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Ing. Confirm my soul with LThee all I have suf

should I complain when for life and for death. Thy hand chastens me? Amen.

Yet, O Lord, deal not with me after my sins

, but LORD Jesus, I submit have mercy after Thy ten

to every pain and sorder compassion and love. row, for my sins have deLet Thy heavenly grace art just, O Lord, and mer

served tenfold more. Thou come to my aid, and sup- ciful. Amen. port me under Thy chasten

ORD, I strength from above, that I may bear with true pa- fered, or have yet to suffer, tience all uneasiness, pains, to be united to the sufferdisquiets, and difficulties, ings of my Redeemer, and and accept them cheerfully sanctified by His Passion. as Thy just punishment. Amen. Preserve me in all temptations, and be Thou my O BLESSED Jesus, re

ceive me into Thy defence against the assaults

And if this arms, in the day of my

distress: hide me in Thy should be the last time I

wounds, bathe my soul in commemorate Thy blessed Passion in this world, grant

Thy precious Blood. Amen. that he may be admitted O JESUS, myr Divine

Saviourbe blessed, who enjoy its holy deed a Saviour to me, and fruits for ever. Amen.

O my God, hiding myORD Jesus, I accept self with humbleconfidence

all things from Thy in Thy blessed wounds, I hands, and entirely resign give up my soul into Thy myself to Thy blessed will, Divine hands. O receive

of the enemy.

save me.

it into the bosom of Thy and our heart knoweth no mercy. Amen.

rest until it attaineth unto O LORD, Thou hast Thee.

made us for Thyself,


EVER Blessed Shep-me within its holy restraint,

herd, loving, tender and never suffer me to Guardian and Guide, Who stray again. May I never didst come down from hearken to the stranger's Thine everlasting glory to voice, but evermore be seek after me, even me, guided by Thine eye: let Thy most erring, weak, me see Thy countenance, wandering sheep; leave me let me hear Thy voice: for not comfortless. Take me sweet is Thy voice, and graup in Thine arms, even cious is Thy countenance, those arms which were yea, Thou art altogether stretched out in sorrow and lovely. Alleluia ! love upon the Cross. Carry me on Thy shoulders; yea, JESU! Shepherd of the sheep! take me into Thy bosom, Thou Thy flock in safety keep: and call me Thine

Living bread, Thy life supply, Seek me, as I lie here on Fill us with celestial grace.

Strengthen us, or else we die, earth; lead me forth into Thou who feedest us below, the green pastures of Thy Source of all we have know, fold, and beside the living Grant that with Thy saints above, waters of Thy kingdom. We may see Thee face to face.

Sitting at the Feast of Love, Open the door to me, place





ful wounds. Whatsoever O JESU Christ

, Saviour in me is wanting of conof the World, Who trition and penitence, do mercifully callest all sin- Thou vouchsafe mercifully ners to Thee, and castest to supply out of the riches out none that come to of Thy satisfaction and Thee, but dost lovingly merits: out of Thy sacred receive, cherish, and restore griefs, pains, and toils, them; hear me, Who now which Thou didst willingly do call to Thy memory that take upon Thee for us, boundless love, through even to Thy bitter Death. which Thou didst offer Thy. And as Thou, the fountain self on the Cross for me, of all mercy, didst with the there, by the shedding of longing sigh of Thine inThy Precious Blood, paying most heart pray for all to the utmost the price of Thine enemies, and shed our Salvation, and expiat- Thy precious Blood for ing the sins of the world. Thy foes—so make me, un

By that most sacred and worthy though I be, to share effectual penance wrought in Thy most Holy Life and in Thy most holy life and Passion. Let not their

Thy sinless death, I humbly blessed fruits be lost to me, beg Thee, forgive me all but may they set me free my sins, even as Thou didst from all my sins, and their forgive the thief upon the just punishment; and so Cross, and didst promise may I turn wholly unto him Paradise.

Thee, in adoration and Lo, I cast all my sins love. into Thy deep and sorrow- O Saviour, merciful Ab

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solver, grant that I may Thou hast ever had; above never more crucify Thee all, that one whereby Thou, by my sins; but by the Eternal Lord, thoughtest virtue and merit of Thy to become man. Cross, give me true sorrow O most merciful Lord, for my past sins, strength I pray from my heart of to overcome present temp- hearts, that Thou in turn tations, and grace to abide wilt pardon me all the vain, in the way of penitence foul, and evil thoughts, and of the Holy Cross, and which up to this time I grant me perseveranceunto have against or beside Thy the end.

will entertained, or in any In Thee I pray that I way caused others to entermay live, and in Thee Itain. pray that I may die. I Purge me with the hyscommend to Thee my sop of Thy Blood, and I body, soul, and spirit, and shall be clean. all for whom I would pray. Wash me, and I shall

O Jesu, Son of David, be whiter than snow. have mercy upon us. Draw our hearts from sin, and

III. unite them closely unto O MOST piteous Lord

miserbe to Thy glory, and our able sinner, call to Thy own salvation.


memory all the good and

health-giving words which II.

Thou ever utteredst on O MOST sweet Lord, earth.

Jesus Christ, I, unwor- I pray Thee humbly, O thy sinner, call to Thy me-good Jesus, forgive me all mory all the holy thoughts the words which up to this which frometernity hitherto time I have uttered against

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Thy will, or caused others| Thy most Holy Life and to utter.

conversation. Thine I am, Purge me with the hys- O Lord, and will be, in life sop of Thy Blood, and I and in death : into Thy shall be clean.

hands I commend myself, Wash me, and I shall and all I am. be whiter than snow.

Purge me with the hys

sop of Thy Blood, and I IV.

shall be clean. O

MOST sweet Jesu Wash me, and I shall

Christ, I, unworthy be whiter than snow.
sinner, yet redeemed by
Thy precious Blood, call to
Thy memory all the good O LORD

Jesu Christ

, works, which for our salva- very God and very tion Thou wroughtest in Man, I grieve with my whole the earth.

heart that I have offended I beseech Thee, most Thee, and I fully resolve, piteous Lord, pardon me by Thy help, and for love whatsoever, by my ill-do- of Thee, to shun all occaing, I have, knowingly or sions of sin, and to offend unknowingly, committed Thee no more. O Saviour against Thy law and the of the World! Who gavest glory of Thy name, or have Thyself to Death and the caused others to commit. Cross to save sinners, look And now, O most kind on me a miserable sinner, Lord, direct and order all who call upon Thy name. my thoughts, words, and If I have done that for works, according to Thy which Thou mayest congood pleasure, to the praise demn me, Thou hast done of Thy name, and conform that whereby Thou canst them to the perfect rule of serve me.

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