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BEADNELL's Warehouse, N -Ladies and Gentlemen by d that every description of Ce Linen, of the finest qualier atra may be bad as above on the s

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se in London, No. 51, Nepe Martin's-Le-Grand, take t their Friends and the Polic bout to take place, and the IR, quantity at a very cheap recommend early partie à ties and the Public, a eb, and an advance in pr ed. Lump Sugar good 1d.; Ene has : very fine 84. Bu T ngou is. 6d. to 5,60; % 8%; good Green Ss.; Hison rticle proportotabyte


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Application from various parts in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, urge me to explain, that by carbonizing, instead of burning Fuel, the whole weight and substance is saved in Coke, Oiltar, ainmonial Liquor, actous Acids and pure Gas (hitherto wasted in nuisible smok:), which alone is worth 157. per chal dron in light. This Gas flows cold and transparent as air, in any tubes to any place, and burns clearer and brighter than wax and oil. It may light all rooms, halls, shops, streets, squares, road, and coasts, and serve as fire and light for every culinary purpose. Hence it is proposed to establish Public Ovens in Cities; to issue Stoves, &c. for distant Houes and Manufactories, to grant Licences, Instructions, and Drawings throughout the Realm and the Colonies, on a reasonable scale of the size, lights, and products required. The saving is about 201. in every Chaldron of All modern contrivances to save Heat are reversed, Coal, and as much in proportion from Timber, &c. and proved by experiments, elucidatiug Count Rumford's ingenious principles, how his best Furnaces lost above one-third of the heat generated.

To fulfil my original promise, and satisfy several Country Gentlemen, Subsriptions will henceforth be received at the most respectable Country Banks, whe ther my Plaus, Estimates, and Share Receipts, will be transmitted, and where the Deposits are to remain till called for by the Provisional Committee of Trustees.

Twenty Thousand Fifty Pound Shares constitute a Million of Capital, of which 100,000l. disbursements, at 51. Deposits, will only be wanting. The other calls will be gradually deducted from the dividends.

Five Shares to pay only 3.; fifteen, 21. 10s.; thirty, 21.; sixty, 11.; an hundred and upwards, 10s.; with a written acknowledgment for the remainder of the deposits, when called for by the Committee. Five Shares to have one vote; 15, two votes; 30, three votes; 60, four votes; 100 and upwards, five votes. Fifty Shares are eligible for a Governor or Director.

WINSOR, Inventor, Patentee, and Founder, 97, and 98, Pall-mall.

A Vindication of Mrs. Lee's Conduct towards the
Gordon's, written by herself. Price 3s.

An Inquiry into the Permanent Causes of the Decline
and Fall of Powerful and Wealthy Nations, illustrated
with four engraved Charts, designed to shew how the
prosperity of the British Empire may be prolonged
By W. Playfair. Second Edition. 4to. 11. 1s. boards.

TOUR ROUND THE WORLD. This day is published, in a Pocket Volume, handsomely printed; embellished with a coloured Map, and sixteen elegant engraved Views of Noblemen and Gentlemen's Seats, &c. a new Edition, (being the Tenth) with numerous corrections and additions, price 7s. boards, or 8s. bound in red,

The AMBULATOR; or, a Pocket Companion in a Tour round London, within the Circuit of Twenty-five Miles Describing whatever is remarkable for Antquity, Grandeur. Elegance, and Rural Beauty; including Catalogues of Pictures, and illustra ed by Historical and Biographical Anecdotes. To which is prefixed, a concise description of the Metropolis, and a List of the Stage Coaches, with the time of their Se ting out to, or near the principal places mentioned in the Work.

Printed for Scatcherd and Letterman, Ave-Maria lane, and may be had at all the Booksellers in Town or Country. [3:4


In a few Days will be published,

much esteemed modern Novels, who is well known in
A Winter in Bath, 4 vols. By the Author of two
the Polite and Fashionable Circles of London, Bath,
Brighton, &c.

Also, just published by Crosby and Co. Stationers' court, London,

1. Lathom's Human Beings, 3 vols. 13s. 6d.
2. Norris's Olivia and Marcella, 3 vols, 15s.

3. Gunning's Orphans of Snowdon, 2d Edition, 3
vols. 12s.

4. Sans Souci Park, S vols. 13s. 6d.

5. Mrs. Manners' Castle of Nouvier, 2 vols. 8s.

6. Bristed's Edward and Anna, 2 vols. 8s.

7. Smith's Eventful Marriage, 4 vols. 18s.
8. Eversfield Abbey, 3 vols. 12s.

9. Sherwood Forest, 8 vols. by Mrs. Gooche,

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10s. 6d.

