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to come, that they may attain eternal life. I Tim. vi.

God is not unrighteous, that He will forget your works, and labour that proceedeth of love; which love ye have shewed for His Name's sake, who have ministered unto the saints, and yet do minister.

To do good, and to distribute, forget not; for with such sacrifices God is well pleased. Heb. xiii.

Whoso hath this world's good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him ? i St. John iii.

Give alms of thy goods, and never turn thy face from any poor man; and then the face of the Lord will not be turned away from thee. Tobit iv.

Be merciful after thy power. If thou hast much, give plenteously: if thou hast little, do thy diligence gladly to give of that little: for so gatherest thou thyself a good reward in the day of necessity. Tobit iv.

He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord: and look, what he layeth out, it shall be paid him again. Prov. xix.

Blessed be the man that provideth for the sick and needy: the Lord shall deliver him in the time of trouble. Psalm xli.

After the alms have been presented, the Priest makes the Oblation of Bread and Wine, which have been previously prepared, and are kept in readiness on the Credence Table. These are brought to him by a Server, or, at High Service, by one

of the assisting Clergy. During the Offertory of Bread and Wine you may use the follow

ing Prayer:

Father, this offering by Thy Minister, in the name of us all here preU Lord Jesus, Who for

GOOD and gracious sent, and of Thy whole Church. It is as yet only my sake wast led as a lamb bread and wine, but by to the slaughter, grant that the operation of Thy Holy the memory of Thy Death Spirit and Thy Word, will and Passion may be so shortly become the Body stamped upon my heart, and Blood of Thy beloved as to strengthen and supSon. With Him, and port me in all the trials through Him, we desire to and sufferings which may approach Thee this day, be appointed me in this and by His hands to offer life; and make them all Theethis sacrifice,for Thine means of uniting me more own honour, praise, and closely to Thee, and makglory; in thanksgiving for ing me love Thee with a all Thy blessings, temporal truer and deeper devotion. and spiritual ; for the for- May Thy love, loving giveness of all our sins, Saviour, ever constrain me and for obtaining conver- to avoid sin, shun temptasion for all unbelievers, tion, love my brethren, and and mercy, grace, and sal- above all things love Thee, vation for all the faithful. and ever seek Thy honour And with this Offering of and glory. Amen. Thine only-begotten Son we offer ourselves to Thee,

For a Friend. begging that

, through this HAVE mercy, O Lord, Sacrifice, we may be hap- upon Thy , pily united to Thee, and [here name any one you dethat nothing in life or death sire to pray for] for whom may ever separate us any I offer this Sacrifice to Thy more from Thee. Through Divine Majesty ; that he Jesus Christ our Lord. may be enabled so to live Amen.


attain eternal blessedness. (now about to be pleaded in this world, as at last to before Thee, we humbly

supplicate Thee to have pity For openly wicked or

upon (here name] and bring relapsed. them savingly to know and MERCIFUL Father, love Thee before the time

by the mighty power of their trial on earth is of this tremendous Sacrifice ended. Amen. These Prayers of Intercession may be again used after Consecration. Here follows the great Intercessory Prayer for Christ's Catholic

Church throughout the world. Take care earnestly to join in this intercession, and specially pray for the reunion of the different branches of Christ's Church, now divided, that they may again become one in their One Head, Christ, and have com

munion one with another. When mention is made of those who are in trouble, sorrow, need, sickness, or any other adversity, the Priest commonly makes a short pause. If this is done, you should name before God any

one in trouble in whom you are interested. Again, when commemoration is made of the faithful departed, you should call to mind some of God's greatest saints, and pray for grace to follow their glorious examples. You may also think of any friends you have lost, who have died in faith, and pray God to refresh their souls with the comforts of His grace.

THE PRAYER FOR CHRIST'S CHURCH. Let us pray for the whole state of Christ's Church

militant here in earth. ALMIGHTY and everliving God, who by Thy holy

Apostle hast taught us to make prayers, and supplications, and to give thanks for all men; We humbly beseech Thee most mercifully [to accept if there be no alms on our alms and oblations, and] to receive the words of acceptthese our prayers, which we offer unto ing our alms and ob

] Thy Divine Majesty; beseeching Thee lations be left out


to inspire continually the universal Church with the spirit of truth, unity, and concord: And grant, that all they that do confess Thy Holy Name may agree in the truth of Thy Holy Word, and live in unity, and godly love. We beseech Thee also to save and defend all Christian Kings, Princes, and Governors; and specially Thy Servant VICTORIA our Queen; that under her we may be godly and quietly governed; And grant unto her whole Council, and to all that are put in authority under her, that they may truly and indifferently minister justice, to the punishment of wickedness and vice, and to the maintenance of Thy true religion, and virtue. Give grace, O heavenly Father, to all Bishops and Curates, that they may both by their life and doctrine set forth Thy true and lively Word, and rightly and duly administer Thy holy Sacraments: And to all Thy people give thy heavenly grace; and especially to this congregation here present; that, with meek heart and due reverence, they may hear, and receive Thy Holy Word; truly serving Thee in holiness and righteousness all the days of their life. And we most humbly beseech Thee of Thy goodness, O Lord, to comfort and succour all them, who in this transitory life are in trouble, sorrow, need, sickness, or any other adversity. And we also bless Thy Holy Name for all Thy servants departed this life in Thy faith and fear; beseeching Thee to give us grace so to follow their good examples, that with them we may be partakers of Thy heavenly kingdom : Grant this, O Father, for Jesus Christ's sake, our only Mediator and Advocate. Amen.


Listen attentively to this exhortation. It sets forth the blessedness

of a right reception of the Holy Communion, and the dangers of an unworthy or careless reception, and urges us carefully to prepare our souls to partake in this Holy Sacrament, and to give high thanks to God for our Redemption through Christ, and for giving us the Holy Eucharist to keep alive the memory of

Christ's Passion, and to be the means of our union with Him. At the time of the celebration of the Communion, the Communi

cants being conveniently placed for the receiving of the Holy Sacrament, the Priest shall say this Exhortation: EARLY beloved in the Lord, ye that mind to

come to the Holy Communion of the Body and Blood of our Saviour Christ, must consider how Saint



If you are not going to communicate at this particular service, you had better remain on your knees, and use the prayers suggested by the words of exhortation, such as the following:

RANT, gracious Lord, See that there be no way that I

may never of wickedness in me, and approach Thy altar with- lead me in the way everout preparation, or presume lasting. to receive without pre- Suffer me not to remain vious self-examination and in any self-deceit as to my prayer.

real state in Thy sight. Search me and examine Perfect my repentance, me, O God; try out my gracious Lord. Deepen reins and my heart. my sorrow for sin. Change

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