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collected on said assessments made by said board of supervisors.

§ 2. The original warrant issued by said board of supervisors, at their last annual meeting, shall be delivered to the collector under this act, and shall be considered as giving him the same power as if originally issued to himself, and he is hereby authorized and empowered to collect the balance due on said warrant and assessment; and the time for the collection of taxes is hereby extended to the first day of April next.

§ 3. Nothing contained in this act shall exonerate or in any manner discharge or affect the collector elected at the last annual charter election in said city, or his sureties, in regard to any liabilities incurred by him or them.

§ 4. This act shall take effect immediately.

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Chap 46.
AN ACT to amend the charter of the National Fire
Insurance Company of the City of New York.

Passed March 7, 1850.
The People of the State of New York, represented in

Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows : Section nine § 1. The ninth section of the act of incorporation of the amended. Seventeenth Ward Fire Insurance Company in the city of

New York, passed April 9, 1838, and which company, by the act passed May 24, 1841, was thereafter directed to be known by the name and style of the National Fire Insurance Company in the city of New York, is hereby amended by striking out the word “three" in the last clause of said

section, and insert the word “five," so that the same shall Real estate read as follows: “ but such real estate must be sold within Äve years. five years after the same shall be absolutely invested in the

said corporation, except the five water lots at Little Falls, New York, which the said company shall be allowed to hold until the same can be disposed of without loss.”

§ 2. This act shall take effect immediately.

to be sold in

Chap. 47.
AN ACT for the payment to Asa Baxter of the amount of

his damages appraised by commissioners appointed under
an act for the appraisement of his damages, passed De-
cember 14, 1847.

Passed March 8, 1850, “ three-fifths being present.” The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

§ 1. There shall be paid by the treasurer, on the warrant $27500 appro. of the comptroller, to Asa Baxter, out of any moneys not otherwise appropriated, the sum of two thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars, as a full compensation for the amount of his damages appraised by commissioners appointed under the act entitled " An act authorizing the appointment of commissioners to appraise the damages of Asa Baxter, in consequence of his being dispossessed of certain lands by the state," passed December 14, 1847.

§ 2. This act shall take effect immediately.

Chap 48.

AN ACT to amend an act entitled "An act to incorporate

the Lewiston Suspension Bridge Company,passed March 26, 1849.

Passed March 8, 1850. The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

§ 1. The second section of the act entitled “ An act to incorporate the Lewiston Suspension Bridge Company," passed March 26, 1849, is amended so as to read as follows:

"§ 2. The capital stock of the said company shall be No. of shares fifteen thousand dollars, which shall be divided into shares of one hundred dollars each, and shall be deemed personal property.”

§ 2. The seventh section of the said act to incorporate the said company, is amended so as to read as follows: “$7. The said corporation is hereby empowered to pur- May pur.

chase real chase, receive and hold such real estate, on either side of estate. said river, as may be necessary and convenient in accom

ineers f the son as afor

How land may be taken,

plishing the object for which this corporation is granted, and may by their surveyors and engineers enter upon such sites and locations, and take possession of the same; but all such sites and locations as shall be entered upon as aforesaid, shall, except donations, be purchased of the owner or owners of the same, at a price to be mutually agreed upon. In case of disagreement as to price, on the east side of the river, or any other cause which shall prevent acquisition by agreement, the said directors may present their petition to the supreme court of the eighth judicial district, at a general or special term of the said court, setting forth the necessity of such lands for the site of said bridge-approaches, toll-houses, gates, or accommodations for the officers or agents of the said company in the execution of their duties, and of the attempt and failure to purchase the same, and the residence of the owner or occupant, or agent representing the same, and the reason why the purchase can not be made; and the said court shall direct such notice to the owner or representative of such land as it shall deem reasonable, of the time and place of hearing the parties; and upon proof of the due service of said notice, and upon hearing, the said court shall appoint five competent freeholders of said county of

Niagara, to ascertain the compensation to be made for said Notice to be lands. The said commissioners, after giving notice to the commission. owner, occupant or agent, or, in case of his absence, after

leaving a written notice at his usual place of residence, with some person of suitable age and discretion, shall ascertain the compensation to be made for said lands, and award to the owner or owners thereof what they shall deem to be the full value of the same. They shall be authorized to make personal examinations, administer oaths, to hear testimony, and shall make their appraisement without delay, under their hands and seals, with minute and accurate description of the lands designated, and shall report the same to the said

court, who shall examine the report and hear the parties, report if desired, and shall confirm the appraisement if satisfied

that justice has been done; if not so satisfied, the court shall appoint new commissioners, who shall possess the same powers, and shall proceed in the same manner as those originally appointed, and over whose appraisement the said court shall possess the same powers in all respects, as over that of the first commissioners. Upon proof

to any justice of the supreme conrt, within six months make order. after the confirmation, by said court, of the said report, that

the amount to be paid to such owner or owners has been deposited to his, her, or their credit, in such bank as the

given by


how confirmed.