10. Byerley's Nature, or Picture of the Passions, 4

vols. 14s.

11. Ferdinand and Amelia, 3 vols. 10s 6d.


12 Secrets of the Castle, by Mr. Cary, 2 vols. 7s. 13. The Monk of Dissentis, a Romance, 8 vols. 12s. NEW SONG BOOK, with the MUSIC adapted for VOICE, VIOLIN, or GERMAN FLUTĖ. The Caledonian Musical Repository; Selection of esteemed Songs, embellished with Copperplates, and neatly printed, price 3s. 6d. in boards, or 4s. bound in


Subscriptions of single Shares also continue to be received at the Banks of Sir Matthew Bloxam and Co. Gracechurch-street; Messrs. Devaynes and Co. 39, Pallmail; and at the Office, 97, Pall-mall. Attendance in the Committee Room, for explanation, &c. from 10 till 4 o'clock; and Plans at the Office. Experiments and Illumination will continue, for public conviction, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, at 8 o'clock. Non-Subscribers pay 5s. of which 3s. are allowed on Subscription. Three Tickets 10s. 6d. and twelve ditto, 11. 1s. Four Pamphlets are sold at 2s. 1s and 6d. at this Office; at Richardson's, Royal Ex change; and at Chapple's, Pall-mall. Just published, Plain Questions and Answers, elucidating the whole Plan, may be had for 3d. or six Copies for 1s. [338 This Day was published, by GREENLAND and NORRIS, Booksellers, Finsbury square, London,

Printed for. B. Crosby and Co. Stationers' court, Paternoster-row, London. Where may be had, just published,

The Mirror of Wit for 1807; being a Collection of the best Bon Mots, laughable Anecdotes, Witticisms, &e in the English Language, neatly printed in a pocket Volume, price 1s. [365

THE LIBERAL ARTS. Early in March will be published, in 4to. price be continued every Saturday, during the ensuing Months,

No. I. of

The ARTIST: consisting of a Series of Essays on various Subjects of Science and Art; written by Men of Eminent Professional Ability, on Topics relative to their respective Studies, and by other persons peculiarly convers nt with those Subjects. Each Essay will have the signature of its author, and the whole will be edited by Prince Hoare.


A Statistical Account of the United States of Ame- Published by John Murray, and John White, Fleetrica, by D. F. Donnant, translated by W. Playfair street; William Miller, Albermarle-street; John Hard with an Addition on the Trade to America, for the useing, St. James street; James Asperne, Cornhill; Arch.. of Commercial Men. Illustrated by a divided Circle. Constable and Co. Edinburgh; and John Archer, Dub Small Octavo. Price 2s. 6d. boards. [357sin; J. Parker, Oxford; and T. Barret, Cambridge. [371


purtunities of delineating the subjects of which he treats from actual and attentive observation. Unlike an ordinary traveller whose opinions are formed at first sight, he has been enabled by a long residence in the country to mature his ideas on men and manners, to compare and correct his conclusions, and to divest himself of the partiality and prejudice which too often in fluence a superficial observer.

This day was published, in three volumes Crown octavo,
price 13s. 6d.

A New Voyage Round the World in the Years 1800,
1801, 1802, 1803, and 1804, describing the present
forms of Government, Customs, Manners, Amuse-
ments, Means and Modes of Life of the different
Islanders in the Southern Hemisphere; with copious
and interesting Details of the present State of Botany
Bay and Norfolk Island, their Civil and Military Estab-
lishments, internal Regulations, Climate, Soil, and
Productions, number of Inhabitants, grants of Land,
Parties, Taxes, &c. &c. price of Provisons and Labour,
modes of Payment: founded upon actual Observation,
during an eighteen Months residence on the spot.
John Turnbuil.


Published by Richard Phillips, No. 6, Bridge-street, Blackfriars; and to be had of all Booksellers.


Elegantly printed with a new Nonpareil Type, in a pocket size, and embellished with two beautiful Fn gravings, from Designs by Uwins, price 2s. 6d. bds. The Parnassian Garland; or, Beauties of Modern Poetry, consisting of upwards of Two Hundred Pieces, chiefly selected from the Works of the most distinguished Poets of the present age, with appropriate Introductory lines to each Article, on a new Plan. Designed for the Use of Schools, and the Admirers of Poetry in general. By JOHN EVANS, A. M. Master of a Seminary for a limited number of Pupils, Pullinsrow, Islington.

