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After receiving the Holy Sacrament.


pity, be sweetness and fraGIVE thanks to grance to my soul; my Thee, O my Al-salvation and sanctity in mighty and merci- every temptation; peace ful God; I render and joy in all tribulation; thanks unto Thy tremen-light and strength in every dous Majesty, O most kind word and work; my comand infinite Father; Who fort and defence to the hast vouchsafed to comfort end; at my death, for my and satiate me, an unwor-deliverance, and the dethy and miserable sinner, struction of the snares of with the precious Body and all my enemies, and may Blood of Thy Son, our profit for the salvation of Lord Jesus Christ. I in- my soul and body in etertreat Thee, therefore, Onal life. And grant that most sweet Lord Jesus, no stain of sin may abide that this Holy Communion there, where Sacraments may not be for my judg-so holy have entered in. ment or condemnation; Amen.

but, through Thy grace and


II. parture when Thou dost RENDER thanks to call. And I pray that Thee, O Lord, Holy Thou wouldest vouchsafe Father, Almighty, Everlast- to bring me, a sinner, to ing God! Who hast vouch- that unspeakable Feast, safed, not for any merits where Thou, with Thy Son, of mine, but of Thy great and Thy Holy Spirit, art mercy alone, to feed me, to Thy holy ones true Light, a sinner, Thine unworthy complete Fulness, everlastservant, with the Body and ing Joy, and perfect Bliss; Blood of Thy Son our Lord through the same our Lord Jesus Christ; and I pray Jesus Christ. Amen. that this Holy Communion may not be for my judg


ment or condemnation, but Prayer of S. Basil the Great.

for my pardon and salva-O

CHRIST, our Lord and God, Creator and of all the worlds, I Thee thanks for all benefits which Thou

tion. May it be unto me an armour of faith, and a King shield of good purpose; a give riddance of all vices, and the a rooting out of all evil hast bestowed upon me, desires; an increase of love and most of all for the Gift and patience, of humility of Thy holy and quickenand obedience, and of all ing Mysteries, which I have virtues; a firm defence this day received. I pray against the wiles of all Thee, O loving and mermine enemies, visible and ciful One, keep, shelter, invisible; a perfect quieting and defend me under the of all my impulses, fleshly shadow of Thy wings, and and spiritual; a clinging grant me in a pure conunto Thee, the One true science, unto my last breath, God, and a peaceful de- to partake of Thy Sacra

ment for the remission of O Lord, that, allured by sins, and everlasting life; love of Thee, it may seek for Thou art the Bread of nothing out of Thee whereLife, the Fount of Holi- in to rejoice; for Thou art ness, the Giver of all good the Joy of my heart, my things; and to Thee, with God, and my Portion for the Father, and the Holy ever.

Spirit, we ascribe glory, Thou art the Physician now, and for evermore. of my soul, Who with Thine Amen. own stripes hast healed our griefs. I indeed am Affections after Holy Communion. that sick man whom Thou EHOLD now, O Lord, didst come down from heaI have Thee, Who hast ven to heal; therefore heal all things; I possess Thee, my soul, for I have sinned Who dost possess and canst against Thee. do all things. Therefore,


Thou art the Good ShepO my God and my All, do herd, Who hast laid down Thou wean my heart from Thy life for Thy sheep. Lo, all other things beside Thee, I am that sheep which was in which there is nothing lost, and yet Thou dost deign but vanity and vexation of to feed me with Thy Body spirit. On Thee alone may and Blood. Lay me then, my heart be fixed; in Thee O Lord, upon Thy shouldbe my Rest, where my Trea- ers; be Thou my Guide, sure is, where is sovereign and I shall want nothing in Truth, and true Happiness, the pasture wherein Thou and a blessed Eternity. hast placed me, until I be Let my soul, Lord Jesu, brought to the pastures of feel the sweetness of Thy eternal life. presence; let it taste and O Thou true Light, which see how gracious Thou art, lightenest every man that

cometh into the world; sins of the world; take lighten Thou mine eyes, away from me whatever that I sleep not in death. doth hurt me and displease

O Thou Fire that ever Thee; and give me what burnest and never failest, Thou knowest to be pleasbehold I am lukewarm, yea, ing to Thee, and good for cold. Kindle Thou my me.

reins and my heart, that Thou art my Love and they may glow with love my Joy; Thou art my God to Thee. For Thou hast and my All; Thou art the come to send fire upon the Portion of my Inheritance, earth; and what wilt Thou and of my Cup; Thou art if it be already kindled? He that shall restore me O King of heaven and my heritage.


earth, rich in mercy! Be- O my God, and my all, hold I am poor and needy; may the power of Thy love Thou knowest what I most constrain me, that I may Thou alone canst die unto the world out of enrich and help me. love to Thee, as Thou O Lord my God, help didst deign to die on the me; and out of the riches Cross out of love to me. of Thy goodness, succour Amen.

my needy soul.

O my



Lord and my God, lo! I Act of Divine Love after Holy am Thy servant; give me understanding, and kindle LOVE Thee, O Lord my affections, that I may Jesus, my Sweetness and know and do Thy holy my Rest; I love Thee, my will. chief and only Good, with Thou art the Lamb of all my heart, with all my God; the Lamb without mind, with all my soul, and spot, that takest away the with all my strength; and

if Thou seest me to be which Thou hast caused wanting in this, at least I me to put my trust. For desire to love Thee; and if Thou hast said, He that I desire it not sufficiently, eateth My Flesh and drinkat least I long to desire it eth My Blood, abideth in the more. Me, and I in him.

Inflame my heart, O One thing alone is needLord, with love for Thee; ful for me, and this alone and since Thou askest no-do I seek; to live in thing but love of me, grant Thee, to rest in Thee, and what Thou commandest, never to be separated from and command what Thou Thee.

wilt. For except Thou Happy is he who seeketh grant me the strength and Thee; more happy is he the will to perform, I shall who possesseth Thee; most perish in my infirmity. Let happy is he who abideth Thy voice sound in my and dieth in the possession ears, that voice most sweet, of Thee. most powerful-I will. For And now, O Lord, Who if Thou wilt, Thou canst didst come into this world make me clean; Thou to save sinners, redeem my canst illumine me; Thou sin-sick soul, loving Thee, canst raise me to the high- and trusting in Thy lovingest step of Love. kindness, and take away

As Thou hast willed to all hindrances to my loving suffer and die for me, so Thee.

Thou dost also will that Live and reign ever in the fruit of Thy precious me, O most faithful Lover Death and Passion should of my soul; for in Thee be effectual in me. are all good things; and Remember Thy servant from henceforth I am preaccording to Thy Word, in pared to suffer all evils,

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