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Puerto Rico

Exports and imports, and our trade with

Trade of, by countries


Price farm products, July 1, 1896 98

Building record, 1897-98

Pyramid of canceled mortgages

Tin plate for Europe

The South's credit since 1896

Railroad earnings for August 1896-97-98

As reflected by post-office changes


Kansas mongrel band of agriculture cries for it

Jefferson on the importance of manufacturing industries

General Jackson demands a home market

Protocol of treaty of peace


Increased earnings 1897 over 1896

Earnings for August 1896-97-98

Freight rates, their relation to cost of farm products


Negotiations under Dingley act

Text of reciprocity section in Ding'ey act


Of notes in gold, from 1879 to 1898




Under Dingley and Wilson acts

Of the Government, 1875 to 1898

Increase in receipts for 1898

War-revenue law of 1898

Seigniorage, as defined by the Treasury Department

Sherman act. Text of


Average price since 1837

Coinage value in gold of, per ounce

Coinage of

And wheat

Cost of producing an ounce of

How maintained at parity with gold

Utterances of leaders after “the crime of '73"

Standard of value


Sugar-beet industry the antidote for sugar trust

The two parties on sugar legislation

Provisions in Dingley and Wilson bills

German opinion of American sugar-beet production

Tammany for goid bonds

Tariff. Articles from Canadian

Teller resolution. History of

Stanley Matthews' resolution

Tin plate. Decline in imports of, since the McKinley act

Manufactures of domestic

British view of American

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