Court to

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Somo person

pointed to act

said court shall have directed, and the payment of the expenses of the application and appraisal, such justice shall make an order particularly describing the lands, and stating the payment of the money and expenses, and the facts necessary to the compliance with this section; and when the order shall be recorded in the office of the clerk of the county of Order to be Niagara, the said corporation shall be possessed of the lands" thus ordered, and may enter upon and take possession of the same, and may perfect and improve the same as shall be deemed most useful to the said corporation.”

$ 3. The eighth section of the said act to incorporate the said company is amended so as to read as follows:

"§ 8. In case any married woman, infant or idiot, insanes person, non-resident or person whose residence is unknown, to be ap. shall be interested in such lands, one of the justices of the for married supreme court for the eighth judicial district shall appoint women, &c. some competent and disinterested person to appear before such commissioners, and act for and in their behalf; and the directors of the corporation shall have power to make all reasonable by-laws and rules consistent with general laws, for the government of the company its officers and agents. All the stockholders under this act, shall be severally and individually liable to an amount equal to the amount of the Liability of stock held by them respectively, to the creditors of such stockholders, company, for all the debts contracted by the directors or directors. agents of the company for its use, until the whole amount of the capital stock of the said company is paid. If the directors of the said corporation shall contract debts for the company exceeding in the aggregate the amount of the capital stock, they shall be personally liable for all the debts of the corporation."

$4. At any time before the first day of February, one Increase of thousand eight hundred and fifty-two, the directors of the stock. said company may increase its capital stock not exceeding fifteen thousand dollars, upon filing with the clerk of Niagara county the affidavit of a majority of the directors, that an increase of stock has become necessary in order to consummate the purposes for which said company was created. They shall also file with the said clerk a certificate, signed by a majority of the directors, of the amount to which the said stock is to be increased.

5. The commissioners named in section five of the act Subeori hereby amended, or a majority of them, shall receive sub- how re

ceived. scriptions for such increased stock, and shall distribute the same in the manner directed by the said act for receiving subscriptions to and the distribution of the original stock of

and of


Notice how given.

the said company. The said commissioners, or a majority of them, before opening books to receive said subscriptions, shall publish notice in one or more newspapers printed in the county of Niagara, for the space of twenty days, of the amount of said increased stock, and of the time and place when and where subscriptions will be received. The holders of such increased stock shall be entitled to all the privileges, rights and immunities, and shall be subject to all the liabilities and responsibilities of the holders of the original stock.

$ 6. This act shall take effect immediately.

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Chap 49.
AN ACT to amend the several acts relating to Rensa

selaer Institute,

Passed March 8, 1850. The People of the State of New York, represented in

Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:
No. of Trus. 8 1. The board of trustees of the Rensselaer Institute

shall be enlarged to the number of nineteen members, and the
following persons shall constitute the said board: Nathan
S. S. Beman, William P. Van Rensselaer, Isaac Mc.Conihe,
Thomas C. Brinsmade, John Holme, Alva T. Twing, Ben-
jamin P. Johnson, Amos Dean, Alexander Van Rensselaer,
Joseph L. White, John Wilkinson, Joseph M. Warren, Lé
Grand B. Cannon, Stephen Wicker, Orsamus Eaton, Hiram
Slocum, D. Thomas Vail, John B. Tibbits, and the mayor
of Troy ex officio. Hereafter no restriction shall exist in
reference to the place of residence of the trustees of said
Institute ; and further, that the offices of ex officio trustees
shall be and are hereby abolished, except that the mayor of
the city of Troy shall still be a trustee of said Institute, by
virtue of office.

§ 2. The office of director is hereby created, the incumhis power

bent of which shall always be an acting member of the faculty; and he shall possess such powers and be liable to such duties, not contrary to law, as shall be ordained by the

statutes of the board of trustees of said Institute. meeting

§ 3. The annual meeting of the board of trustees of said Institute shall hereafter be held at or near the close of each

scholastic year, on such day as shall be fixed by said board. Special

No special meeting of said board shall be called, except by a notice served by the secretary upon said trustees, either in person or sent by mail on an order from the president five




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