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Sabina, or morning scenes in the
Her Royal Highness Princess Sophia, S

of a Roman lady, 16, 84, 126, 197
-Princess Charlotte of Wales,59

Spectre; a tale, 119
Her Grace the Duchess of Bedford, 115

Tame Pigeon, story of the, 26
Her Imperial Majesty the Empress of Russia, 171

Tombs of the modern Greeks, account of, 19
Her Majesty the Queen of Naples, 227

Voltaire, estimate of the genius and literary cha.
Madame de Genlis, 230

racter of, 256
Her Imperial Majesty Catherine II. 284


Advantages of a well cultivated mind, 4

Astronomy, 88
Anecdotes of Mozart, 259, 907

Botany, 35, 146
Bliomberis; a tale, 64, 134, 187

British Synonomy, 204, 261
Banditti, Captain of, 183

Culinary researches, S4
Belise, history of, 77

Culture of the sun-flower, 263
Burns, Robert, original letter from, 309

Drawing, 9.3, 148, 203
Crusades, history of the, 71

Heraldry, 39, 92, 141, 206
Celestina; a Spanish tale, 294

Humming-bird, or hawk-moth, 325
Death, essay on, 130

Hydrostatics, 264, 318
Discontent, contrast of our present with our

Music 94, 142, 321
possible situation efficacious in checking the

Pneumatics, 31, 96, 142
progress of, 173

Vegetable Chemistry, 139
Dialogue between a Fakir and a Vestal, 303
Douglas, Dr. late Bishop of Salisbury, biographi- || Gallery of Dusseldorff, description of, 49

cal account of, 310
Epistolary style, essay on, 121, 182

Elections, humours of, 237
Frank Man, 128

All the Talents! 207
Former Times; a tale, 241, 301

Carzonet, 44
Golden Mirror, or the Kings of Sheshian, 10, Colin's Song, 209
60, 116, 233, 289

Elijah's Mantle, 42
Helvetius, Madame, biographical notice of, 181 Fair Equivoque, 156
Journey to M..drid, 177

Farewell to London, 153
to Mont Blanc, 254

Helvellyn, 267
Ladies' Toilette, or Encyclopædia of Beauty, 13, Horace, Ode vii. iinitated, 43
81, 123, 196, 245

Inscription for a summer-house, 210
Language, on the structure of, 11, 85

Lines by the Rev. Gen. Richards, 156
Lady among murderers; a tale, 316

written on the lake of Grasmere, 267
Life, the representations of, contained in the upon seeing a beautiful infant sleeping on

works of fiction not to be considered as having the bosom of its mother, 208

any existence in nature, 22, 69, 131, 192 Love's learning, 267
Mount Vesuvius, account of the last eruption Maid of Corinth, 155
of, 8

Morning dream, 326
Mask, the, a true story, 250

Mr. Grizzle and Miss Wrinkle, 323
Monk, the, a tale, 292

My arm-chair, 43
Nieuwland, Peter, biographical sketch of, 249 Ode to Clarinda, 209
Physiognomy, letters on, 200, 319

10 Eliza, ib.
Prudent Judge ; an Oriental tale, 291

to Anna, 323
Russian Officer, extraordinary presence of mind to Mary, 324
ef a, 137

to the Primrose, 268

Ole written on the banks of the Thaines, 268 False Alarms; or, My Cousin, 48
on Blindness, 208

Maids to be Married, 211, 269, 327
to Homer, 155

Ogre and Little Thumb, 216
to the Bard, 20)

On the structure of our Theatres, 272
to the Captive, 268

Peter the Great; or, Wooden Walls, 271
to her who painted the Novice of St. Do. Robert l'Assassin, 105
minique, 266

The Assignation, 104
Palestine; Oxford prize poem, 98

The Curfew, 158
Receipt for a live epistle, 155

Town and Country, 160
Song of a Swiss to his Mistress, 153
Sumner to Thais, 325

Summer's remonstrance to Winter, 153
Sonnet to Morning, 268

Antiquarian researches into the origin and diver.
The Farewell, 43

sities of Costume, 165, 222, 277
The Doctor and his Apprentice, 206

Advertisement for a Wife, 109
Translation from Moschus, 326

Birth-day splendour delineated, 53, 930
The married man's address to the bertine, 326 Birihs, Marriages, and deaihs, 110, 167, 223,
Verses imitated from the Latin, 156

