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STATE OF THE NEGOTIATION. fof the French Revolution, and is required as supple.

mental to the preceding work. The characters of every This day was published, price 2s. 6d. a New EDITION, principal actor is drawn in a coneise and masterly maiibeing the Sixth, of the celebrated Pamphlet, Of

ner, and the incident, the subject of the engraving THE STATE OF THE NEGOTIATION. under the Portrair, which is selected as that which gives To which is added a copious SUPPLEMENTARY related with brevity, accuracy, ana fidelity.

a discriminative colour to the life of the individual, is Review, and Exposition of the direct Falsehoods and

Each number will contain three portraits, with characdisingenuous Suppressions of the French Official DorJteristic vigneties, beautifully executed, ar é the His. cuments; with an Appendix on the PresentState of torical Descriptions elegantly printed in a gtand folio the NATION.

size. The price, to the Girst iwo hundred sub cribers, Printed for John Stockdale, Piccadilly; and be will be 7s. 60. each nomber, and fine impressions will had of all Booksellers in Town and Country.

be warranted to them; afterwards the price will be consideratly advanced. The future numbers will be published in monthly succession, for the following six

months: afterwards the work will be cont nue in more FINE ARTS.

frequent deliveries, viz every forinight, or probably

every week, until the whole shall be completed. The Following BOOKS are published by Mr. BELL,

4. MUSEUM OF FRENCH MONUMENTS, or an Gallery of Fine Arts, Southampton-street, Strand.

Historical and Chronological Description of the Mo

numents in the Museum at the Petits Augustus, at 1. The first and only complete Edition published Paris. Translated from the French of A. LENOIR, in English of VIVANT DENON'S TRAVELS IN by J. Griffiths, Esq. Containing Thirty-eight UPPER AND LOWER EGYPT, including his last Copper-plate Prints, finely etcbed by Percier. Price Additions and Emendations, together with additional One Guinea and a Half. Charts of Upper and Lower Egypt, furnished by General

5. The first Volume of a MANUAL OF THE Hugen; with his large ATLAS complete, from the FRENCH MUSEUM, containing an Analytical and original French Copper plates, consisting of One Critical Description of Poussin's Pictures in the GalHundred and Forty-one Copper-plate Prints, with a flery of the Louvre at Paris, with Twenty Copperl'ortrait of the Author, after an Etching by himself, plate Prints, representing in Sketch the Outline of a!! and now copied correctly after a process of printing the Pictures of Poussin. To be continued in monthly from stone, without engraving or etching. The Work Volumes, at Five Shillings each. is printed handsomely in two Royal Quarto Volumes, the Price of which, together with the Atlas complete CHINO, containing Sixty Copper-plate Prints, hand

6. THE LIFE AND WORKS OF DOMENIas above, is Fifteen Guineas.

somely printed in Royal Quarto, being Outline 2. HISTORICAL PICTURES, representing the Sketches of Eighoy different Subjects from his Paintmost remarkable events which have occurred during the ings. Price One Pound Sixteen Shilings. French Revilution ; with an Historical Account of these Tr. nsactions, now first translated from the French of M. CHAMPORT — The first Number is now reidy for delivery to the Subscribers, containing Two

EAST-INDIA REGISTER. Folio Prints, the first representing a View of the Assembly of the Notables held at Versailles Feb. 22, Illustrated with a coloureil Map of Hindostan, pointing 1737 ; the second Print represents the Bed of Justice

out the late divison of territory. held at Versailles Aug. 6, 1787 - This Work describes historically the progress of the Revolution in France, This Day is published, Price 5s. 64. sewed. By pero with peculiar interest and fidelity; the characteristic mission of the Honourable East-India Company, Engravings are executed with adınirable spirit and illus $ration. The Work will be completed in Eighty THE EAST-INDIA DIRECTORY FOR 1807. Numbers, in a grand folio size. Each Number will Correctel to the 15th December 1806; containing contain Two Historical Prints, fine Impressions from complete Lists of the Company's Servants, Civil, Milithe original French Copper-plates, designed and en-tary, and Marine, at the different Presidencies in the graved by the most eminent Artists in France; to- East Indies; with Indexes to the same, and Lists of gether with an Historical Discourse, elucidativg the Casualties during the last Year. Together with Lists various subjects. The Price, to the first Two Hund of the Europeans, Mariners, &c. not in the Service of red Subscribers, will be Seven Shillings and Sixpence the East-lodia Company; and Merchant Vessels eneach Number, and fine Impressions will be warranted ployed in the Country Trade. Compiled from the to them: afterwards, the Price will be considerably Official returns received at the East-India House. By advanced.

