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Board of Local Inspectors

Accidents to be reported to, 156.1
Appointment of members, 155–155.2
Employment of inspectors by, 155.3
Inspection of Vessels, this index
Investigation of accidents,

Assistance of owners and masters, 156
Duty to hold, 94, 155.6
Generally, 94
Property to remain unchanged pending, 155.7
Report of investigation, 155.8, 155.9

Report of accident by vessel, 156.1
Licensing of officers of vessels, 157-159, 165
Oaths, administration of, 7 note, 155.5
Recorder of, 155.4–155.5
Records of, public examination, 155.10
Supervising inspector, 155.1

Witnesses, summoning by, 7 note
Boarding of Vessels

Arriving vessels, 10-11
Compliance by boarding party with quarantine instructions, 10.3
Composition of boarding party, 10.2
Gangway watch at piers in wartime, 45a
Locks, in, 40–40.1
Papers required by boarding party,

Generally, 12, 12.1
Identification for Chinese seamen,

138.1–138.3 Transit, while in, 39


Entry of Chinese persons under, 140, 140.1

Tolls' payment secured by, 23 Bridge of Vessel

Unauthorized persons on, 37

Cable Service

Addresses, p. 107, pars. 39–40
Codes used by Canal, p. 107, par. 41
Direct connections, p. 106, par. 37
Offices, p. 107, par. 42
Prepayment of messages, p. 107, par. 38


Restrictions on possession, p. 118, pars. 77-83


See Panama Canal, this index

Canal Zone

Customs district, established as, 142


Readiness, 41.1


Claims for damages to, 89-101
Customs administration, this index
Dangerous, denial of transit, 3
Declarations, 12.1
Exported, manifest of, 143.3
Foreign public vessels, on, certificate required, 144.4
Hazardous cargo, this index
Manifests of local, 12.1, 143.2; p. 110, par. 56


Papers required concerning, 12.1
Quarantine, this index

Ünsafe, holding of vessel, 4

Accidents, this index
Marine, records of, 155.4

Requiring medical attention, reporting by radio, 176b.1

Required of arriving vessels, 12.1

Responsibility for transit of improperly trimmed vessel, respecting, 3.1 Channels

Lines of vessels obstructing, 47.2

Chinese exclusion, 134, 135
Customs inspection out of hours, 144.2
Drydocking, for, p. 105, par. 21
Excluding or deporting person, for, 123–124
Expenses, this index
Governor's authority to prescribe, 9
Lump sum deposits to cover, 24, 24.1
Payment, this index
Pilotage, 27
Quarantine detention of crews or passengers, 113.4
Quarantine inspection after sunset, 10
Radio, 176.2
Services and supplies generally, for, p: 106, par. 35
Shipping Commissioner service out of hours, 152.8
Tariff, copies furnished, p. 108, par. 47
Tolls, this index
Transits for repairs, on, 17
Tug service for sailing and disabled vessels, 50

Vessels operated by U. S. Government, against, 21

Sale of, p. 106, par. 33 Chinese

Immigration, this index


Readiness, 41.1
Required for transit, 41.2
Type required, 41; p. 111, pars. 61-68


Comparisons available, p. 106, par. 34


Accidents involving potential, investigation, 94
Certificate relieving Canal of responsibility for, 3.1
Damages, this index
Demurrage or delays, for, 96
Holding vessel for investigation of, 4
Injuries to persons,

Passengers during lockages, 38

Persons embarking or disembarking in locks, 40-40.1
Injuries to vessels, cargo, crew or passengers,

Generally, 89–101
In Canal Zone waters other than locks, 92
In locks, 89-91

Clearance of Vessels

From last port, required of arriving vessels, 12.1
Generally, 13
Manning inadequate, denial, 31
Outgoing passenger list as prerequisite to, 144.3
Payment before granting, 13, 25, 123
Port Captains' function, 13; p. 95, par. 2


Accidents, this index
Claims, this index


Harbor of, quarantine rules, 102


Display by vessels, 31.1


Hazardous Cargo, this index
In bulk, cargo declaration, 12.1
Liquids, boiling on pier or vessel, 88.C-5


