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spurious Oil, and who has offered it for s le to the

principal Venders in town, who, as Gentlemen, have rejected it, knowing there never was any article of that name but that prepared by Prince, which they have vended for several years. The Proprietor thinks it requisite to mention this, for the reputation of shop.

keepers who may be unacquainted of there being a FOR THE GROWTH OF HAIR. counterfeit circulating likewise; informing them, hat Ladies and Gentlemen who wish the Omament of they may be supplied with the Russia Oil, at the Proa FINE HEAD of HAIR, need only make a fair Vender's in London, where they will receive liberal

prietor's, No. 353, Oxford-street, or at any Wholesale trial of the RUSSIA OIL, particularly as the use of allowance; also to be had, wholesale and retail, of Oils are found so neces ary to moisten the Hair when Mr. Bull,"Dame-street, Dublin, appointer Agent for dressing, for which purpose the Russia Oil has now

Ireland. become in use by the Royal Family, and Ladies of the first circle. It is a nourisher and improver to its growth

CLAIMS TO PUBLIC PROTECTION. prevents its falling off, and is so great a preserver and strengihener to the Hair, as to prevent its becoming bald REMEDY composed wholly of Vegetables, which or turning grey, to the latest period; also restores the removes the most deplorable debilities, arising from Hair on bald places. Several Gentlemen, who have impurities and depravity of the human fluids, whateret been bald for years, have declared, after using the be their occasion; which never exposes the Patient to Russia Oil regularly for three months, that they be danger; whose effects are as gentle as they are prompt came nearly covered with hair. It will serve as a sub- and salutary; which is daily and safely adıninistered 10 stitute for pomatum. It is recommended to Ladies who infancy, youth, manhood, and old age; and to women use dressing-irons, as it prevents the ill effects occasioned in the most critical and delicate circumstances; which, by their heat.

in the most extreme cases, does not disturb or shock Price 75. per Bottle; or one, containing four small, the animal functions, and which re-establishes their at a Guinea.

order and health, ought to obtain public protection.To be had of the Proprietor, 333, Oxford-street; Such is the VEGETABLE SYRUP of DE VELNOS, and, by appointment, of Smith, Perfumer to his Ma-prepared and sold by Mr. Swainson, No 21, Frith. jesty, 110, New Bond-street; Hendrie, Perfumer to street, London, at 13s. per bottle. It is also sold, by hir Majesty, Titchborn-s: reet; Bayley and Blew, Per- appointmeni, at all the respectable Medicine Venders fumers io their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Prin in the United Kingdom.

[..22 cess of Wales, and Duke and Dutchess of York, Cock spur-street; Finch's, 5, Berkley-square; Bacon, 150,

IMPROVED MINERAL TEETH. and Allen, 76, Oxford-street ; Ward, 324, Middle row, Holborn ; Butler, 4, Cheapside; Shaw and Ed. The Nobility and Gentry are most respectfully ac, wards, 66, St. Paul's Church-yard; Barclay and Son commodated with the same by A. FALEUR and J. Fleet-market; Dicey and Sutton, Bow Church-yarit; DELAFONS, No. 18, Woburn-place, Russell-square; Withers, 229; Strand, near Temple-bar; Perrin, 23, where every deficiency, even of the gum, is supplied, Southampton-street, Covent Garden; Rigge, No. 65, in the most secure, pleasant, and agreeable manner.Cheapside; Holmes, Bolton, and Tutt, Royal Ex-To this renovation of the mouth succeeds the comfort change, London; Bull, Dime-street, Dublin ; Rue- of mastication, while the voice resumes the charming burn, North-bridge, Edinburgh ; Shepherd, Bristol ; powers of tone, and varieties of modulation, and the Collins, Salisbury; Crutwell, Bath; and most princi- harmony of the features are again restored to the grace pal Medicine Venders and Perfumers in Town and which nature first gave them. Country.