John Mathison and Alexander Way Mason, of the 3. PORTRAITS AND HISTORICAL DESCRIP- Secretary's Office, East-India House, TIONS' of the principal Persons engaged in the Prefixed are, the Company's Establishment at Home, FRENCH REVOLUTION, with Vignette Prints, including an Account of the Eası-ladia Callege, with a representing, in a striking and picturesque manner, List of the Students there, and an Account of the the principal Events which distinguished each Person's Preparatory School pa'ronized by the Company. ReCharacter. To be completed in Thirty Numbers. The gulations respecting Military and Marine Olhcers rehirst Number is now ready for delivery, containing the iring, and Furlough. Regulations for the Admission Portraits of Jean Sylvain Bailly, Gilbert Mothier La of Pensioners on the Military Fund. Regulations as to Fayette, and Camille Desinoulins, together with the the Age of Writers, and Cadets. Regulations as to appropriate Vignete Prints. The Price, to the first Cadets for Woolwich and Marlow; with Lists of those Two Hundred Subscribers, will be Seven Shillings and Cadets, and other useful information. Sixpence each Number, and fine Impressions will be London : Printed by Cox, Son, and Baylis, No. 75, warranted to them; afterwards the price will be con- Great Queen-street, Loncoln's-Inn-Fields: and Sold by siderably advanced.

Black, Parry, and Kingsbury, Leadenhall-street, and This Work will be eininently illustrative of the event J. Hatchard, No. 190, Picadilly.





FRENCH, &c. TAUGHT. This day are published, elegantly and uniformly printed A native of France, of long and respectable practice in Octavo,

in Town, wishes, in consequence of a recent death in Cicero's Epistles to Atticus, translated originally by his school connections, to engage those vacant hours in Gu hrie, with Notes, Historical, Critical, and Explana- another genteel Seminary, or in Families The Adtory: a new Edition, revised, corrected, and amended, vertiser likewise professes lialian, the Classics, Geograby J. Jones, Esq. 3 Vols. 11. 1s. boards.

phy, the use of the Globes, &c.-Country attendance Cicero's Familiar Letters to his Frier ds, with Re-(within twelve miles of town) will not be objected to. marks, by Melmoth, 3 Vols. 11. 1s. boards.

Letters directed to R. S. No. 159, Strand, will be duly Cicero's Observations by Guthrie, corrected and im answered.

(S02 proved, 2 Vols 18s. boards. Cicero's Life, by Dr. Middleton, 3 Vols. 11. 4s.

WITHERS'S Cicero on Oratory, 2 Vols. his Essays on Old Age SICILIAN BLOOM OF YOUTH AND BEAUTY; and Friendship, Offices, and his Treatise on Morals, are now in the press; and assisted by the patronage of the

Or, Impalpable Vegetable Powder for the Skin, Public, the Booksellers hope in a short period to be Is recommended to the Ladies with the utmost degree enabled to present to the English Reader the remaining of confidence, as the most exquisite production in the works of the iminortal Roman Orator; printed in a style universe, for beautifying the skin, without the

ssiof uniform elegance with the 11 volumes above specified. bility of doing the slightest injury. It communicate;

London : Printed for Lackington, Allen, and Co.; the most brilliant and natural fairness that can possibly Cadell and Davies ; Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme; be conceived, and possesses this pre-eminent excellence, W.J.and J. Richardson; J. Walker; Vernor, Hood, that it cannot possibly be discovered by the inost scruand Sharpe; Otridge and Son; Cuthell and Martin; tinizing observer, but looks like the native bloom of Ogilvy and Son; J. Nunn; Darton and Harvey ; R health taken from the neck of youth and beauty, and Lea, J. Murray, J. Booker, J. Asperne, and Black, placed on the skin to which this powder is applied, ac. Parry, and Kingsbury.

[283cording to the directions for use.

