Constitution and Laws of Maryland in Liberia: With an Appendix of Precedents

J.D. Toy, 1847 - 215 páginas

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Página 8 - In all criminal prosecutions, the accused has a right to be heard by himself and counsel: to demand the nature and cause of the accusation, and to have a copy thereof: to be confronted by the witnesses against him: to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor: and in all prosecutions,
Página 7 - secure in their persons, houses, papers and possessions, from unreasonable seizures and searches: and no warrant to search any place, or to seize any person or thing, shall issue, without describing them as nearly as may be, nor without probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation.
Página 8 - 7. All courts shall be open, and every person, for an injury, done him in his lands, goods, person or reputation, shall have remedy by due course of law, and right and justice administered
Página 7 - community, shall be equally under the protection of the laws; and no subordination or preference of any one sect or denomination to another, shall ever be established by law; nor shall any religious test be required as a qualification for any office or trust
Página 10 - equal degree; and among collaterals, the children of a deceased brother, or sister, of the intestate, shall have, in equal parts among them, their deceased parent's share; and there shall, in no case, be a distinction between the whole and half blood: saving in all cases, to the widow of the intestate her third part of the real estate for life;
Página 7 - but laws founded in justice and humanity, shall, from time to time, be made for preventing wrongs being done to them, and for preserving peace and friendship with them. Art. 5.
Página 10 - the descendants of a deceased child, or grand-child, to take the share of their deceased parent, in equal parts, among them; and where there shall be no children, or descendants, then in equal parts to the next kin,
Página 9 - 14. The military shall, in all cases and at all times, be in strict subordination to the civil power. 15. No title of nobility, or hereditary distinction, privilege, honour or emolument, shall ever be granted or conferred;
Página 14 - the commander-in-chief of the militia of the territory, and issue commissions to all officers in the same below the rank of general officers. All general officers shall be appointed and commissioned by
Página 8 - 10. The person of a debtor, where there is not strong presumption of fraud, shall not be detained in prison after delivering up his estate for the benefit of his creditors, in such manner as shall be prescribed

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