Mr. Faleur, perfectly acquainted with the prepara. N. B. The Russia Oil will restore the loss of Hair tion of Mineral Composicions, from an experience of on Horses, which often proves a great dishgureinent to fourteen years, has succeeded in making his Teeth so those valuable animals.

incorruptible, he will cngage to replace them, free of Orders from any part of the Country, sent by remit- expence, if ever known to wear or change colur. (328 ting the money in a letter, directed so Mr. Prince, 353, Oxfori-street, London.

WITHERS'S CAUTION. The high reputation PRINCE's Russia Oil has ap- SICILIAN BLOOM OF YOUTH AND BEAUTY; proved above all other Preparations for preserving the Or, Impalpable Vegetable Powder for the Skin, Hair, has induceda mean person to inpose on the pub Is recommended to the Ladies with the utmost degree lic a counterfeit, by the assurance of asserting himself of confidenc?, as the most exquisite production in the to be the real Proprietor, anil, in order to deceive, has universe, fo: beautifying the skin, without the possiinitated the Russian Eagle in the show-bills and bility of doing the slightest injury. It communicates wrappes that inclose the bottle. The Proprietor cau-the most brilliant and natural fairness that can possibly tions against this imposition, by assuring that none are beconceived, and possesses this pre-eminent excellence, genuine but what have a label on the outside of each(that it cannot possibly be discovered by the most scrubouile, signed in red ink “ Mochrikufsky and Prince." tinizing observer, but looks like the native bloom of Purchasers ought to observe this signature, as that health taken from the neck of youth and beauty, and cannot be imitated withou' subjecting the parties to for- placed on the skin to which this powder is applied, acgery -- Mr. Princ., original Proprietor of the Russia cording to the directions for use. Oil, offers five hundred pounds if it can be proved there

Prepared and sold by William Withers (at the only ever was an article for the growth of hair of that name, Warehouse for Dr. Norris's Fever Drops), 929, Strand, before discovered by himself; therefore, any articles near Temple-bar; also sold by Mr. Overton, 47, New of that naine, which have not the above signature, are Bond-street; Mr. Tait, 41, Cornhill; Mr. Bury, 14, counterfeits, and the circulators i:nposters. It is neces Sloane-street, Knightsbridge; Messrs Alens, 76, Os. sary :o inform Country Venders, that the Proprietor forl-street; and at Mrs. Marriott's, opposite the Old does not travel, having venders in principal towns, but Rooms, Bath; in Packets at 25. 60. 10s. 6d, and 215. guards against persons that practice travelling with this each Packet, and is sigued by the Proprietor.




vain, and have found an immediate relief by the Mush

room : those afflicted with the Tooth-Ache ought never It is well known to tender and affectionate Mothers, to be without it; 25. 6d. that when Diseases produced by infection by Innoculacion, are followed by infamed eyes, a short cough, and and by Appointment, Bacon, 150, Allen, 76, Oxford

To be had of the Proprietor, No.333, Oxford-street; a disposition to a slow and nervous fever, the glands of the lungs are affected, and become scrofulous, and a

stract; Ward, 324, Middle-row, Holborn; Butler, 4, rapid and fatal consumption is generally to be appre ide; Holines and Tuttó Royal Exchange, London ;

Chapside ; Withers, 229, Strand; Rigge, 65, Cheaphended. These Complaints are commonly treated by bleeding, burn, North-Bridge, Edinburgh; Shepherd, Bristol ;

Bull, Dame-street, Dublin; Blanchard, York; Reablistering, and Medicnes of a tendency to enfeeble and Collins, Salisbury; Cruttwell, Bath ; and most Venders destroy the Picient. Thé VEGETABLE SYRUP of DE VELNOS, by

in Town and Country. removing the inflamation of the lungs, soon removes the

All Orders from any part of the Country will be sent dry cough, anxiety, and difficult breathing, and with a

by Coach, by sending the Money in a letter, directed to little attention to external management, effects a speedy Mr. Prince, No. 383, Oxford-street, London. [293 and perfect recovery.