Verses on a young lady who suddenly lost her Explanation of the Prints of Fashion, English and
sight, 211

French, 49, 105, 161, 217, 273, 329
What is love? 267

Essay on Rivalry, 275
Winter's reply to Summer's remonstrance, 154 General observarions on the Fashions, 50, 106,

161, 218, 274, SSO

King's Birth-day dresses, 330
Change of Ministers, 157

Letters on dress, 107, 163, 219, 275
Fall of the Prussian monarchy, 45

London Shoemaker, 55
State of the war between France and Russia, 157 Queen's birth-day dresses, 51,
Treaty with America, 46

Letter of the Duke of Rochefoucault, 116

On the Fine Arts, 116

Paris Spectacles, 223
A Day in London, 215

State of the French Stage, 221
Criticism on the talents of Madame Catalani, 47



Songs by Fashions & Patterns.
No. 13. Princess Sophia.

Dr. Calcott.

Four Ditto.
No. 14. Princess Charlotte of Wales. M. Lauza.

Four Ditto,
No. 15. Duchess of Bedford. Mr. Reeves. Four Ditto,
No. 16. The Empress of Russia. Hook.

Five Ditto.
No. 17. The Queen of Naples.

Dr. Calcott. Four Ditto.
No. 18. The Marchioness Cornwallis. Mr. Lanza. Four Ditto.
No. 19. (Supplement) An Historical Picture, composed of Portraits.


LA BELLE ASSEMBLEE, ; Requests the attention of all the Subscribers to the folloiving Address.

Many readers have expressed their wish to have the Plates of Fashions coloured, even at an encreased expence, in preference to the manner in which they have hitherto been delivered; on the contrary, others have expressed their entire approbation of receiving them uncoloured, as it affords their young friends an opportunity of practising and improving their taste in the Fine Arts, --the colours are properly described in the descriptions of the Plates; the Proprietor has therefore, in this Number, given the Prints of Fashions coloured, without charging any additional expence to the purchasers, which will afford an opportunity of deciding whether they will choose to have the Prints of Fashion coloured in future at ::s. 6d. per Number, or whether they will continue to receive them plain as usual, at 2s.6d. per Number.

Those persons who mean to have the Prints coloured in future, are requested to give their directions accordingly, to their respective Booksellers, in order that a proper number to prevent disappointment, may be prepared to deliver in good condition, on the first day of the Month, with the regular publication of the Work.

The next Number, to be published on the first of February, will be enriched in a very extraordinary style, with a Transparent and lucid Print in Colours, as a Specimen of the Fashionable, and very interesting, mode of colouring Prints to represent the effects of Stained Glass. With this Print will be given an explanation of the manner, with directions to persons for prepar. ing Prints, and for colouring them to their own fancies, in this lucid and transparent style.

The other embellishments to be given in the next Number, will be novel and equally interest. ing, as it is the Proprietor's resolution not to spare even the most prodigal expences which may be necessary to render this work the most estimable and valuable of any Periodical Work whatever that has been, or may be issued from the British Press.

Many complaints, and much confusion, having arisen amongst the Booksellers in the Country, on account of other Monthly publications having adopted similar external appearances, and exactly imitating the colour and fashion of the Cover of this Work; Mr. Bell apprises the Subscribers to this Magazine, that he will put himself to an extraordinary expence to improve the style and appearance of the Covers of LA BELLE ASSEMBLEE in future, which will be Printed on a Superline olive-coloured Paper, of the quality and appearance of the sample now annexed.

The next Number of this work, to be published on the first of February, as above, will contain a treasure of inestiinable value, Mr. Bell has been honoured with permission to engrave a PORTRAIT OF HER ROYAL Highness


From an original Miniature Picture, finished within the last month, by R. Cosway, Esq. R. A. And there is reason to believe, as it certainly will be the most interesting, that it will also be one of the most beautiful Prints that ever was engraven.

The rest of the Embellishments to be given in the same Number, will possess, as nearly as possible in every respect, a corresponding interest with the Portrait.