"The greatest obligations are conferred upon us by those adventurous persons who having visited these islands of late years, give such statements of what they saw, as enables us to trace the progress of society in one! of its earliest stages, and to estimate the effects prPrinted in a small Pocket size, and illustrated by two duced by the sudden revolution in their circumstances which the Natives have experienced from their intercourse with Europeans.-We have seldom been more gratified than with the addition which these Volumes make in this point of view to our knowledge of distant countries. We look upon this work as one of the most interesting Books of Travels which have appeared for many years. Had we room for extracts entertaining to our readers and creditable to the writer, we should willingly give a large portion of this Narrative."-Edin burgh Review for 1807.


"These Volumes are replete with information, and display the recent state of these places to great advantage."-Imperial Review.

"This is a real Voyage, it is not a transcription or imitation of any Author; Mr. Turnbull is a traveller who reports only what he saw and what he underwent, his descriptions have the merit of novelty, and we believe the most perfect fidelity, his observations, as those of a strong, thinking mind, seizing only upon that which was worthy of the attention of a discriminating understanding. This Work has already become general upon the Continent, and we recommend it to all our readers.”—Les Archives des Letterarie for October. [355 NEW BOOKS,

rich Engravings, from Original Designs by Mr. Uwins, price 2s. 6d. in boards;

The Works of the late George Alexander Stevens, including his celebrated Lecture on Heads, and Songs,

*** In the present Edition the Lecture on Heads has been modernized, and several new articles added, excluding such only as, on account of their local nature, possess no particular merit at the present day. The various articles are placed under appropriate heads, and notes are added by way of illustration. In the Songs, also, a new arrangement has been made, which, it is presumed; will make the whole pleasing, and acceptable to every class of readers. By W. C. OULTON, Eq. Author of the Traveller's Guide, &c. &c. [356

HOGARTH'S ORIGINAL WORKS. Messrs. BOYDELL and Co. think it their duty, from the numerous miserable copies of the Works of Hogarth, that are daily published in this and other coun tries, to inform the Public, that they are the sole Proprietors of the Original Works of that celebrated Artist; for which they have long paid his family, and still continue to pay them, a large annuity. That the original Plates, engraved by the hand of that inimitable Artist, or under his eye, are in very good preservation, and produce good impressions. They also beg leave to Al-assure the Public, that since the Plates have been in

their possession, they have never allowed any Artist to profane them by a single touch, being very sensible That Hogarth's style of etching and engraving was so

Published March 1, 1806, by JAMES CUNDEE, bion Press, Ivy-lane, Paternoster-row, London. JANSON'S STRANGER IN AMERICA. Elegantly printed in one large Quarto Volume, illustrat-masterly, and expressed what he meant to convey so ed by many coloured Engravings, comprehending forcibly, that it throws all the imitators, and pretended Views, Public Buildings, Pians, &c. Price Two restorers, at a great distance, as may be seen by comGuineas in extra boards; paring these miserable copies with the originals.

The Original Works of Hogarth, complete in 110 large plates, in one volume atlas folio, boards, may be had of Messrs. Boydell and Co. No. 90, Cheapside, price Guineas, and also, separate Prints at the prices marked in the Catalogue of his Works.

The Stranger in America; containing Observations made during a long Residence in tha Country on the Genius, Manners, and Customs of the People of the United States; their Government, Laws, and Criminal Punishments; the State of Agriculture, Commerce, Manufactures, Religion, Arts, Sciences, Slavery, and the Slave Trade; together with Biographical Particulars of Public Characters; a View of the Rise and Progress of the Drama; Hints and Facts relative to Emigration, and a variety of interesting Anecdotes and details, Moral, Historical, Scientific, and Descriptive. By Charles William Janson, Esq. late of the State of Rhode Island, Counsellor at Law.

Where also is just published, Hogarth Illus trated, by John Ireland, in three Volumes Royal Octavo, price 41. 8s. 6d. in boards, the third Edition corrected. This Work contains not only explanations of each Print, but various Anecdotes of that great Artist, and of the times in which he lived.

N. B. The third volume, compiled frħm Hogarth's Manuscripts, and containing upwards of forty new Prints, may be had separate, price 11. 16s. for the completion of sets, to accommodate those who pus chased the two first volumes, before the third was pub Eut

The Author of this Work was an inhabitant of the United States upwards of fourteen years; and his profession, as well as his many and extensive journies in various parts of the Union, affortled him abundant op-lished.