The genuine Medicine is prepared and sold by the Proprietor, Mr. Swainson, No. 21, Frith-street, Lon.

WARREN'S MILK OF ROSES. don, at 1$s. per Boitle ; and by all the respectable Me. dicine Venders in town and country; but Pills, &c Recent attempts having been made to mislead the bearing its name or properties, are dangerous impo- Nobility, Geniry, and others, under a pretext of some postions.

[545 individual, or individuals, possessing an exclusive know

ledge in the art of preparing iliis much admired Cosmetic, John Thomas Rigge, Perfumer, Manufacture er, and Distiller, No. 65, Cheapside, conceives it incumbent upon him, for the purpose of sustaining that liberal and distinguished confidence with which his Ara ticles of Perfumery have always been accepted, to stale that the genuine Milk of Roses has been prepared with

encreasing reputation for the last twenty years under ARTIFICIAL TEETH,

the immediate direction of his late Partner, who conWith enamel skilfully placed, from one to a whole ducted Mr. Warren's business; he therefore avers, that set, so as not to be discovered from Natural Teeth, will any person arrogating to himself an exclusive know

ledge of its preparation is an impostor; and engages always retain their natural colour. Complete Sets,

That such Milk of Roses as is ob'ained at his Warehouse placed on reasonable terms.-Human Teeth placed to shall (for its salubrity and pleasant ctiect) defy a comStumps, or from one to a whole Set. Mr. PRINCE, Dentist, No. 333, Oxford-street, performs every opera? parison with any other sold in the City of London.

N. B. There is no Perfumer of ihe name of Warren tion on the Teeth and Gums, in the safest manner. PRINCE'S PASTE PEARLS for concealing De at present in existence, though some Advertisements

imply as much in order to obe in notice. eayed Teeth in Front, so as not to be discovered they are

Wholesale Dealers supplied on the shortest notice decayed: are recommended to persons residing at all with any quantities, from two to one hundred Gallons, distance from a Dentist, who have the misfortune of loosing front Teeth, as they may make one themselves on the most advantageous terms, at J. T. Rigge's Oriis the greatest convenience to persons who wear the Artiginal Perfume Warehouse, and Fancy Soap Manufac

[S25 ficial Teeth, and are in the habit of leaving town, as in tory, No. 65, Cheapside. case of an accident, they will be possessed of a substitute to replace the deficiency, till they can obtain proper assistance.Price Half-a-Guinea per Box, con

BALSAM OF LIQUORICE. taining ten Pearls; or one containing twenty-five, for

The value of this agreeable Medicine is so univerOne Guinea.

PRINCE'S GRENARD TINCTURE has been sally known to the Nobility, Gentry, and Public at proved the only article yet discovered for fastening large, who are every winter cured or relieved by it in Teeth that are loose: is recommended to persons wear

deplorable cases of Asthma, Consumption, Hooping ing Artificial Tecth fastened to their Natural, as it will Cough, Cold, &c. and every other affection of the Chest, prevent the Natural from becoming loose, a case which as to elevate its character above common panegyric.

M. and E. ALLEN (Successors to Mr. Pidding) very frequently happens.-Half-a-Guinea per Bottle.

PRINCE's CHERRY PATE, for preserving and respectfully inform their Friends, that they continue to whitening the Teeth, curing the Scurvy in the Gums, prepare this valuable Medicine from the Recipe pur

chased of Mr. Pidding ; and they hereby pledge themonly requires a trial: 25. 60. per pot. PRINCE's CHERRY LOTION; is peculiar ex-selves to merit their approbation by a most accurate

and delicate attention to the process. cellence consists in sweetening the Breath which may arise from inward complaints, Scorbutic Gums, or De N. B. It cannot possibly be genuine unless it bears cayed Teeth, as there are few persons more or less that the signature of M. and E. Allen, now sole Propriare not afflicted with this unpleasant sensation : a trial etors ---Sold wholesale and retail, at their genuine Pa. will avouch its merits. Those who wear Artificial Teeth tent Medicine Warehouse, No. 76, Oxford-street, opought never to be without it, as it keeps them sweet posite the Pantheon; and by Shaw and Edwards, No. 66, and clean; 7s. 6d. per bottle.