Prepared and sold by William Withers (at the only This Day was published,

Warehouse for Dr. Norris's Fever Drops), 229, Strand, In Seven large Vols. 8vo. with a Life of the Author, a near Temple-bar; also sold by Mr. Overton, 47, New

Dictionary of the Terms used in Natural History, and Bond-street; Mr. Tait, 41, Cornhill; Mr. Bury, 14,

appropriate Copper-plates, price 41. 4s. in boards, Sloane-street, Knightsbridge; Messrs. Allens, 76, Os. DR. TURTON'S TRANSLATION OF SIR CHA. ford-street; and at Mrs. Mörriott's, opposite the Old

Rooms, Bath; in Packets at 2s.6d. Jus. 6d. and 2!s. LINNE'S SYSTEMA NATURÆ,

each packet, and is signed by the Proprietor. [291 In which is incorporated, besides the general groundwork of Gmelin, Willdenow, &c, such new materials, corrections, and improvements, as occur in the Lin

TO THE LADIES. nzan, and o’her Transactions, as well as in the works of the Naruralists of the present period.

A Soft, Clear, and Delicate skin. The much-adLondon: l'rinted for Lackington, Allen, and Co. mired ITALIAN LILY PASTE, so universally made Temple of the Muses, Finsbury-square.

use of for washing the Face, Neck, and Hands, in Colle Of who may be had, published this day, price 2 s.

sequence of its peculiar innocence and sovereign efficacy, A CATALOGUE of an extensive Collection oil in rendering the skin soft, clear, smooth, and delicate; Books in every deparunent of Literature and Science, as also for gradually freeing it from those disagreeable which are seliing at very low prices, for ready money.

imperfections incident to inany complexions, and for 1305 effect ually preventing cold Winds from chapping, and

the Sun from tanning it It is peculiar to the Lily MR. EDWARD ORME, OF BOND-STREET,

Paste to dissolve perfectly transparent on the Skin, and, Is preparing an Essay on Transparencies, which pro- upon the application of water, form a rich Cream of mises to be a curious and highly interesting Book.' In Lilies, which is used instead of Soaps, &c. for washing our next number we shall give a specimen of his new

the Skin, (as Soaps, it is well known, cannot be made

without a Caustic Alkaline Salt, the irritating property style of Transparency, and an outline of the Work.

of which when applied to the Skin, must have a powerPATRICK'S NEW PATENT LAMPS,

ful repdency to open and enlarge its pures, the frequent

repetition of which must in process of time greatly im. With Spiral Burners, and Conical or Globular Glasses, pair the beauty of its feature.) This evil is effectually Warranted not to oversiow.

remedied in the use of the Lily Paste, which is not only These Lamps having neither Rack, Wire, Spring, or more easy and pleasant in iis operation, but washes Chain Wick-holders, cannot be out of repair; and, the skin much cleaner. An agreeable sofiness immewith the above glasses, cause no shade, and give a more diately succeeds its use; the skin is also swee'ened and general light.

refreshed, whilst the whole complexion assumes an ON TRIAL, they will be found to surpass every enlivened appearance. other Lamp, and are admirably adapted to light elegant Sold only by Bayley, and Blew, Cockspur-sireet, Cut Glass Lustres, Grecian Plates, Egyptian Figures, Perfumers to their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Sideboards, Billiard Tables, Counting-houses, Ware Princess of Wales, and Duke and Duchess of York: house, Shops, &c.

Gattie, Perfumer, New Bond-street; Hooper, Jewel. AFTER TRIAL, in proof of their superiority, any ler, &c. 39, Cheapside; Mr. Spence, Edinburgh Gentleman shall be at liberty, within three days, 10 Mr. Remnant, boukseller, Hamburgh; and by Thorn exchange the same for other goods, should they not and Co. Perfuiners and Ornamental Hair Manuficturers be found to excel, in every part, any other Lamp in No. 45, Oxford-street, tear Berners street; in blue general use.

glass jars, 5s. each. A jar will last washing with twice To be had only at my Lamp Manufactory and Oil a day three months. Warehouses, No. 94, Newgate-street, London.

