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the penitent, strengthen bour in good works; bless the faithful ; lift up the the schools, and schoolhearts of all more con- teachers; bless the ministinually to heavenly de- tration of Thy Holy Word sires ; give to all repent- to the conversion of souls; ance, grace, love, perse- that all may be strengthenAmen.

ed and grow in grace and

perfection, rooted and COME among us, o built


in Christ, and Holy Ghost; help us, stablished in the faith. and with great might succour all those who live For Unity in Christendom. here ; pity us, bear with O GOD, the Father of us, enlighten us; renew in our Lord Jesus Christ, us whatever has been de- our only Saviour, the Prince cayed by the fraud and of Peace; give us grace malice of the devil, or by seriously to lay to heart the our own carnal will and great dangers we are in frailness. Amen.

by our unhappy divisions. Take away

all hatred and O BLESSED Spirit, prejudice, and whatsoever

pour down Thy light, else may hinder us from Thy truth, and Thy life, godly union and concord; upon all who are in dark- that as there is but one ness and the bonds of sin, Body, and one Spirit, and that they may be turned one Hope of our calling, from darkness to light, and one Lord, one Faith, one live to Thee. Amen. Baptism, one God and Fa

ther of us all, so we may O

GOD the Holy Ghost, henceforth be all of one

bless the clergy of heart and of one soul, unithis parish, and all who la- ted in one holy bond of Truth and Peace, of Faith (livest and reignest for ever and Charity, and may with and ever. Amen. one mind and one mouth glorify Thee, through Jesus WE beseech Thee, o

Lord, pour the Spirit

of Thy love into our hearts, O

LORD Jesus Christ, and unite all whom Thou

Who saidst unto Thine feedest with the One Bread apostles, “My Peace I leave from heaven, in one Faith, with you, My Peace I give Hope, and Charity; and unto you,” regard not my in outward Communion, sins, but the Faith of Thy when it shall seem good Church, and grant her that in Thine eyes, through the Peace and Unity which is merits of Jesus Christ our agreeable to Thy Will, Who Lord. Amen.


During the Day after Holy Communion.

Watch fulness and Prayer are as necessary after receiving Holy

Communion, as self-examination and Prayer are before. It is a common device of Satan to tempt people to some besetting sin

immediately after they have Communicated, in order that he may rob them, if he can, of the spiritual strength which they have received. Be on your guard against this snare of the devil; and, by self-recollection, retirement, and prayer, cherish the unspeakable gift which God has given you, that it may enable you to bring forth fruit a hundred-fold, to His glory and your own salvation. I.

presumed to receive Thee MOST merciful Sa-this day into my house, viour, behold, I have relying on Thine infinite


for ever.

goodness and mercy, and so many vices; so much hoping, like Zaccheus, to pride and vanity; so much obtain Thy benediction. passion and envy; so much But, alas! with how little covetousness and worldly preparation! with how little solicitude; so much sendevotion! From my heart suality and concupiscence. I beg pardon for my great Oh, who can heal all these unworthiness, and for my my evils but Thou, the true innumerable sins, which I Physician of my soul, Who detest, for the love of Thee, givest me Thy Body and and I desire to detest them Blood in this Blessed Sacra

Oh! wash them ment, as a sovereign Meall away with Thy Precious dicine for all my infirmities, Blood! for Thou art the and a sovereign Balsam for Lamb of God, who takest all my wounds. Dispel the away the sins of the world; darkness of ignorance and and one drop of this Blood, error from my understandwhich Thou hast shed for ing, by Thy heavenly light; us, is more than enough to drive away the corruption cancel the sins of ten thou- and malice of my will, by sand worlds.

the fire of Divine love and Thou seest, O Searcher charity; restrain all the of hearts, all my maladies, motions of concupiscence, and all the wounds of my and all the irregular sallies soul! Thou knowest how of passion, that they may prone I am to evil, and how no more prevail over me; backward and sluggish to strengthen my weakness good. Thou seest this self- with heavenly fortitude; love, that tyrannizes over destroy this monster of my soul, which is so deeply self-love, that it may no rooted in my corrupt na- longer usurp the empire of ture, and branches out into my soul, which belongeth

upon eter

to Thee, and which Thougrant that henceforward I hast taken possession of may ever live by faith, and this day; root out my be- be guided by the maxims setting sin; stand by me of Thy Gospel. Teach me henceforward in all my to be poor in spirit, and temptations, that I may take off my heart from the never more be overcome; love of these transitory remove from me all dan- things, and fix it gerous occasions, and grant nity; teach me, by Thy me this one favour, that I Divine Example, and by may rather die than live to Thy most efficacious grace, offend Thee mortally. to be meek and humble of

O my Jesus, Thou art heart, and in my patience infinitely rich, and all the to possess my soul. Grant treasures of Divine grace that I may ever keep my are locked up in Thee: body and soul chaste and these treasures Thou bring- pure from the corruption est with Thee, when Thou of lust; that I may ever dost visit us in this Blessed bewail my past sins, and, Sacrament, and Thou tak- by a daily mortification, est an infinite pleasure in restrain all irregular incliopening them to us, to nations and passions for the enrich our poverty. This future. Above all things,

. gives me the confidence teach me to love Thee, to now to present my petitions beever recollected in Thee, to Thee, and to beg of and to walk always in Thy Thee those graces and vir- presence: teach me to love tues, which I very much my friends in Thee, and my stand in need of, as Thou enemies for Thee; grant knowest. Oh! increase and me grace to persevere to strengthen my belief of the end in this love, and Thy heavenly truths, and so to come one day to that


happy place, where I may For this Thy infinite Goodlove and enjoy Thee for ness, I render Thee hearty ever.

thanks; but do not Thou, Have mercy also on my O my God, I pray Thee, parents, friends, and bene- go far from me. Look upon factors, and on all those me, and help me; for evil for whom I am in any way thoughts arise up against bound to pray, that we may me day by day, and many all love Thee and faithfully temptations make serve Thee. Have mercy against me. Grant that I on Thy whole Church, and may pass through them unon all the clergy, and re-injured; grant that I may ligious men and women, break through them unthat all may live up to their harmed. Fight Thou, O callings, and sanctify Thy Lord, on my side, and drive Name. Give Thy grace far from me all assaults and blessing to all princes of the enemy. Command and magistrates, and to all Thou the winds and storms Christian people; convert of my passions; say to the all unbelievers and sinners, sea, Be still; and to the and bring all stray sheep north wind, Blow not; and back to Thy fold; particu- there will be a great calm. larly have mercy on N...... Bless and sanctify me with and N......., &c.

Thy Heavenly Blessing.

Protect and preserve the II.

soul of Thy servant amid O

LORD Jesu Christ, the many dangers of this

now lettest Thou Thy life; and Thy Grace acservant depart in peace, ac- companying me, guide me cording to Thy Word; for by the Way of Peace to the now hast Thou fed me with Country of eternal BrightThy Body and Thy Blood. 'ness. Amen. .

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