St. Paul's Church-yard, Wholesale Agents; also by PRINCE'S MUSHROOM for the Tooth-Ach, which Dicey and Co. Bow Church-yard ; Ward, 324, Holgives immediate relief, and has relieved persons from bom; Withers, 229, Strand; Randall, Royal Ex. the most excruciating pain, who have not been able to change; Clark, Borough; and Mounsey, Blackfriarssleep for several nights, after taking every resource in road;--price 25. Od. and 45. 60. the Bottle.




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DR. HODSON'S IMPERIAL OIL, For Softening the Skin and rendering it delicately Fair.

Prepared by J. HoDSON, M. D. of Cross-street, HatPrepared and Sold by the Inventor, J.T. RIGGE, No. 65, Cheapside.

ton Garden, from near thirty years' experience, has

been found a certain cure for all kinds of Sprains, The ROYAL ALMOND COMPOUND.-To ve- Bruises, injuries from Blows or Falls, liard Swellings, serve the delicacy of the Skin against the effects of an Chilblains, Weakness, and Rickets in Children, Con. inclement season, and the harshness which it imbibes traction of the Limbs, Joints, and Sinews, old Aches after sea-bathing, are the objects of the above Come and Pains, Rheumatism, Lumbago, Palsey, Burns, pound; and, with such of the Nobility and Gentry as Scalds, &c. &c. consider the properties of Soap too acrimonious during the winter months, it will be found highly estimable, as

The following are a few Extracts of Cases: the Inventor confidently announces that it will not only render the Hands and Arms soft, and clear of the most

James Harvey, servant to Edward Vauglian, Esa. minute harshness incident to the causes above-men- Brook street, Bath, received a violent sprain in his tioned, but that its effects will assist the natural bloom ancle; having had the best surgical advice to no por of the Complexion.

pose, Dr. Hudson's Imperial Oil cured himn in a furt. Sold in pois of 1s. 6d. to 5s. each.-Where also may night. he had for the Skin, the Proprietor's celebrated Violet Elizabeth Statham, Newcastle-street, Shoreditch, Scented Alinond Soap, his invaluable Cold Cream, or from a fall sprained her back so inuch as to be incaCream of Roses, and that much adınired cosmétic, pable of continuing in her place, was by the use of Milk of Roses, in its most genuine state.-Rigge? Dr. Hodson's Imperial Oil perfecily cured in a short Bloom of Roses, also Warren's Bezordic, or Liquid time. Rouge, may be obtained at No.65, Cheapside. [S24

The son of Mr. A. M'Phcarson, of Cambridge, 13

months old, received a fall by which he was much BEAUTY IMPROVED,

bruised; after every surgical advice to no purpose, Dr.

Hodson's Imperial Oil restored him to the free use of BY THE ACQUIREMENT OF A LOVELY AND DELICATE

his limbs.

Mr. W. Hodson, Cambridge, relates various Cura D. RIGGE, of New Fond-street, Cultivator and Distiller of Roses to his Royal Highness the Prince of perforined by Dr. Hodson's oil in his parish, on pera

sons with sore legs. Wales, has invented a ROSE CREAM, or Refined Almond Paste, for washing the Skin, the pleasing efceived a violent blow on his stomach by which he was

Mr. Cuttridge, of Chatteris, in the Isle of Ely, retects attending the use of which are indescribable.- much hurt; it settled under his right breast and arm; Imagine the most innocent and clegant composition which can possibly be formed of Alinonds and Roses, by the use of Dr. Hodson's Imperial Oil he was pe

, capable of preserving the delicacy of the skin, and improving the finest complexion, and a trial of the Rose his right leg which measured to a prodigious size, and

