel. 11; 3 B. & P. 397; 2 W. Bla. 1088; 3

ABAVIA. A great-great-grandmother. Nev. & M. 260; 30 Vt. 177; 1 Curt. 494: ABA VITA. Used for abamita, which 17 Ala. 30; i Chandl. 16; 1 Swan, 391 ; see. 1 Iowa, 165. It is not necessary that the ABAVUNCULUS. A great-great-grandaffidavit should be made by the party him-mother's brother. Calvinus, Lex. self; his attorney, or even a third person, will do; Barnes, 344; 1 Saunders, PÌ. & Ev. 3

ABAVUS. A great-great-grandfather, or

fourth male ascendant. (5th Am. ed.). The plaintiff may waive an affidavit; 5 Dowl. & L. 737; 16 Johns. 307.

ABBEY. A society of religious persons, The affidavit must be coextensive with the having an abbot or abbess to preside over plea, 3 Nev. & M. 260, and leave nothing to

them. be collected by inference, Say. 293. It should ABBREVIATION. A shortened form state that the plea is true in substance and of a word, obtained by the omission of one or






more letters or syllables from the middle or Ab. U. S. Abbott's Reports, United States end of the word.

District and Circuit Courts.

Ab. U. 8. Pr. Abbott's United States Courts The abbreviations in common use in modern Practice. times consist of the initial letter or letters, sylla- Abdys R. C. P. Abdy's Roman Civil Proble or syllables, of the word. Anciently, also, cedure. contracted forms of words, obtained by the omis- Abr. Abridgment. sion of letters intermediate between the initial

Abr. Cas. Eq. or Abr. Eq. Cas. Equity Cases and final letters were much in use. These latter | Abridged, English Chancery. forms are now more commonly designated by the Abs. Absolute. term contraction. Abbreviations are of frequent Acc. Accord or Agrees. use in referring to text-books, reports, &c., and Act. Acton's Reports, Prize Causes, English

in indicating dates, but should be very sparingly Privy Council. • employed, if at all, in formal and important legal Act. Can. Monro's Acta Cancellariæ.

documents. See 4 C. & P. 51 ; 9 Coke, 48. No Art. Pr. C. Acton's Reports, Prize Causes, part of an indictment should contain any abbre-English Privy Council. viations except in cases where a fac-simile of a Act. Reg. Acta Regia. written instrument is necessary to be set out. 1 Ad. Con. Addison on Contracts. East, 180, n. The variety and number of abbre- Ad. E. Adams on Ejectment. viations are as nearly illimitable as the ingenuity Ad. & EN. Adolphus & Ellis's Reports, Engof man can make them; and the advantages lish King's Bench. arising from their use are, to a great extent, Ad. & Ell. N. 8. Adolphus & Ellis's Reports, counterbalanced by the ambiguity and uncer- New Series, English Queen's Bench, commonly tainty resulting from the usually inconsiderate cited Q. B. selection which is made.

Ad. Eq. Adams's Equity. The following list is believed to contain all

Ad. fin. Ad finem, at or near the end. abbreviations in

Ad. Torts. Addison on Torts. common

Where a

Ad. Rom. Ant. Adams's Roman Antiquities. shorter and a longer abbreviation are in com

Adams (Me.) Adams's Reports, Maine Remon use, both are given. For a fuller expla- ports, vols. 41, 42. nation of the reports in this list, see REPORTS. Adams (N. H.). Adams's Reports, New

Hampshire Reports, vol. 1. A. American, see Am.; anonymous.

Add. Addison's Reports, Pennsylvania. A, a, B, b. Afront, “B” back of a leaf. Add. Abr. Addington's Abridgment of the

A. B. Anonymous Reports at end of Benloe's Penal Statutes. Reports, commonly called New Benloe.

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A. P. B. or Ashurst MSS. L. I. L. Ashurst's Adj. Adjudged, Adjourned.
Paper-books; the manuscript paper-books of Adjournal, Books of. The Records of the
Ashurst, J., Buller, J., Lawrence, J., and Dam- Court of Justiciary, Scotland.
pier, J., in Lincoln's Inn Library.

Adm. Admiralty.
A. R. Anno Regni ; in the year of the reign. Admr. Administrator.

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monly cited Q. B.
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of law.




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Ames. Ames's Reports, Rhode Island Reports,

Arch. F. I. Archbold's Forms of Indictment.
vols. 4-7.

Arch. J. P. Archbold's Justice of the Peace.
Ames, K. & B. Ames, Knowles, and Bradley's

Arch. L. & T. Archbold's Landlord and
Reports, Rhode Island Reports, vol. 8.

Amos & F. Amos and Ferrard on Fixtures.

Arch. N. P. Archbold's Nisi Prius Law,
Amos Jur. Amos's Science of Jurisprudence.

Arch. P. Archbold's Practice.
An. Anonymous.

Arch. P. by Ch. Archbold's Practice, by
And. Anderson's Reports, English Common Chitty,
Pleas and Court of Wards.

Arch. P. C. P. Archbold's Practice, Common
And. Ch. Ward. Anderson on Church War- Pleas.

Arch. P. K. B. Archbold's Practice, King's
And. Com. Anderson's History of Commerce.

Andr. Andrews' Reports, English, King's

Arch. Sum, Archbold's Summary of the Laws

of England.

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