Y,fpurtunities of delineating the he
treats from actual and attenti


Elucidated Pro-


No. 101, Strand;

sight, he has beer hoe og smulgated explicitly, and Discussed philosophically, in And published at R. Ackermana's Repository of Acts,

enabled by a se

a dozen Dissertations on Male, Female, and neuter

country to mature bis ideas Pleasures. Interspersed with various Anecdotes, and

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compare and correct his conclusions,

self of the partiality and prejudice wit
fluence a
a superficial observer.



Elegantly printed with a new Nessi
pocket size, and embellished with ww
dgravings, from Designs by Urias, pin.
The Parnassian Garland, or, ba
Poetry, consisting of upwards of Tom
chi ar selected from the Work of th
3guished Poets of the present age, whe
troductory lines to each Attle,
Signs for the Use of Schocks,
Poetry in general. By JOHN EVANSA
of a Seminary for a limited number d
row, Islington.


Printed in a small Pocket size, a
rich Engravings, from Oral D
Uwins, price 2s. 6d. in boards;
The Works of the late Gee
in-loling his celebrated Lecture
*** In the present Ediva the
has been modernized, and seren
excluding such only as, on accents
possess no particular merit at the p
various articles are placed under appre
notes are added by way of the
also, a new arrangement has bee
presumed; will make the whole ples
to every class of readers. By WC
Author of the Traveller's Gut,

expounded by numerous Annotations.

Fellow of the "London Literary Society of Lusorists.”
"Hence loathed Melancholy."
"Mirth adinit me of thy crew."
"Be gone dull care."
"Ride, si sapis."

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66 How I love to laugh.
C. DIBDIN, jun.
Never was a weeper."
"Pray let me laugh, good Sirs, I must, I will;
"Indeed my laughing muscles won't lie still."


In Twelve Etchings, to illustrate and bind with that most entertaining and humourous Work, The Miseries of Human Life, designed and engraved by Thomas Rowlandson, who has kept up the spirit of this eccentric production with his peculiar whimsicality, price 6s. coloured, 4s. plain, to be had of all the Booksellers in Great Britain.

N. B. Just published the Fifth Number of HUET'S CHARACTER'S of TREES.-The Fifth Number of Ru[367 DIMENTS of his CATTLES will be ready for delivery very shortly.

Embellished with five Illustrative Etchings, and two
HEAD-pieces. Price 8s. boards.

[593 London: printed for Longmin, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, Paternoster-row.


This day was published, handsomely printed on Royal
Octavo, Price 12s. in Boards.



Ladies' Head Dress Maker and Hair Cutler, No. 6,
Tavistock-street, Covent-Garden,

Has the honour to acquaint the Nobility and Gentry,
that he has completed an assortment of elegant Head-
Dresses; that need only to be seen to be approved of.

The Royal Crop is a specimen of superior elegance.
Ladies that honour him with their commands, will
Ladies. The price from two to five Guineas
please to say, if for young, middle aged, or elderly

Gentlemen's Crops made to a perfection in fitness
The Nobility and Gentry's Hair cut with every atten-
very rarely to be met with, at two Guineas and a half.
Ladies and Gentlemen will please to give their ser-
to style and the improvement of their Hair.
name is placed very conspicuously at shops in the
vants very particular directions to his house, as Vickery's
neighbourhood, with which he has no connection.

TURE, Military, Ecclefiastical, and Civil, compared
with similar Buildings on the Continent, including a
Critical Itinerary of Oxford and Cambridge; also His-tion
torical Notices of stained Glass, Ornamental Gardening,
&c. with Chronological Tables, and Dimensions of
Cathedral and Conventual Churches.

Vickery's establishment, formerly of Bond-street,
Bishopsgate street, and Cheapside, (but now of Tavis-
T.tock-street only), upwards of thirty years standing. [559

By the Rev. James Dallaway, M. B. F. S. A.
Printed for J. Taylor, at the Architectural Library,
No. 59, High Holborn, Where may be had,
1. Essays on Gothic Architecture, by the Rev.
Warton, Rev. J. Bantham, Capt. Grose, and Rev. J.
Millner, illusterated with Twelve Plates, Second Edi-
tion, Royal Octavo, 10s. 6d. Boards.