A few Proof Impressions will be taken off for presentation to the Royal Family; the usual number afterwards will be issued on the first of February in the most perfect state, to supply those who may have previously become purchasers of the former Numbers ; the subsequent delivery will be in the usual routine of applica

It is not necessary, in this instance, to recommend early application.


[blocks in formation]





La Belle Assemblee; or Bell's Court and Fashionable Magazine.



For JANUARY 1, 1807, and to be continued Monthly.

THIS department of our Work, will exhibit a perspicuous display of such Adrertisements of any length whaterer, as shall be sent to us, on or before the 26th day of every Month, for insertion, on the Terms usually paid to the mast respectable Newspapers.--It will be needless to erpatiate at much length on the advantages this plan will afford, is preference to any other mode whatever of advertising ; as it must be sufficiently obvious to every person, that Aduettisements thus printed, in a Work of Elegance, will not only be introduced into the most extensire and polished Circles of Society monthlybut will also be bound up, and transmitted in this Work to posterity, as a record of the Commercial and Fashionable Concerns of the present Times,

Ailvertisements for SERVANTS and PLACES, HORSES, CARRIAGES, and Articles in general of FASHION A BLE CONSIDERATION, as well as for those of LITERATURE, will be seen to the greatest advantage.


The West End Corner of Chancery-Lane, near Temple.

Bar, London.

BAINBRIDGE, Flageolet-Maker, 35, Holborn-hill,

near Fetier-lane, informs Ladies and Gentlemen that a Recommend their extensive Stock to Ladies of Fa-Bisok is published, whereby any one that plays the shion and taste, of Muffs, Tippets, and Trimmings; Patent Flageolet may, by a contrivance, play Duett Black and Coloured Velvets, Figured Velvers, and

on two, and make a second to some hundreds of tune, Sarcenets. Spanish, and every other description of fine As it has been insinuated by some that these Flageolets, Ladies Cloth, for Pelices and Mantles.

with Ivory Studs, sold at different Shops, are the same Straw, Chip, and Leghorn Hats; Plain, Striped, with his Patent ones, the Public may be assured they Worked, and Fancy Muslin, in both white and coloured; are not, but are on the same principle as the une be inQueen’s Lustres, Imperial Italian, and Opera Nets for

vented nearly six years since, which may easily be asDresses ; Black Laces; Mecklin, Lisle, Normandy, certained, as he entered a Gamut for playing it at Staand other White Laces; Black and White Veils;

tioners' Hall at that time; but finding from its crossLace and other Cloaks; Plain and Fancy Silk Hand fingering it was difficult to play in tune, he has since kerchiefs; Elegant Shawls in immense variety ; Rib obtained his Majesty's Royal Letters Patent for a Flabons and Broad Silks, such as Sarcenets, Satins, Per

geolet, the fingering of which is regular like the Gersians, Tiffanies, Crapes, &c.; Ribbons, Hosiery, Gloves,

man Flute, and which any person may instantly blow Fans, Pins, Tapes, Needles, &c. &c.

in lune; the tone, he presumes, the most uncultivated Court and Family Mourning of every Description. ear will give the preference to. In respect to the Cis

N. B. Real Manufacturers of Muffs, Tippets and tron introduced on the common Flageolet, Bainbridge Trimmings, which are kept in great variety both for perceiving it confined the tone so much when playing Dress and Undress. The Show Rooms, under the with other instruments that he did not adapt it, but he Direction of Mrs. Thomas, contain that variety of has now improved on it, and by a simple contrivance Fashionable Dresses, Spencers, Maniles, French Coats the performers may use their pleasure, either to have a and Millinery, in all fashionable colours, for this present Cistron or not. Any Lady or Gentleman, even x Winter Season, that Ladies having large Commissions knowing Notes, may teach themselves this Instumer: may be immediately suited, all Sizes being kept. by his Instruction-Brok, as every tune is figured. He

Every Article is bought with, and sold for Ready will engage any person shall be taught to play tuna Money only.

[295 the first Lesson, at his Music-Shop as above.




The attention of Families and the Public is called to the Warehouse, No. 18, Iyy-lane, Newgate-market, established for the sole purpose of supplying them with the following Articles, on terms much more advan. tageous than hitherto offered by any House. The

Goods are warranted of the best quality.