N. B. It can be had no where but at the above houses. 504) JOHN PATRICK.




sary to inform Country Venders, that the Proprietor does not travel, having venders in principal towns, but guards against persons that practice travelling with this spurious Oil, and who has offered it for s le to the principal Venders in town, who, as Gentlemen, have rejected it, knowing there never was any article of that

name but that prepared by, Prince, which they have FOR THE GROWTH OF HAIR. vended for several years. The Proprietor thinks it re

quisite to mention this, for the reputation of shopLadies and Gentlemen who wish the Ornment of keepers who may be unacquainted of there being a , a FINE HEAD of HAIR, need only make a fair counterfeit circulating likewise ; informing them, ihat

trial of the RUSSIA OIL, particularly' as the use of they may be supplied with the Russia Oil, at the ProOils are found so necessary to moisten the Hair when prietor's, No. 39), Oxford-street, or at any Wholesale dressing, for which purpose the Russia Oil has now Vender's in London, where they will receive liberal become in use by the Royal Family, and Ladies of the allowance; also to be had, wholesale and retail, of first circle. It is a nourisher and improver to its growth Mr. Bull, Dame-street, Dublin, appointed Agent for prevents its falling off, and is so great a preserver and Ireland.

(292 strengthener to the Hair, as to prevent its becoming bald or 'urving grey, to the latest period; also restores the Hair on bald places. Several Gentlemen, who have been bald for years, hive declared, after using the

By His Majesty's Royal Letters Patent. Russia Oil regularly for three months, that they be ROCHE'S ROYAL HERBAL EMBROCATION, came nearly covered with hair. It will serve as a substitute for pomatuma. It is recommended to Ladies who

An Effectual Cure for the Hooping Cough, without use dressing-irons, as it prevents the ill effects occasioned

Medicine. by their heat.

Price 75. per Bottle; or one, containing four sma at a Guinea.

The unrivalled reputation this Embrocation has To be hart of the Proprie'or, 333, Oxford street; gained, and the Inventor, anxious to secure it genuine and, by appointment, of Smith, Perfumer to his Mal to the Public, and prevent the impositions daily pracjesty, 110, New Bond-street; Hendrie, Perfumer to tised, by unprincipled persons vending spurious conher Majesty, Titclibom-sireet; Baylev and Blew, Per-positions, has obtained His Majesty's Royal Letters fumers to their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Prin- Patent, appointing him the sole and exclusive benefic cess of Wales, and Duke and Dutchess of York, Cock- of his most in valuable discovery. The Public and Faspur-siteet; Finch’s, :), Berkley-square; Bacon, 150,

milies may therefore be supplied, wholesale and retail, ani Allen, 76, Oxford-street; Ward, ?24, Middle at his house, No 19, King-stree, Holborn, and are row, Holborn; Butler, 4, Cheapside; Shaw and Ed-requested to observe that each Stamp is signed "J. wards, 66, St. Paul's Chu ch yard; Barclay and Son, Roche;" and with each bottle is given a full direction, Fleet-market; Dicey and Sution, Bow Church-yard at the top of which is His Majesty's Arms. Price Four Withers, 230; Strand, near Tennple-bar; Perrin, 23, Shillings.-All others are Counterfeits. (299 Southampton-stree!, Covent Garden; Rigge, No. 1,5, Cheapsiile ; Holmes, Boltin, and Tutt, Rosal Exchunge, London ; Bull, Dime-street, Dublin ; Rie

GOUT AND RHEUMATISM. buin, North bridge, Edinburgh; Shepherd, Bristol ; Colins, Salisbury ; Cruiwell, Bath; and most princi. pal Medicine Venders and Perfumers in Town and

To the Public.-For Gout and Rheumatism - From Country.

long success in private practice, and repeated requests N. B. The Russia Oil will restore the loss of Hair of those who have been effectually cured of Gout and on Horses, which often proves a great disfigurement to Rheumatisin, SCOTTS Suvaluable ELIXIR OF those valuable animals.

HEALTH has at length been introduced to the Public, Orders froin any part of the Country, sent by remit- the Proprietor being so well assured from experience of ting the money in a letter, directed so Mr. Prince, its efficacy, that a trial will be the most lasting recom333, Oxford-sreel, London.

mendation it can have. It will restore and invigorate

the nervous system of those who niay have impaired CAUTION.