Mr. Phillips, of Coventry, had a violent swelling in Cream will realize the idea. It is a highly-concentrated rendered him incapable for months of auending to his Milk of Roses, contains the einollient properties of the business ; after every surgical advice, Dr. Hodson's ImAlmond, in the proportion of ten to one in comparison perial Oil restored him to the free use and perfect cure with that celebrated Cosmetic, and is in the same pro-l of his leg. portion mure efficacious for softening the skin, and improving its delicacy of texture. Ladies using this Cream say, Mr. John Dunn, farmer

, at Worthing, Sussex,

Mr. Lee, of Lewes, Sussex, writes Dr. Hodson, t. to wash with, will not, in the most inclement season, had been cured of a violent sprained knee, complicated experience theinconvenience of chapped or rough hands and arms. -Sold only at D. Rigge's Warehouse, No. 31, iwelve months; after every surgical advice, he was

with the rheumatism, and confined to cruiches for near New Bond-street, price 1s. 6d. and 35. 6d.

cured by Dr. Hodson's Imperial Oil. ALLNUTT'S ACIDULATED ROSE LOZENGES, The son of Mr. Lampriere, of the same torn, by the

use of Dr. Hodson's Oil, was cured of a violent sprain AND ALSO HIS ODORANT ROSE LOZENGES,

he received froin a fall. Are recommended for their agrecable Navour, fine

Elizabeth Builer, a poor woman in Cambridge, re. fragrance, and great efficacy in facilitating expectora- turning home with some firing, felt down with berlrad, tion, relieving Coughs, Colds, and Hoarseness, and and dreadfully sprained her arm ;, a Lady gave her a preserving and improving the voice, as at once the bottle of Dri Hodson's Imperial Oil, which perfectly most elegant and efficacious preparation of the Rose, cured her. in the forın of a Lozenge, that has ever been offered to

The Imperial Oil is strongly recommended for rickets the Public. These Lozenges have been used as an ar- in children; weaknesses, stitness, and contraction of the ticle of luxury in the first circles of Rank and Fashion, joints from bad nursing; for chilblains, when broke. on account of the delightful fragrance they give the its healing qualities are far superior to cerates, opobreath. Medical men have evinced their high estima-deldocs, &c. and if applied on the appearance of chiltion of them by using them habitually, to prevent the blains, it will prevent their breaking. effects of damp air, and reliere recent colds, &c. &c.

By appointment of Dr. Hodson, the Oil is sold whole. These elegant Lozenges are prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, at Mr. Butler's, No. 4, Cheapside, corazr sal and retail (only), by S. Allmutt, Chemist. No. 158, of Paternoster-row; and may be had of most Country Strand, and, by his appointment, at Messrs. Bacon Booksellers and Medicine Venders, in bottles, wish and Co. No. 150, Oxford street; Ward, No. 524, ample directions, at 2s. 9d. each, and for charitable purHolborn ; Tutt, Royal Exchange; Vade, Cornhill; poses, in bottles at 11s. each --To prevent fraud, per Crisp, Sirring Gardens ; Hazard and Binns, Bath; and favour of the Honorable Commissioners of Stamps, by all respectable Venders in the United Kingdomn.“ R. Butler, 4, Cheapside,” is engraved on a black The Acidulated Ruse Lúzenges are sold in boxes a stamp, which is affixed on the outside wrapper arouad 2s. 6d, cach, or six for 135, 6d. The Odorant, in

each bottle. Boxes, at 2s, or six for 10s. 6d.


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London: Print by and for J. Bell, Southampton-street, Strand February 1, 1807.



For MARCH 1, 1907, and to be continued Monthly.


MISS LINK MYRES, The West End Corner of Chancery-Lane, near Temple. Dress and Corset Makers to Her Grace the Duchess of Bar, London.

