Hawaii, Our New Possessions: An Account of Travels and Adventure, with Sketches of the Scenery ... an Appendix Containing the Treaty of Annexation to the United States

Funk & Wagnalls, 1898 - 534 páginas

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Página 495 - Party may at any time terminate the same on giving to the other six months' notice of its intention to do so. The ratifications of the present Convention shall be exchanged at Washington as soon as possible. In witness whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the above articles, and have hereunto affixed their seals. Done in duplicate, at the city of Washington, this 15th day of January, one thousand nine hundred and nine.
Página 357 - Government by its own declared limitation was only "to exist until terms of union with the United States of America have been negotiated and agreed upon...
Página 493 - Congress, all the military, civil, and judicial powers exercised by the officers of the existing government of the same shall be vested in such person or persons and shall be exercised in such manner as the President of the United States shall direct for maintaining and protecting the inhabitants of Louisiana in the free enjoyment of their liberty, property, and religion.
Página 493 - The municipal legislation of the Hawaiian Islands, not enacted for the fulfillment of the treaties so extinguished, and not inconsistent with this joint resolution nor contrary to the Constitution of the United States nor to any existing treaty of the United States, shall remain in force until the Congress of the United States shall otherwise determine.
Página 493 - States the absolute fee and ownership of all public, government, or crown lands, public buildings or edifices, ports, harbors, military equipment, and all other public property of every kind and description belonging to the government of the Hawaiian Islands, together with every right and appurtenance thereunto appertaining...
Página 493 - The existing laws of the United States relative to public lands shall not apply to such lands in the Hawaiian Islands...
Página 492 - WHEREAS the Government of the Republic of Hawaii having, in due form, signified its consent, in the manner provided by its constitution, to cede absolutely and without reserve to the United States of America all rights of sovereignty of whatsoever kind in and over the Hawaiian Islands and their dependencies, and also to cede and transfer to the United States...
Página 494 - ... by the Government of the United States; but the liability of the United States in this regard shall in no case exceed four million dollars.
Página 487 - The PRESIDENT: The undersigned Secretary of State has the honor to lay before the...
Página 494 - So long, however, as the existing Government and the present commercial relations of the Hawaiian Islands are continued as hereinbefore provided said Government shall continue to pay the interest on said debt.

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