their health by excesses of living. Its efficacy has been

proved in chronic and inveterate coughs, asthmas, con The high reputation PRINCE's Russia Oil has ap- sumptions, violent pains in the head, stomach, and proved above all other Preparations for preserving the bowels, in all windy disorders, 'relaxation of the solids, Hair, has induced a mean person to impose on the pub- and every species of Ghout and Rheumatism. lic a counterfeit, by the assurance of asserting himself This valuable Elixir is sold in bottles, with directions, to be the real Proprietor ; ani, in order to deceive, has at 4s 6d and 95. exch (stamp included), wholesale and imitated the Russian Eagle in the show-bills and retail, by Colesworthy and May, Chemists and Drugwrappes that inclose the bottle. The Proprietor cau- gists, No. 144, White Chapel, London. It may be tions against his imposition, by assuring that none are also had genuine of the following Agents, who have genuine but what have a label on the outside of each just received a fresh supply : T. Boulton, Royal Exbottle, signed in reri ink“ Mochrikufsky and Prince." charige; E. Newbery, corner of St. Paul's ChurchPurchasers ought to observe this signature, as that yard, Mr. Scott, Chemist, No. 193, opposite St. Cleo sannot be imitated without subjecting the parties to for- inent's Church, Strand; Mr. Crisp, No. 39, Cockspurgery – Mr. Prince, original Proprietor of the Russia street, corner of Spring Gardens; Forster and Cressy, Oil, offers five hundred pounds if it can he proved there No. 2, Old Bond-street; Parrett, Chemist, No 18, ever was an article for the growth of hair of that name, Mount-street, Grosvenor-square ; Ward's Medicine before discovered by himself; therefore, any articles Warehouse, No. 374, Holborn; and most other re of that name, which have not the above signature, are spectable Veuders in the kingdom, counterfeits, and the circulators impostors, It is neces- 302]



To this renovation of the inorth succeeds the comfort ARTIFICIAL TEETH,

of mastication, while the voice resumes the charming With enamel skilfully placed, from one to a whole powers of tone, and varie.ies oi m Hulation, and ene set, so as not to be discovered from Natural Teeth, will harmony of the features are a guin restored to the grace

which nature first gave them.

Coinplete Sets, always retain their natural colour

Mr. Faleur, perfec!ly acquainted with the preparaplaced on reasonable terms. Human Teeth placed 0 Stumps

, or from one to a whole Set. Mr PRINCE, tion of Mineral Compositions, from an experience of Dentist, No. 333, Oxford-street, performs every opera fourteen years, has succeeded in making his Tetih so

incorruptible, he will engige to replace ihem, free of tion on the Teeth and Gums, in the safest manner.

PRINCE's PASTE PEARLS for concealing De expence, if ever known to wear or change colour. (286 cayed Teeth in Front, so as not to be discovered they are decayed: are recommended to persons residing at a distance from a Den'ist, who have the misfortune of

CLAIMS TO PUBLIC PROTECTION. loosing front Teeth, as they may make one themselves: is the greatest convenience to persons who wear the Arti

A REMEDY composed wholly of Vegeables, which ficial Teeth, and are in the habit of leaving town, as in

removes the most deplorable debilitiei, arising from case of an accident, they will be possessed of a substi- impurities and depravity of the human fluids, whatever tute to replace the deficiency, till they can obtain pro- be their occasion; which never exposes the Pacient to per assistance. -Price Half-a-Guinea per Box, con:) danger; whose effe::s are as gentle as they are prompt taining ten Pearls; or one containing twenty-five, for and salutary; which is daily and safely admivisiered to One Guinea.

infancy, youths, manhood, and old age; and 10 women PRINCE's GRENARD TINCTURE has been in the most critical and delicate circumstances; which, proved the only article yet discovered for fastening in the most extreme cares, dues not disturb or shock Teeth that are loose: is recommended to persons wear

the animal functions, and which re-establishes their ing Artificial Teeth fastened to their Natural, as it will order and health, ought to ottain public protec:ion prevent the Natural fro: becoming loose, a case which Such is the VEGETABLE SYRUP of DE VELNOS, frequently happens -Half-a-Guinea per Botile.

prepared and sold by Mr. Sw.inson, No 21, Frith

street, London, a: 135. per bottle-luis also sold, by PRINCE'S CHERRY PATE, for preserving and appointment, at all the respectable Medicine Venders whitening the Teeth, curing the Scurvy in the Gums, in the United Kingdom.

[284 only requires a trial; 2s. 6d. per pot.

