Report of the Chief of Ordnance to the Secretary of War

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1887

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Página 6 - When immediate delivery or performance is required by the public exigency the articles or service required may be procured by open purchase or contract at the places and in the manner in which such articles are usually bought and sold, or such services engaged, between individuals.
Página 23 - State of...... ...... .........known and described as and the said party of the second part hereby covenants and agrees to pay to the said party of the first part...
Página 6 - All purchases and contracts for supplies or services, in any of the Departments of the Government, except for personal services, shall be made by advertising a sufficient time previously for proposals respecting the same, when the public exigencies do not require the immediate delivery of the articles, or performance of the service.
Página 398 - Avère the maximum obserA'ed in the series ; the range of stresses extending from 50,814 pounds per square inch tension to 59,060 pounds per square inch compression — a total range of 109,874 pounds per square inch in the same piece of metal. The compressive stress exceeded the primitive elastic limit of the metal. Even this is not all, for the observed stresses are the means for their respective rings, the rings which Avère cut apart radially showing additional strains not released until then.
Página 3 - Amount in Government depositories to the credit of disbursing officers and others on June 30...
Página 399 - The stress corresponding to this strain of .0047 of an inch at tbe surface of the bore is 50,720 pounds per square inch, against 34,669 pounds per square inch displayed by the entire ring. The ring was then turned down to .025...
Página 89 - To insure an accurate fit, these plates are planed, bolted together, and bored out. The axle-tree having been turned to a true cylinder, the plates are riveted about it. The shoulder washers are octagonal in form ; to each is fitted a collar or band containing a stout eye, to which the brakes are attached. These collars have projections that embrace the axle-plates above and below, to prevent turning of the axle within the plates. The brakes supplied with this carriage were formed like a double-bow...
Página 24 - States no privity exists by reason of the transfer, and in the absence of any agreement between that company and the United States importing an undertaking by the former to perform the contract referred to, such contract can not be enforced against it by the latter.
Página 20 - ... of Congress and in conference" last session, the Watervliet and Frankford Arsenals being the only sites considered by Congress. The Board will therefore keep such ultimate object in view, and will determine which of the two sites named, Watervliet or Frankford, is on the whole best adapted for the purpose — from the character and extent of the shops and appliances that would be required ; from buildings already erected at either point; from the proximity of the place to the establishments that...
Página 3 - Jane 30, 1881, with such remarks and recommendations as the interests of this branch of the military service seem to require. The fiscal resources and expenditures of the department during the year were as follows, viz : Amount in the Treasury to the credit of appropriations on June 30, 1*60.

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