Interstate Commerce Commission Reports: Decisions of the Interstate Commerce Commission of the United States. Valuation reports, Volumen37

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1932

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Página 58 - There is no difference in the doctrine, whether the grant relate to corporeal or incorporeal hereditaments. A grant of land may as well be presumed as a grant of a fishery, or of common, or of a way. Presumptions of this nature are adopted from the general infirmity of human nature, the difficulty of preserving muniments of title, and the public policy of supporting long and uninterrupted Ricard v.
Página 55 - ... that the land upon which the said road or any of its branches may be constructed, together with a space of one hundred feet on each side of the...
Página 921 - ... represent the cost of additional property in existence on date of valuation, and do not represent renewals or replacements, in whole or in part, of property...
Página 55 - ... road and no longer, unless the person or persons owning the said land at the time that part of the said road which may be on the said land, was finished, or those claiming under him, her or them, shall apply for an assessment of the value of said lands, as hereinbefore directed, within two years next after that part of said road, which may be on the said land, was finished...
Página 904 - The total original cost of these lands can not be stated separately from the cost of other property, but data thereon will be found in Appendix 2. The areas and present values of the carrier lands owned or used are as follows : Property held ff,n' purposes other than those of a common carrier.
Página 957 - Income statement of the United States Railroad Administration. — A condensed summary of the income accounts for the period January 1, 1918, to date of valuation follows: Operating income: Railway operating revenues $3, 904, 445.
Página 21 - ... securities and the time when the property acquired or the improvement made becomes available for the service for which it is intended. The proportion of discount and expense thus chargeable shall be determined by the ratio between the period prior to the completion or coming into service of the facilities or improvements acquired and the period of the entire life of the securities issued.
Página 55 - ... thereof; and the said company shall have good right and title thereto and shall have, hold and enjoy the same as long as the same be used for the purposes of said road and no longer...

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