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Chap. 15.
AN ACT for the relief of suitors in the supreme court, in

certain cases.

Passed February 15, 1850. The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

§ 1. Whenever an action in the supreme court can not be brought to argument and decision in the district where the same is pending, by reason of the justices of such district, or any of them, having been employed as counsel, or being interested therein, or of kin to the parties or any of them, the court may, upon special motion, order such action to be brought to argument in any adjoining district to be specified in such order, and then such cause shall be heard and deci. ded in such district.

§ 2. This act shall take effect immediately.

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Clap. 16.
AN ACT to authorize the commissioners of the Ogdens-

burgh and Canton Road to borrow money, and to convert
the road into a plank road.
Passed February 16, 1850," three-fifths being present.”

The People of the State of New York, represented in

Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows: Plank road

§ 1. The commissioners of the road from Canton to Ogmay be built.

densburgh, appointed under provisions of chapter one hundred and twenty-five of the laws of this state, passed in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty-seven, are hereby authorized to construct a plank road from such point in the village of Ogdensburgh, to such point in the village of Canton, as they may determine, on the present public road in their charge; but the said commissioners may alter the line of the road at such points, where in their judgment the line of the road may be straightened or improved by such

alteration. May borrow

g 2. The commissioners of said road are authorized to borrow for the term of six years, at semi-annual interest, a sum, or sums of money, not exceeding ten thousand dollars,



toll gates.

upon the credit of the tolls and income of said road, and upon the contingent credit of the corporation of the village of Ogdensburgh, of the town of Canton, and of the town of Lisbon, as herein provided, and to issue their official bond or bonds, pledging the tolls and income of said road, with the guaranty of said village and towns as hereinafter mentioned, to secure the payment of such loan and interest.

§ 3. Said commissioners shall faithfully expend the money May erect so borrowed, in the construction of a plank road on the Og." densburgh and Canton road. They may erect two toll gates on said road when planked, neither of which gates shall be nearer the villages of Ogdensburgh or Canton than one mile; and may charge and receive tolls for travel on the road, not higher than the tolls authorized to be received by corporations under the act entitled “ An act to provide for the incorporation of companies to construct plank roads," passed May 7th, 1847, and the amendments thereto. They are authorized to commute tolls on mail stages, and other regular public conveyances, on such terms as they may deem most beneficial to the road.

§ 4. Each of said commissioners shall, on or before the To execute first day of May next, execute a bond to the supervisors of bona St. Lawrence county, in the penal sum of five thousand dollars, with two sureties to be approved by the county judge, conditioned for the faithful performance of the duties of each of said commissioners respectively, which bonds shall be filed in the office of the county clerk.

§ 5. The tolls received upon the road shall be applied Tollo how as follows: first, to the payment of repairs and expenses of apply the road; second, to the payment of the interest of the money borrowed; third, to the payment of the principal sum borrowed for the construction of the road as above mentioned. In the month of October in each year, the com- Accomts missioners shall make up their annual account, and enter it wher upon their book of proceedings. The balance of tolls, and other income, over expenses of the road and interest of money borrowed, shall be paid, within sixty days after, to creditors holding the bonds for money borrowed as aforesaid, if they will receive it in payment. If creditors holding such Money how bonds will not receive payment, before maturity of the invested. bonds, any such balances of income in hands of the commissioners shall be invested in loans, falling due thirty days before maturity of the said bonds, secured by mortgages upon unincumbered real estate in St. Lawrence county, of at least double the value, exclusive of buildings, of the sums so loaned.


when to be mado up.

Acting com missioner.


annually to

remove de.

§ 6. Said commissioners shall, annually in the month of April in each year, appoint one of their number to be acting commissioner for repair and construction of the road. They

shall meet monthly, and examine the accounts and affairs of To keep

the road. They shall keep a book, in which all transactions
and accounts shall be entered at each monthly meeting,
shewing the items of receipts and expenditures for each pre-
vious month. The substance of all contracts made by the
commissioners shall be entered in said book, including a

statement of bonds issued for money borrowed, and all alteTo report rations of contracts shall also be entered. At every annual supervisors. meeting of the board of supervisors, the commissioners shall

make their report for the past year as now required by law,
and shall produce to the said board of supervisors the said
books of entries, which shall be examined by a committee
of said board, and the report of the committee shall be

entered in the minutes of the board of supervisors. The Board may said board of supervisors shall remove any of said commislinquents and sioners who

may be delinquent in his duty, and may prosetill vacancy. cute the delinquent commissioner and his sureties. "In case

of any such removal, the supervisors shall fill the vacancy
by the appointment of another person. Whenever required
by resolution of the board of supervisors, said book of en-
tries shall be deposited in the clerk's office of St. Lawrence