Yellow Soap at 70s. per cwt.; Mottled ditto, at 80s. per cwt. for any quantity not less than 141b. In smaller quantities, Yellow 81. ; Moutled 91. per Ib.;

with an allowance of 1 d. in 71b. Curd albion


White do.


Finest Sallad Oil, 3s. 9d. per Quart.

Fine Durham Mustard Is. 4d. per lb. such as is usuOF LONDON,

ally sold at 1s. 8d. INSTITUTED 1805.

Superfine ditto 1s. 6d per lb. for Insurance from FIRE, throughout Great Britain and Best Starch 11d. per Ib. Ireland, and in Foreign Countries; for the Insurance Stone and Powder Blue 1s. 100 per Ib. of Lives;--and for the granting of ANNUITIES.

Genuine Spermiceti Oil 7s. per Gallon, warranted

to buru well. Common Lamp Oil 3s. 4d. per Gallon. CAPITAL-ONE MILLION


The arrangements adopted by this Establishment, will be found to be highly worthy of public attention. TALLOW CANDLES WITH WAXED WICKS.

Among other advantages, it will appear, by the Company's Proposals,

The Candle and Soap Company continue to sell for That no charge is made for Policies or Indorse-Ready Money, at their Warehouse, No. 182, Fleetments;

street, two doors from Fetter-lane, the above kind of That a large and unprecedented Commission is Candles, as well as common Candles, Soap, and Sperallowed on Life Insurance; maceti Oil, warranted genuine

[236 That Life Insurances are not attended with admis

sion fees, nor with any responsibility, on the
part of the person insuring, to make good the This Day was published, by B. CROSBY and Co.

losses of others;
And, that a considerable deduction is made on the

Stationers'-Court, Paternoster-row, London.
Premiums of Fire Insurances out of LONDON,
whether effected at the Company's principals vols. from the German of Augustus Lafontaine, by

1. THE MONK OF DISSENTIS. A Romance, in Office, or with any of its Country Residents.

J. Powell, 12s. Attendance, daily, at the Company's house in 'Change- Lathom, Esq. of Norwich; Author of the Mysterious

2. HUMAN BEINGS. A Novel, in 3 vols by F. Alley, Cornhill, from sine to four.

Freebeter, &c. &c. 19s. 6d.

3. SANS SOUCI PARK; or, the Melange, 3 vols. By Order of the Board of Directors,

by WARNER PHIPPS, Secretary.

Maria Tharmott, 13s. 6d. 285]

In the Press.

Ellen, Heiress of the Castle, 3 vols. by Mrs. Pil

kington. Just published at W. Hodsoll's Music Warehouse, No. 45, High-Holborn,

Benevolent Monk, in 3 vols. by the Author of the The Favourite Overture and Act Symphonies to

White Knight. Adrian and Orrilla; composed by W. Russell. Price The Soldier's Family, 4 vols. by the Author of the 2s. each.

Family in Switzerland.

[297 The Overture and Act Symphonies to Coriolanus; composed by W. Ware. Price 2s. each.

And this week will be published, the popular Overture to the favourite Pantomime of Harlequin and Mu- This day is published, elegantly printed in a smali ther Goose; composed by W. Ware. Price 2s. Also Octavo, and hot pressed, Price 25. 6d. Part II. of the the favouriie Songs and Pass Seuls in ditto. Price 1s. new Monthly Publication, entitled each. And speedily will be published, the much ad. mired Overture and Act Symphonies to Macbeth, by

CLASSIC TALES, the same Author. Price 2s, each,


A work in which it is intended to embody every Tale that has appeared, distinguished either for the brilliancy

of its wit, the richness of its humour, or the d.licacy of WANTS A SITUATION,

its pathos. Each Part is adorned with a Narrative Priniz A Young Woman of respectable connections, as that for this month, which is very finely engraved by Companion to a Lady; is of a cheerful disposition and Anker Smith, A. R. represents the Club of Choice has no objection to Needle-Work. Salary no object. Spirits, after an original painting from the masterly Letters addressed, post paid, to A. B. at Mr. Tryes, pencil of David Wilkie, Esq. Critical Essays on the Linen Draper, Sun-street, Bishopsgate, will be duly Merits of the Authors are added. This work may be attended to.

[289 had of all the Booksellers in town and country. (287

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