Roxburgh, No. 12, Frith-street, Soho-Square, Recommend their exleusive Stock to Ladies of Fa Begs leave to return their most grateful acknowledge shion and taste, of Muffs Tippets, and Trimming; ; ments to those Ladies who have honoured them with Black and Coloured Velvets, Figured Velvets and Sars their Patronage; and flatter themselves the very great net. Spanish, and every other description of fine Ladies improvement they have lately made in their Corsets, Cloth, for Pelices and Mantles.

will be found of the most peculiar advantage to the Straw, Chip, and Leghorn Hats; Plain, Striped, shape, without the smallest inconvenience. Invented Worked, and Fancy Muslin, in both white and coloured, and made only by themselves. Queen's Lustres, Imperial Italian, and Opera Nets for N. B. Dresses, Pelises, and Spensers of every descripDresses; Black Laces; Mecklin, Lisle, Normandy, tion, inade with taste and elegance, on the most reasonand other White Laces; Black and White Veils;

able terms.

[592 Lace and other Cloaks; Plain and Fancy Silk Handkerchiefs; elegant Shawls in imminse variety; Rib.

TO THE NOBILITY AND GENTRY. bons and Broad Silks, such as Sarsnets, Satins, Per Mrs. BARCLAY, No. 33, Frith-street, Soho, offers sians, Tiffanies, Crapes, &c.; Ribbons, Hosiery, Gloves, for their inspection the following Articles, which will Fans, Pins, Tapes, Needles, &c. &c.

be found considerably cheaper than any other house in Court and Family Mourning of every description. Town. Rout, Ball, and Dinner Dresses, from One

N. B. Real Manufacturers of Muffs, Tippets, and Guinea each ; Morning Dresses from Twelve Shillings. Trimmings, which are kept in great variety both for Slips, Drawers Corsets, Morning Caps, &c. proporDiess and Undress. The Show Rooms, under the tionably cheap. Direction of Mrs. Thomas, contain that variety both for N. B. Wanted a young Lady on improvement. (364 Fashionable Dresses, Spencers, Maniles, French Coats and Millinery, in all fashionable colours, for this pre

TALLOW CANDLES WITH WAXED WICKS. sent Winter Season, that Ladies having large Com In consequence of the Wicks of these Candles being missions may be immediately suited, all Sizes being kept. previously coated with Wax, they have the following ada

Every Article is bought with, and sold for Ready vantages:- First, They are seldom, if ever subject to what Money only.

[991 is called a Thief in the Candle ;-Secondly, They will

not gutter, except froin bad snuffing or carrying about; LADIES.

-and Thirdly, They burn longer, and give a brighter The delicate and restrained condition which custom light than the usual Mould Candles. imposes on females, subjects them to great disadvant

Sold at the Candle and Soap Company's Warehouse, ages,- Mrs. Morris offers to remove them. Ladies or

No. 182, Fleet-street, two doors fronı Fetter-lane, Fleeca Gentlemen who have formed predilections may be assisted in obtaining the objects of their affection; and

Wholesale Prices of Candles, to Families : those who are unengaged may be immediately intro.

Wax Wicked Mould Candles, per doz. Ibs. 135. duced to suitable persons; but she not assist appli

Common Mould Candles, per doz. Ibs. 12s. cants in any marriage if their characters are not irre

Store or dipped Candles, per doz. Ibs. 11s. proachable, and their fortunes considerable and inde-Discount for Cash on delivery, in proportion to the pendent. She will not admit any others.

quantity purchased at one time, viz. Apply or address (post paid) at the Bow-window, A Box, containing £ d. next door to Margaret Chapel, Margaret-street, Caven 12 dozen lbs,

0 1 1 per dozen lbs. Dis. dish-square. Ladies who require it, may be waited

1 9 Ditto. upon at their own houses.


0 0 11 Ditto.

0 0 9 Diito. EXERCISE.


0 6 Ditto, The difficulty of obtaining Braces to wear with com

Wholsale Prices of Soap: fort and satisfaction in instances of Hunting, Riding, Mottled Soap, per cwt. 41. hs. and other violent exercises, is entirely obviated since Yellow Soap, per cwt. 31. 16s. the introduction of Foster's Patent Spring Braces; an Curd Soap, per cwt. 41. 10s. admirable invention, which likewise cominands a pre

Discount on the same conditions as above, viz. ference in public esteem on account of their peculiar

Cut. Qrs. lbs.

