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member me as one of Thine Thee. O Blessed Jesus, own sheep, Whom Thou as I embrace Thee now, hast purchased with Thine receive me then. Hide my own Blood.

O Shepherd sins in Thy holy wounds, of my soul, Who alone wash me in Thy precious canst guide and comfort Blood. Now, and with my me in that hour, when in latest breath, I commend the dark valley of the sha- unto Thee my heart, my dow of death, no earthly soul, and spirit. O Jesu, love may help me; stand hear me, and grant me by me, be with me then, Thine Everlasting Rest. cast me not away from Amen.


LORD Jesu Christ, Thy judgment and my soul,

Son of the Living God, now, and in the hour of interpose Thy Passion, my death. Amen. Cross, and Death, between which he delivered in 1838, says: to relieve the souls of the deIt is clear that prayers for the parted from the pains of Purgadead are not necessarily con- tory; that of the former was, nected with the doctrine of Pur- that the souls might have rest gatory, since they were offered and quiet in the interval between up by the Primitive Church long death and the resurrection, and antecedent to the doctrine of that at the last day, they might Purgatory being received by the receive the perfect consummaChurch of Rome. The prayers tion of bliss.... If it had been of the Primitive Christians for the intention of the Church of the souls of the departed were England to have forbidden the offered with a different intention practice, surely there would from those who profess the Ro- have been an express and direct man religion. The object of prohibition of it.” such prayers with the latter was

VOUCHSAFE to give Thy Christ, and accept

me grace and mercy, the sacrifice He offers Thee pardon to all sinners, peace on the Cross. May His to Thy Church, and the con- Sufferings and Death be a summation of happiness propitiation for my sins. to all Thine elect: Who Amen. livest and reignest with the Father, and the Holy Spirit, O MY Father, I am Thy ever one God, world with

most unworthy child, out end. Amen.

Whom Thou dost so love,

that for me Thou hast given O JESUS Christ, my Thine only Son,

Have Redeemer, suffer not mercy upon me, my Father, the fruits of Thy Passion that That precious Blood to be lost on me. Amen. be not shed for me in vain.

By that, Hisprecious Blood, O GOOD Shepherd

Who with Thy Blood save my soul, even mine, feedest and healest Thy

from sin and hell. Amen. Sheep, grant that the shedding thereof may cleanse O GOOD Shepherd,

Christ Jesus, Who dost my soul from all sin. Amen. cleanse and feed Thy sheep O DIVINE Son, obedi- with Thine own precious

ent to the Father, Who Blood; may the plenteous didst willingly drink the outpouring of Thy most bitter cup of Thy Passion, holy Blood, be to me and grant that through Thy to all poor sinners, comfort grace,

be obedient

and salvation. Amen.
to the Father, even unto
death. Amen.

O JESU Christ, my only O ETERNAL Father, and most bitter Passion

look on the face of was for me: let it not be

without its fruit, and use the fearful Day of Judgless to me, a miserable sin- ment; and grant us, in this ner. By all Thy shame, by transitory life, all things Thy most agonizing Death necessary to the health of and wounded heart, give body and soul, and after me Thy grace, now and in this life, to live and rejoice the hour of death. Amen. with Thee everlastingly. O JESU, our High Priest, Amen.

who offeredst to God O JESU, QUI only

Good, the Father a pure Oblation,

didst Thyself mighty to reconcile sinners bear our sins in Thy Body unto God; by the Infinite on the tree,-by this Thy merits of Thy Life, Thy great mercy have pity on Passion, and Death, make us, and let us hear the me die to the world, and blessed words, “I will relive to Thee alone: and member yoursins nomore. then let Thy servant de- O Lamb of God, that part in peace. Amen.

takest away the sins of the O JESUS, Who hast said, world,

“I have thee Grant us Thy Peace. with an everlasting love," Amen. vouchsafe, I beseech Thee, to offer and present that O ETERNAL Father, I

here present to Thee Thy love to Thy Father, the most precious Bodyand in behalf of our souls. Blood of Thy beloved Son: Open to us the gate of and I beseech Thee, by life, and make us to be the merits of the same, to numbered with Thy saints have compassion upon all in glory everlasting. Amen.

my relations and friends, UCCOUR us, most and also upon my enemies, dear Lord Jesus, in for Jesu's sake. Amen.

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Lord, have mercy. deemer! by all Thou Christ, have mercy. hast done and suffered for Lord, have mercy. poor sinners, grant to them Thou who searchest the all, I beseech Thee, the hearts, and triest the reins, grace of true repentance. have mercy on us. Amen.

From pride, vanity, and self-conceit,

Deliver us. offer Thee the precious From over anxiety about Blood of Jesus Christ, in worldly things, expiation of my sins, and

Deliver us. for the wants of the whole From petulance, resentChurch. Amen.

ment, and unreality,

Deliver us. O JESUS! have mercy

From detraction, careon the poor, the sick, less words, and rash judgand the dying.

ment, O Most Powerful Advo- Deliver us. cate and Intercessor, I es- From self-indulgence, pecially entreat Thee for heedlessness, and frivolity, the obdurate, the uncon

Deliver us. verted, and the unbelieving. From spiritual sloth and

O most Merciful Lover all selfishness, of souls, I beseech Thee

Deliver us. by Thy living sorrows, and From seeking the praise by Thy dying agony, wash of men, in Thy Blood all the sin

Deliver us. ners in the whole world, From resting too much now lying in their agony, in the earthly sympathy and who are to die this day. Thou givest us, Amen.

Deliver us.

From suffering the bless- the Eternal Father, and the ings Thou pourest upon last words on the Cross us to take any of our heart wherewith Thou didst comfrom Thee,

mend Thy Spirit to Thy Deliver us.

Father, receive Thou my From loving any thing spirit at the close of my in comparison with Thee, life. Amen.

Deliver us.

ETERNAL Father, 1 O GOD the Holy Ghost,

have mercy upon me: beseech Thee, by the and by Thy holy inspiration Life and Death of Thy strengthen me at all times, well-beloved Son, and by and chiefly in the hour of the bowels of Thy mercy, death. Amen. that I may persevere in holiness, and die in Thy favour. Amen.


MOST Holy Trinity,

One God, have mercy O ,

Thee, by the love of hour of my death. Amen.



LORD Jesus Christ, (But I would offer myself,

hear me, I that am with entire submission, to but dust and ashes, and all Thou orderest, to suffer grant me grace to receive whatever Thou wilt, as long all trials as coming from as Thou wilt, and how Thy fatherly hand. With-Thou wilt. I am Thine, out Thy help, how can I and yet I have sinned bear anything patiently ? against Thee: wherefore

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