2. Gothic Ornaments, selected from the Parish Church
of Lavenham, Suffolk, 40 Plates, Quarto, 18s.



Messrs. BOYDELL and Co thi
the numerous miserable copies of
garth, that are daily published is t
tries, to inform the Public, that t
prietors of the Original Works of
tist; for which they have long p.
Still continue to pay them, a leng
original Plates, engraved by the had f
Artist, or under his eye, are in verge

This Day was published, by J. Taylor, at the Archi-
tectural Library, No. 59, High Holborn,

A Soft, Clear, and Delicate Skin. The much-ad-
mired ITALIAN LILY PASTE, so universally made
use of for washing the Face, Neck, and Hands, in con-
sequence of its peculiar innocence and sovereign efficacy,
in rendering the skin soft, clear, smooth, and delicate;
as also for gradually freeing it from those disagreeable
imperfections incident to many complexions, and for
It is peculiar to the Lily
effectually preventing cold Winds from chapping, and
the Sun from tanning it.
Paste to dissolve perfectly transparent on the Skin, and

1. RANDALL'S COLLECTION of DESIGNS for Villas, Casinos, Mansions, Lodges, and Cottages, in the Grecian, Gothic and Castle styles, with De

and produce good impressions. Tas scriptions, elegantly engraved in Aqua-Tinta, on 34 upon the application of water, from a rich Cream of assure the Public, that since the large Quarto Plates, 21, 12s. A few Copies are printed Lilies, wihch is used instead of Soaps, &c. for washing

on Imperial Folio, Sl. 13s. 6d.

their possession, they have never profane them by a single touch, ben that Hogarth's style of etching an masterly, and expressed what he forcibly, that it throws all the ins restorers, at a great distance, as my be paring these miserable copies with:

2. Lugar's Sketches for Cottages, Rural Dwellings and Villas, in the Grecian, Gothic, and Fancy Styles, with Observations, &c. 38 Plates, quarto, 11. 11s. 6d. and elegantly coloured, 21. 12s. 6d.

3. Plaw's Sketches for Country Houses, Villas, and Rural Dwellings, on 42 Plates, quarto, 11. 11s. 6d.

the Skin, (as Soaps, it is well known, cannot be made
without a Caustic Alkaline Salt, the irritating property
of which when applied to the Skin, must have a power-
repetition of which must in process of time greatly im
ful tendency to open and enlarge its pores, the frequen
remedied in the use of the Lily Paste, which is not onl
pair the beauty of its feature.) This evil is effectuall
more easy and pleasant in its operation, but wash-
diately succeeds its use; the skin is also sweetened ar
the skin much cleaner. An agreeable softness imm
refreshed, whilst the whole complexion assumes
enlivened appearance.

4. Plaw's Ferme Ornée, or Rural Improvements.
A Series of Designs for Parks, Fences, Cottages, &c.
38 Plates, quarto, 11. 11s. 6d.

The Original Works of Hogarth,
large plates, in one volume ate
be had of Messrs. Boydell and Co. M
price 20 Guineas, and also, pr
prices marked in the Catalogue of t
Where also is just pubished,
trated, by John Ireland, in the
Octavo, price 41. 8. 6d. in bats
Edition co.rected. This Work taki
planations of each Print, but varia And
great Artist, and of the times in wh32
N. B. The third volume, complet
Manuscripts, and containing
Prints, may be had separate, pr
Completion of sets, to accommodate

Sold only by Bayley, and Blew, Cockspur-stre Perfumers to their Royal Highnesses the Prince a Gattie, Perfumer, New Bond street; Hooper, Jew Princess of Wales, and Duke and Duchess of Yoler, &c. 39, Cheapside; Mr. Spence, Edinbur Mr. Remnant, Bookseller, Hamburgh; and by TNo. 45, Oxford-street, near Berners-street; in A jar will last washing with t and Co. Perfumer and Ornamental Hair Manufactu glass jars, 5s, each.

first volumes, bere te

5. Plaw's Rural Architecture; Designs from the simple Cottage to the decorated Villa. 62 Plates, quarto, 21. 2s.

6. Laing's Hints for Dwellings, Original Designs for Cottages, Farm-Houses, Villas, &c. 34 Plates, quarto, 11. 5.

7. Sioane's Sketches for Cottages, Villas, &c. with appropriate Scenery; to which is added, Six Designs, for Improving and Embellishing of Grounds, with Explanations. 47 Plates, folio, 21. 12s. 6d.

8. Malton's Cottages, on 23 Plates, quarto, I 11s. 6.

9. Miller's Designs for Cottages, Farm Houses and Yards, Lodges, &c. 32 Plates, quarto, 10s. 6d. [382

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a day three months.