£ d. elegance of principle, fashion in workmanship, and

For 1 0

0 durability in wear; in fact, let the body be in any po

O per cwt. Dis. 0 2 0


Ditto. sition whatever, not the least inconvenience results

0 0 1


Ditto. from their use. To these combined excellencies is to

0 14


Ditto, he attributed the many spurious articles that have been imposed on the Public under the above appellation; Wax Lights, 7s. 61. per Ib. but none are positively genuine but what are manufac Spermaceri Lights, 3.s. 2d. per Ib. tured and sold by the Pitentee, and stamped with the Genuine Spermaceti Oil, 7s.6d. per gallon. King's arms, and name of ihe Patentee.

Common Oil, 3.s. 6d. per gallon. Foster, 153, Oxford.street. [372 Poland and French Starch, 11d. per lb. [561 No. XIV. l'ol. II.





9 6 3

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greatest Ba gains ever seen in this kingilom are The attention of Parents and Guardians is requested. now to be had at HARVEY'S, the Pantheon Farray Linen A Lady is desirous of taking ONLY TWO young Ladies, W rehouse, No. 78, Oxford-street, viz — O curious from three to eight years of age, to instruct with every Dark Wove Cambrics, at 1s. 6d. per yad; 10 Ell confort and advantage of paternal Education ; shedos wide beautiful Lustre, all colours at 23. 64. worth 55. not propose giving any Hidays - Letters (post pait) 100 Yard-wide Chambray3, at 1s. per yard; 500 Super- addressed to A. 2. Post Office, Laytonstone, Essex, fine Yaril-and-half-wide Corded Cunbric, at 2s. the ge- will be duly answered. neral price 3s. 6d. ; 100 Dozen Pink Check Handker. chiefs, at Is.; 100 Pieces of full Two Yards-wide Cam CHILD-BED, AND READY-MADE LINEN bric Muslin, at 25.; 100 Rich Farren-work Dresses,

WAREHOUSE. at 125. the Dress, well worth 2 guineus; 60 Fine Yard.

M. BEADNELL's Warehouse, No. 63, Gracechurch. and-half-wide curious Jacconets, at 25. per yard; 100 street. Ladies and Gentlemen are respectfully inPieces of EI!-wide capital town Prinis, at 25. and 25.6d.jsformed that every description of Child-bed and Ready: 50 E!!-wide Grey an't Brown Chambrays, at 1$. 6d made Linen, of ihe finest quality and most beautiful The whole of the above articles are just received, and are not to be s en at anv other house in London. Iso work, may be bad as above on the most reasonabie just received, Eleven racks of Blanke's, very cheap,

N. B. Country Orders punctually attended to. (595 200 svied Counterpanes, at half price; several Boxes of Summer-bleached Irishes, such as Chistie's, Russell's,

NEW DUTY ON SUGARS. and Alexander's Coleranes; several Packs of Sheetings Dimities, &c.; French Cambrics, from one guineato Warehouse in London, No. 51, Newgate-street, exactly

WINTER and Son, at the old st established Tea three, a great bargain; 200 Scotch Cambrics, at 165. 18s and a guinea the piece, sufficient for ten Pocket opposite St. Martin's-Le-Grand, take this opportunay handkerchiets; Curious French Cambric Handker to inform their Friends and the Public, a new duty on chiefs, at 45. 6d. and 53 ; very curious Jacconet Mus- Sugars is about to take place, and they have laid in a lins for Gentlemen's Cravais, at 2s. 6d, and as the considerable quantity at a very cheap rate, they strong's square; several Boxes of Table Linen, or all sizes and beg leave to recommend early purchases to the attenqualities.—N B. 200 Dozen of Cotton Hose, which will tion of Families and the Public, as that article is now be offered at little more than half price,


at its lowest ebb, and an advance in price is almost

Haily expected. Lump Sugar 104. per lib. ; good COTTON STAYS.