PRINCE's CHERRY LOTION ; iis peculiar excellence consists in sweetening thc Breath which may

UTILITY AND ELEGANCE COMBINED. arise from inward coinplaints, Scorbutic Gums, or Decayed Teeth, as there are few persens inore or less that are not aMicted with this unpleasant sensation : a trial called “The Analysis of Beauty "-It is an axiom,

The celebrated Hogarth published a singular Work will avouch its merits.' Those who wear Artificial Teeth ought never to be without it, as it keeps them sweet the truth of which cannot be controverted, that a fine

head of hair is the most prominent trait of beauty in and clean; 7s. 6d. per bottle.

either sex. To procure this the hair will require that PRINCE'S MUSHROOM for the Tooth-Ach, which nourishment which alone can send to its increase. gives immediate relief, and has relieved persons from The Proprietor of the MACASSAR OIL, can proudly the most excruciating pain, who have not been able to appeal to an enlightened and judicious Public for the sleep for several nights, after taking every resource in unrivalled efficacy of this Oil. They wish not to de. vain, and have found an immediate relief by the Mush-ceive or delude by rhetorical declamations or bombast room : those afflicted with the Tooth-Ache ouglit never languag Carthey solicit only the test of experience, and to be without it; 2s. 6d.

with confidence they can affi. m, that the more it is To be had of the Proprietor, No.333, Oxford-street; The utility is evinced by preserving the hair fiom falling

known in a higher degree of estimatio: will it be held. and by Appointment, Bacon, 150, Allen, 76, Oxford-off ur changing cuiour, and its elegance by producing street; Ward, 394, Middle-row, Holborn; Butler, 4, Cheapside ; Wishers, 229, Strand; Rigge, 65, Chess to the fairest and most amable part of the creation it

the most smooch and beautiful gloss ever known. Thus side; Holmes and Tutt, Royal Exchange, London; Bull, Dime-street, Dublin; Blanchard, "York; Rea must prove an invaluable advantage, its virtues being

so great an auxiliary to highten their charms. burn, North-Bridge, Edinburgh; Shepherd, Bristol;

To expariate inore on the subject would be superCollins, Salisbury; Cruttwell, Bath ; and most Venders

Auous; suffice it to say, that the Macassar vil, is perin Town and Country.

fectly innoxious; and it will retain virtues in any All Orders from any part of the Country will be sent climate; therefore, it is earnestly recommended to Liby Coach, by sending the Money in a letter, directed to dies or Gentlemen embarking for Buenos Ayres. Mr. Prince, No.33, Oxford-street, London. [293 A Caution is necessary to prevent mistakes:The

Macassar Oil, for improving the growth of Hair and adding to its beauiy, is sold at 3s 641. per Botile, duty

included, only by the Proprietors, Rowland and Son, IMPROVED MINERAL TEETH.

No. 1, Kirby street, Hatton-garden; and by their ap

pointment, wholesale, by T. and R. Riwney, PerfuThe Nobility and Gentry are most respecifully ac mers to their Majesties, No. 106, Halionyarien; commorlaced with the same by A. FALEUR and J. Messrs. Bourgois and Amick, Perfuiners to their Royal DELA FONS, No. 19, Woburn-place, Russell-square; Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales, N, $2, where every deppiency, even of the gun, is supplied, Haymarket; and by Mr. Overton, Perfumer, No. 47, in the most secure, pleasant, and agreeable manner. New Bond-street.





Parents and Guardians who may object to sending In the press, and speedily will be published, in Six cle their Children or Wards to a Public Seminary for the

gane Volumes, embellished with highly-finished Por finishing their education, have now offered to them the traits of the principal Poets,

means of accomplishing this, under the care of a Lady

who has four daughters that have a perfect knowledge The CABINET 0: ENGLISH POETRY; or, of the French and German Languages, and who have Select Specimens of the Works of every English Poet, a Swiss Governess, that does not speak English. This from Milton to Mason ; lhe whole prefaced by a History Lady wishes to take under her care two or three young of the Rise and Progress of English Poetry, from the Ladies, to whom an equal attention would be paid by earliest ages to the presnt time; and the successive her as to her own children, and who, at the same time Specimens introduced by a Biographical Sketch of they are acquiring the necessary accomplishments from each Poet,

their several masters, would also bave an opportunity By Mr. PRATT..

of obtaining a perfect knowledge of two of the most The voluminous extent of the entire Works of the fashionable living languages. References of the highest British Poets, and the tax which they impose on the respectablility will be given; and letters, (post paid) time and the purse of those persons who wish to acquire addressed to B. B. No. 22, Great Portland-Street, wil

be attended to. correct ideas of our National Poetry, have suggested the necessity of an elegant selection; which, while it