N. B. It can be had no where but at the above ho




The Nobility and Gentry are most respectfully accommodated with the same by A. FALEUR and J. DELAFONS, No. 18, Woburn-place, Russell-square; where every deficiency, even of the gum, is supplied, in the most secure, pleasant, and agreeable manner.To this renovation of the mouth succeeds the comfort of mastication, while the voice resumes the charming powers of tone, and varieties of modulation, and the harmony of the features are again restored to the grace which nature first gave them.

Or, Impalpable Vegetable Powder for the Skin,
Is recommended to the Ladies with the utmost degree
of confidence, as the most exquisite production in the
universe, for beautifying the skin, without the possi
bility of doing the slightest injury. It communicates
the most brilliant and natural fairness that can possibly
be conceived, and possesses this pre-eminent excellence,
that it cannot possibly be discovered by the most scru-
tinizing observer, but looks like the native bloom of

Mr. Falear, perfectly acquainted with the prepara-health taken from the neck of youth and beauty, and tion of Mineral Compositions, from an experience of placed on the skin to which this powder is applied, according to the directions for use. fourteen years, has succeeded in making his Teeth so incorruptible, he will engage to replace them, free of expence, if ever known to wear or change colour. [566 HUDSON'S CHEMICAL BLEACHING LIQUID. Stains of Red Port Wine, Tea, Fruit, Mildew, and every vegetable matter are entirely removed from Table Linen, Leathers, Cottons, Muslins, Lace, and other articles of Dress, by Hudson's Chemical Bleaching Liquid; it also removes the above stains from Ladies' Buff Dresses, without injuring the buff colour, and restores all kinds of Linens to their original whiteness when discoloured by bad washing, disuse, or long sea voyages, without ever injuring the texture of the cloth.




Prepared and sold by Hudson and Co. her Majesty's Chymists, 27, Haymarket; sold also by Warren and Co. 41, Cheapside; Bacon, 150, Oxford-street; Oxley, With enamel skilfully placed, from one to a whole 21, Tavistock-street, Covent-Garden; Bolton, front of the Exchange, Cornhill; F. Newberry, and Shaw and set, so as not to be discovered from Natural Teeth, will Complete Sets, Edwards, St. Paul's Church-yard; at Edinburgh, by always retain their natural colour. Human Teeth placed to Baxter and Scott; Liverpool, Edwards and Penny; placed on reasonable terins. Birmingham, J. Cope and Son, Nott, and Lloyd, Stumps, or from one to a whole Set. Mr. PRINCE, Wilks and Grafton; York, Wolstenholme; and in all Dentist, No. 333, Oxford-street, performs every operathe principal towns of the United Kingdom, in bottles,tion on the Teeth and Gums, in the safest manner.

at 3s. each.



Prepared and sold by William Withers (at the only Warehouse for Dr. Noris's Fever Drops), 29, Strand, near Temple-bar; also sold by Mr. Overton, 47, New Bond-street; Mr. Tait, 41, Cornhill; Mr. Bory, 14, Sloane street, Knightsbridge; Messrs. Allens, 75, Oxford-street; and at Mrs. Marriott's, opposite the Old Rooms, Bath; in Packets at 2s. 6d. 10s. 6d. and 21s [369 each Packet, and is signed by the Proprietor.

The Indisputable Superiority of THE GENUINE CHARCOAL DENTIFRICE, Prepared only by the Proprietors, KERNOT and BLAKE, Chemists, No. 33, St. James's-street, London, over the many spurious kinds in general circulation, is fully established, by the decided preference which those who have made a single trial continue to give it; this is daily confirmed by a very rapid and exten

sive sale.

The Proprietors, therefore, take the liberty of recommending it to those who have not experienced its efficacy; it is perfectly exempt from acid, and pos sesses, in a peculiar degree, the desirable qualities of rendering the Teeth beautfully white, and preserving the enamel; in fine, the combined properties of this Dentifrice, so essential to the improvement of Teeth, have procured it the sanction of the fist Nobility in the Kingdom.

PRINCE'S PASTE PEARLS for concealing De cayed Teeth in Front, so as not to be discovered they are decayed: are recommended to persons residing at a distance from a Dentist, who have the misfortune of loosing front Teeth, as they may make one themselves; is the greatest convenience to persons who wear the Artificial Teeth, and are in the habit of leaving town, as in case of an accident, they will be possessed of a substitute to replace the deficiency, till they can obtain proper assistance.-Price Half a-Guinea per Box, containing ten Pearls; or one containing twenty-five, for One Guinea.