Representative in boarding party, 10.2


Radio Communication, this index
Signal stations, p. 95, par. 4


Addresses, p. 107, par. 43; p. 108, par. 46


Deportation proceedings, in, 120.15
Exclusion proceedings, in, 120.9


See District Court, this index


Claims for damages for injuries, 89–101
Discharge of members,

Bond for Chinese members, 140

Requirements generally, 32–32.2
Failure of members to depart with vessel,{32.2
Full watch required, 36
General provisions respecting, 31-45a

Alien, visé by shipping commissioner, 152.1

Required of arriving vessels, 12.1
Manning of vessel must be sufficient, 31
Officers to be on duty, 33–35
Quarantine, this index
Seamen, this index
Signing on members, 32


Exclusion and deportation, see Immigration, this index

Customs Administration

Articles not manifested, 149 note

Control for customs purposes, 144

Landing place for, 144.1
Boarding of arriving vessels, 10, 10.2
Bureau established, 144
Certifying invoices on shipments to United States, 153
Charges for inspection out of hours, 144.2
Chinese exclusion administered by, 130.1
Clearance withheld to vessel pending compliance with laws, 13
District, customs, established, 142
Entry of vessels at ports, 143, 143.1
Exported cargo, manifest of, 143.2
False or fraudulent invoices, 147 note
Foreign public vessels, certified information required of, 144.4
Forfeitures for customs violations, 154 note
Generally, 142–154
Imports, control by 144
Inspection or examination,

Failure to submit articles for, 146 note

Hours for, 144.2
Jurisdiction over Canal Zone ports, 143.2
Landing place for passengers and baggage, 144.1
Manifest of cargo,

Articles not manifested, 149 note
Copies required, 12.1, 143.2

Exported, copies required, 143.3
Marine protests, may make and extend, 151.1
Nonlisted sea stores, 150 note
Oaths, administration of, 7 note
Officers, appointment of, 144
Papers required of arriving vessels, 12, 12.1

Certificate by foreign public vessel, 144.4
Landing place for, 144.1

Outgoing, list of, 144.3
Ports of entry established, 143–143.2
Powers of search, seizure and arrest, 145 note
Punishment for violations, 154 note
Sea stores, nonlisted, 150 note
Seamen, this index
Seizure of articles, 148 note
Shipments to United States, certification of invoices, 153
Shipping Commissioner, this index
Smuggling, 146 note
Visé of alien crew lists, authority, 152.1
Witnesses, summoning by, 7 note

Damaged Vessels

Handling cf, 97

Actions for,

For injuries in Canal Zone waters, 93
For injuries in locks, 91

For injuries to Canal, 101
Awards of, for injuries, 89, 92
Claims, this index
Demurrage and delays, 96
Injuries to Canal structures or equipment, 94, 99, 101

Injuries to vessels, for,

Generally, 89–101
In Canal Zone waters, 92

In locks, 89, 90
Measure of, in awards for injuries to vessels, 95
Payment of

For injuries in Canal Zone waters, 92

For injuries in locks, 89
Temporary holding of vessel, for, 4

Danger Signal

Prescribed for use, 82

Dangerous Cargo

See Hazardous Cargo, this index

Dead Bodies

Disposition of, where disease quarantinable, 113.5

Deck Hands

Assist crews at locks, 41, 41.3
Subsistence in transit, 46

Deck Load

Arrangement of, 3.2


Required of arriving vessels, 12.1
Defective Vessels

Discovery of defect during transit, 52
Passing of, when under repair, 60
Towage, of, 51

Delays to Vessels

Cooperation to avoid, p. 109, pars. 51-54
Failure to have necessary papers on arrival, 12
Quarantine detention, 112
Responsibility for, 96

Temporary holding of vessel, 4

Responsibility for, 96
Departing Vessels

Accident investigation, completion before departure, 94
Clearance, 13; and see Clearance of Vessels, this index
Crew members failing to depart, 32.2
Outgoing passenger list, 13.1, 144.3
Pilots necessary, 26, 26.1

Deportation of Persons

Generally, 120–128.1; and see Immigration, this index


Lump sum to cover charges, 24, 24.1
Repatriation of persons, for, 120.4
Tolls payments, for, 19, 23


American seamen, report by vessel, 152.7

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