MUSIC. preserves every real beauty, should, by its historical and chronological arrangement, exhibit a systematic view NEWLY INVENTED LYRE AND LUTE-HARP, &c. of the art, and of those who have practised it. Such a The general admiration of these elegant little instrawork has long been a desideratum ; and, as much care ments, by Ladies of most distinguished rank, fashionhas been bestowed on the execution of the plan now and taste, prove their pre-eminence above any other submitted to the public, it may be presumed that the Portable Instrument ever before produced in this country lovers of poetry, of every age and rank, will be gratified they possess the pleasing sound of real Harps, accom by its ap:)earance.

pany the voice, as also the Piane-Forte &c. most charm Among the portraits will be given those of Chaucer, ingly; and what renders them still more desirable, are Spencer, Shakespeare, Miliun, Butler, Dryden, Addi- so easily learnt to play un as to be acequired in only a son, Prior, Gay, Pope, Churchill, Shenstone, Collins, few days practice. Are to be had only of E. Light, Gray, Mason, Burns, and Cowper, chiefly from original Music Professor (inventor of them) at his House, S4, pictures.

Queen-Ann-street, Porilaud Chapel, London. Likewise, by the sime Author, will speedily be pro N.-B. The Pianoforte, the Pedal Harp, also singing in duce!, New Éditions, enlarged and corrected, of the the English and Italian Style, taught as usual at home POEMS of SYMPATHY, and COTTAGE PIC- and abroad. TURES, with beautiful engravings by Cardon, after the original drawings of De Loutherbourg, Barker,

ORNAMENTAL HAIR. Masquerier, &c. the whole intended to compose an ROSS, No. 119, Bishopsgate-street Within, ear. elegant pocket volume.

nestly recommends the Nobility, Guntry, and the whole Also,‘GREAT AND LITTLE FOLKS; or, A Fashionable World visiting the Metropolis this season, to Prospect of all sorts of People, in four volumes. attend and examine his EMPORIUM for FASHION

Mr. Pratt has also in preparation, some TRAVEL-ABLE PERUQUES; where, in rooms superbly fitted LING MEMORANDA, made in different parts of up, they may chuse their favourite colou, fit them to North Wales, in the summer of 1806; including, Re- the head, and adapt them to the countenance without marks of Improvements made or projected, with elegant the inconvenient trouble of waiting, or the useless forengravings.

mality of giving orders,

For lightness, elegance, and ease, they are unpa Just published, beautifully printed in Royal Octavo, on London; and, for variety, he can display thousands of

ralleled; fifty per cent. cheaper than any other house in fine wuve paper, and hot.pressed, price 6s. boards,

tints and shapes, appropriately to heighten the loveli. THE MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTIONS ness of youth, or veil the deficiencies of age, Of Thomas Dawson LAWRENCE, Esq. &c. &c. &c. for the decided preference with which he has been

Deeply impressed with the liveliest sense of gratitude a Veteran Officer. Patronised by His Royal High-honoured by Ladies of the first circles, whose superior ness the Prince of Wales, and His Royal Highness judgment and elegance of taste have confirmed the uothe Duke of Clarence, with many other noble, rivalled farne of his inimitable Peruques, he again soli. learned, and illustrious Characters, among whom are cits the continuance of that patronage which he has Eleven General Officers.

been honoured with for so many years past; and reThe Author had the honour of carrying one of the spectfully iniorins the Amateurs in Ornamental Hair, Colours of the 20th Regiment, at the celebrated Battie that he has, during the sum nier recess, by the most unof Minden, on the First of August, 1759, where six wearied application, under his own inspection, at an British Rigirnents of Infantry vanquished the Flower innense expence, and by the exertions of the first of tle French Cavalry, and the Grenadiers of France, artists, completed a numerous, turious, and invaluable &c. &c. &c.

Assoitment of Ladies and Gentlemen's Peruques, BanThe late illustrious General, Prince Ferdinand of deaus, Bows, Circular Fillers, Fillets Madona Fronts, Brugswick, who commanded the Allied Army on that Fronts and Figaroes, exquisite in their kind, the whole day, did not vainly boast of his victory, or insult those of which he now submits to a discerning Public, fiaiwhota he had completely subdued.

tering himself they will allow him, for system and eleLondon: published by J. Mawman, Poultry; and to gance of taste, to challenge the whole universe to prebe had of every Bookseller in the United Kingdom. duce such an unparalleled collection.


London : Printed by and for J. Bell, Southampton-street, Strand. January 1, 1801.

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