Sold wholesale and retail, with printed Observations on its chemical and antiseptic properties, by the prietors, No. 38, St. James's street; and at every prin [374 cipal Town throughout the United Kingdom.


proved the only article yet discovered for fastening Teeth that are loose: is recommended to persons wear ing Artificial Teeth fastened to their Natural, as it will prevent the Natural from becoming loose, a case which frequently happens -Half-a-Guinea per Bottle.

PRINCE'S CHERRY PASTE, for preserving and whitening the Teeth, curing the Scurvy in the Gums, only requires a trial; 2s. 6d. per pot.

PRINCE'S CHERRY LOTION; its peculiar exPro-cellence consists in sweetening the Breath which may arise from inward complaints, Scorbutic Gums, or De cayed Teeth, as there are few persons more or less that are not afflicted with this unpleasant sensation: a trial will vouch its merits. Those who wear Artificial Teeth ought never to be without it, as it keeps them sweet and clean; 7s. 6d. per bottle.


If you or your Physician know any Medicine that will cure Consumption, you have no occasion to take PRINCE'S MUSHROOM for the Tooth-Ach, which any thing else. If you do not, then it becomes a duty to try 11OPE's HECTIC PILLS, which always pre gives immediate relief, and has relieved persons from vent, and, nine times in ton, cure Consumption, even the most excruciating pain, who have not been able to after the most fatal termination could only be ex-sleep for several nights, after taking every resource in vain, and have found an immediate relief by the Mush pected.

Sold wholesale and retail by G. Walker, No. 106,room: those afflicted with the Tooth Ache ought never Great Portland street. retail, by Ward, No. $24, Hol- to be without it, 2s. 6d. born; Shepherd, Bristol; Marshall, Northampton ; and all other Medicine Sellers.

To be had of the Proprietor, No. 333, Oxford-street; 1962 and appointment, Bacon, 150, Allen, 76, Oxford



street; Ward, 524, Middle-row, Holborn; Butler, 4, before discovered by himself; therefore, any articles

SICILIAN BLOOM OF YOUTH Cheapside; Withers, 229, Strand; Rigge, 65, Cheap-of that name, which have not the above signature, are Or, Impalpable Vegetable Por side; Holmes and Tutt, Royal Exchange, London; counterfeits, and the circulators impostors. It is neces

Is recommended to the late burn, North-Bridge, Edinburgh; Shepherd, Bristol; does not travel, having venders in principal towns, but

Ball, Dame street, Dublin; Blanchard, York; Rea-sary to inform Country Venders, that the Proprietor

of confidence, as the most exc

Collins, Salisbury; Cruttwell, Bath; and most Venders

guards against persons that practice travelling with the spurious Oil, and who has offered it for s le to the principal Venders in town, who, as Gentlemen, have

bility of doing the slightest

universe, for beautifying the in Town and Country. the most brilliant and natur fim, by Coach, by sending the Money in a letter, directed to rejected it, knowing there never was any article of that

All Orders from any part of the Country will be sent

De conceived, and possesses as per Mr. Prince, No. 333, Oxford-street, London.


that it cannot possibly be discoundyi
tinizing observer, but looks
health taken from the neck fla
placed on the skin to which this pet..
cording to the directions for use

name but that prepared by Prince, which they have
vended for several years. The Proprietor thinks it re-
quisite to mention this, for the reputation of shop-
keepers who may be unacquainted of there being a
counterfeit circulating likewise; informing them, hat
they may be supplied with the Russia Oil, at the Pro-
prietor's, No. 583, Oxford-street, or at any Wholesale
Vender's in London, where they will receive liberal
allowance; also to be had, wholesale and retail, of
Mr. Bull, Dame-street, Dublin, appointed Agent for

Prepared and sold or Win Th Warehouse for Dr. Noris's Fever D near Temple-bar; also sold by M. ( Bond-street; Mr. Tai, 41, Cora Sloane street, Knightsbridge: Mean ford-vrees; and at Mrs. Marnet's Rooms, Bath; in Packets at 6 each Packet, and is signed by the