citto 11d.; very good 11 d.; fine loaves 1214 ; moist Gl.

good ditto id. ; very fine 84. Tea si. Siper ller Majesty's Staymaker, Mrs. HARMAN, of 1b.; good Congou 5s. 60. to 6s, 6:1 ; ditto Souchong No. 18, New Bond-street, London; and No. 6, West. 7s.; fine dizio 8s ; god Green 6s. 4d. to 7s.; foe gate-builling, Ba:h, is the Inventress of the so much Bloom 7s. 60. to Ss.; Hyson 9s. 6d. 10s. 10 j0s. 6d. admired LONG ELASTIC COTTON STAY, which Every other article proportionabiy cheap at the above obviates every objection complained of in Patent S ay ,

War-house. for its ease, elegance, and healthful tendency.

The great number of Ladies of High Rank and The only Repository in the Bii sh Empire, there con. Fashion who honour Mrs. HARMAN with wearing fort, ease, darability, pleasantness, economy, utuky, her Stays, is the most convincing proof of their plca. and a Saving of One Guinea in Three, are combined santness and utility ; and the great number of Medical in the purchase of Gentlemen who recommend its adoption in their own

COLLYER'S SILK STOCKINGS families, is a pleasing testimony of its combining health With Cotion Feet, No. 146, Fleet-street. A post with beauty.

rich, valuable, and elegant selection, at the following Those Ladies who live at a distance from London on prices :-Ladies and Gentlemen's stout and fine black, Bath, applying by letter (pust paid) will be infurined. of white, and coloured China silk, from 1s. 6d. or bree the proper method to send their measure for Stays to pair for a guinca, to superfine with the inost fashionMrs. Harinan.

[079able clocks, 10s. c;d.

N. B. To such of the Nobility, Clergy, and Gentry, ECONOMY IN WINES.

who have not made trial of their distinguished and a The Proprietors of the Commission Warehouse,

valuable excellencies, it may be proper more precisely No. 56, Cockspur-street, Charing-Cross, return their lo state, they are far more comfortable, sott, and pleaacknowledgments for the great encouragement they sant, infinitely more durable, and though every way have been honoured with, and beg to recomiend io qual in richness, clegance, and quality, are noe mine the a'tention of Gentlemen and Families, their Foreign than two-thirds of the price of thuse with silk fee . [-00 Wines and Spirits, which are warranted genuine, and will prove twenty per cent. cheaper than any other

BATH LETTER PAPERS, house in London.-One dozen to any quanti y sent to Of superior qualities.-R. HOFFMAN, Stationar, any part of London, porterage free.

[383 No. 418, Strand, near Bedford-street, begs leave t) sus

it to the Nobility, Genity, and others, the following TEA.

List of the above Articles, full 20 per cent, under the The universal complaint of Tea at the respective

usual charges :Prices generally sold, have induced Men of Probiry and Experience to come forward and offer to the Public,

per or perrm.

per.qr. per fm. at their Warehouse, No.41, Now Bridge-street, Black

S. d.

s. d. S. friars, two doors from Ludgate hill, every species of Thin.... 10 18 0 Thin gilt. Tea and Coffee, upon such terms as must give content,

14 23 0 | Thick gilt

1 6 2 0 if that object can possibly be attained at any Ware- Large thin....14 20 | Large thin gilt 1 6 25 O house heretofore established; and the public are re- Large thick 1 6 26 o | Larve thick gilt 1 929 0 spectfully reminded that no less than One Pound of a With every description of Papers and Stationary kind will be sold.

equally moderate. Account and Memorandum Boass NB. The Warehouse is open from 8 o'clock in the A Printed List of prices of all Papers used in the Borning until 8 in the Evening. [390 professions of the Law, Arts, &c.



S. d.

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