In case of § 7. In case of any default by said commissioners in pay-
how raised. ing any portion of the money borrowed by them, or the

interest thereof, as provided by this act, the supervisors of
St. Lawrence county are authorized and required to cause
such deficiency to be raised by tax, in equal proportions in
the same manner as other county taxes are levied and col-
lected, on the village of Ogdensburgh, the town of Lisbon,
and the town of Canton; and the corporation of the village
of Ogdensburgh are hereby authorized and required to levy
and collect their proportion of such tax in the same manner

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as other taxes are levied and collected in said village. Instead of $ 8. The supervisors of said county, in their discretion,

instead of levying such tax, may, by resolution of their new loan. board, authorize said commissioners to make a new loan, for

a term not exceeding three years, to pay such deficiencies; and if money shall be borrowed by them on such new loan, and the former loan shall have been paid and discharged,

no such tax shall be levied until further default in payment Not to ex. by said commissioners. Such new loan shall not exceed the ecod $5000. sum of five thousand dollars. General supervision. § 9. The general supervision of said commissioners and

tax may authorize

said road is committed to the supervisors of St. Lawrence county, who may establish all needful rules and regulations concerning the road.

§ 10. Whenever the money and interest borrowed by said Tolls when commissioners shall have been paid by them, the tolls upon reduced. said road shall be reduced to such sum as will be sufficient to pay the expenses and keep the road in repair.

§ 11. Said commissioners shall each receive for their ser- Fees. vices, actually rendered, two dollars per day out of the tolls of the road, and shall annually present their accounts for the services and expenditures to the said board of supervisors, verified as other accounts are now required by law to be verified.

§ 12. This act shall take effect immediately.

Accounts how verified.

Chap 17.
AN ACT making appropriations in part for the expenses

of government for the fiscal year commencing October
first, one thousand eight hundred and forty-nine, and for

other purposes.


Passed February 22, 1850, “three-fifths being present.” The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

§ 1. The following sums, or so much thereof as may be appropria. authorised by law, are hereby appropriated to the objects hereinafter expressed, for the fiscal year commencing on the first day of October, eighteen hundred and forty-nine, and ending on the thirtieth day of September, eighteen hundred and fifty, both days inclusive, except as herein otherwise expressed, and to be paid out of the several funds herein mentioned.

For pay of brigade inspectors of the county of New

Brigade InYork, for services rendered, or to be rendered, prior to the spector of

N.Y. first day of March, eighteen hundred and fifty, five hundred dollars.

St. Regis For expenses of agent of St. Regis Indians, twenty Indians. dollars. For transportation of the Documentary History of New Transporta

tion of books. York, tax books for counties, Session Laws of eighteen

Forfeited estates.

hundred and forty-nine, the Senate and Assembly Journal
and Documents of eighteen hundreil and forty-nine, with
other books and pamphlets to be forwarded to the several
county clerks and county treasurers, one thousand five
hundred dollars.

For compensation of discoverers (of forfeited estates, two

hundred dollars. Refunding For refunding erroneous payments into the treasury on

account of quit rents, three hundred dollars.

For military fines and commutations to be paid to county treasurers, one thousand three hundred and twenty-nine dollars and four cents.

For printing for the state, twenty thousand dollars.

For improvements of the State Hall park, one thousand

five hundred dollars. State prisons.

For books, maps, and stationery for the use of convicts

in the state prisons, two hundred dollars. Rent of For rent and taxes of the house occupied by the gover

nor, five hundred and fifty-two dollars.

erroneous payments. Military fines.

State print.
State Hall

governor's house.



Teachers' For teachers' institutes, two thousand dollars. institutes.

8 2. Whenever the amount or sum applicable to any obRestriction, ject for which an appropriation is made by this act is

specified by law, no greater amount shall be drawn from
the treasury under this act, than the amount so expressed,
though a larger sum be hereby appropriated; but nothing
contained in this section shall be deemed to limit or restrain
the appropriations for contingent objects, or for those not
provided for by any law.

§ 3. This act shall take effect immediately.

Chap 18.
AN ACT to authorize the Westfield and Clymer Plank
Road Company to borrow money.

Passed February 22, 1850.
The People of the State of New York, represented in

Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows: May borrow § 1. The Westfield and Clymer Plank Road Company $8,000.

is hereby authorized to borrow a sum of money not exceeding eight thousand dollars, on the credit of said company,

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