Ladies and Gentlemen who wish the Ornament of a FINE HEAD of HAIR, need only make a fair trial of the RUSSIA OIL, particularly as the use of Oils are found so necessary to moisten the Hair when dressing, for which purpose the Russia Oil has now become in use by the Royal Family, and Ladies of the first circle. It is a nourisher and improver to its growth This Tincture, which has for so many years been prevents its falling off, and is so great a preserver and used and sanctioned by the first Nobility and Gentry, strengthener to the Hair, as to prevent its becoming bald will he found most salutary during the present season, or turning grey, to the latest period; also restores the the effects of cold and damp air on the Teeth and Gums Hair on bald places. Several Gentlemen, who have being repelled and counteracted by its balsamic and been bald for years, have declared, after using the astringent qualities. It is of powerful use in defending ARTIFICIAL TEETH Russia Oil regularly for three months, that they be the Nerves connected with the Teeth, which are now With enamel skilfully placed came nearly covered with hair. It will serve as a sub-most liable to be affected, and often with the most exset, so as not to be discovered stitute for pomatum. It is recommended to Ladies who cruciating pain. For violent Tooth-chs, the Chevalier always retain their natural color (use dressing-irons, as it prevents the ill effects occasioned recommends his Elixir, which will almost instantaneousplaced on reasonable terms. Home by their heat. ly remove that anguish. Stumps, or from one to a whole Set Dentist, No.333, Oxford-street, per tion on the Teeth and Gums, in the

PRINCE'S PASTE PEARLS aved Teeth in Front, so as tu re decayed: are recommended istance from a Dentist, who hate ing front Teeth, as they may be the greatest convenience to persets the cial Teeth, and are in the atto se of an accident, they will be pe ate to replace the deficiency, til the

Price 7s. per Bottle; or one, containing four small,
at a Guinea.

To be had of the Proprietor, 333, Oxford-street;
and, by appointment, of Smith, Perfumer to his Ma-
jesty, 110, New Bond-street; Hendrie, Perfumer to
her Majesty, Titchborn-street; Bayley and Blew, Per-abroad, as usual.
fumers to their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Prin-
cess of Wales, and Duke and Dutchess of York, Cock-
spur-street; Finch's, 5, Berkley-square; Bacon, 150,
and Allen, 76, Oxford-street; Ward, 324, Middle-
row, Holborn; Butler, 4, Cheapside; Shaw and Ed-
wards, 66, St. Paul's Church-yard; Barclay and Son,

er assistance.-Price Half a Gein Fleet-market; Dicey and Sutton, Bow Church-yard; milies in general, is the best proof that its efficacy in

ining ten Pearls; or one contin ne Guinea.


Is held by the Royal Family, the Nobility, and FaWithers, 229; Strand, near Temple-bar; Perrin, 23, washing the Hands and Face beautifully clean, white, Southampton-street, Covent-Garden; Rigge, No. 65, and smooth, protecting the Skin from chopping, and

PRINCE'S GRENARD TINCE Cheapside; Holmes, Bolton, and Tutt, Royal Ex-rendering shaving pleasant to the tenderest Face, has no

change, London; Buil, Dame-street, Dublin; Rae-rival. This celebrated fragrant Soap will also make burn, North-bridge, Edinburgh; Shepherd, Bristol; hard water soft, milky, and pleasant in using, (cold,

yet discovers oved the only article eeth that are loose: is recomme

£ Artificial Teeth fastened to the Collins, Salisbury; Crutwell, Bath; and most princi- water is recommended to shave or wash with.) Price event the Natural from becoming Pal Medicine Venders and Perfumers in the kingdom.

N. B. The Russia Oil will restore the loss of Hair on Horses, which often proves a great disfigurement to those valuable animals.

1s. the Square, 10s. the Dozen; the same in Shaving Cakes, 1s. 6d.; the same in neat Shaving Box, with Brush, 2s. 6d.

quently happens —Halí-2-Gonz PRINCE'S CHERRY PASTE itening the Teeth, curing the ben Te requires a trial; 2s. 6d. perpet PRINCE'S CHERRY LOTION: 18 lence consists in sweetening the B se from inward complaints, Scort ed Teeth, as there are few pers not affected with this un leasa

ht never to be without i, clean; 7s. 6d. per bottle. RINCE'S MUSHROOM for the T



most excruciating pain, whe hare for several nights, after taking and have found an immediate


The composition and mode of preparing those invaluable Medicines, has never been communicated by the Chevalier to any person whatever.

N. B. The Chevailer and Mr. Ruspini (Surgeon Dentist to the Prince of Wales), attends at home and [385


The high reputation PRINCE'S RUSSIA OIL has proved above all other Preparations for preserving the

I vouch its merits. Those who Hair, has induced a mean person to impose on the pub- " Middlewood's Royal Soap, or Cosmetic Powder," and

observe his name, on the out-side wrapper.

lic a counterfeit, by the assurance of asserting himself
to be the real Proprietor; and, in order to deceive, has
initated the Russian Eagle in the show-bills and

Orders transmitted to J. W. Middlewood (the Pro prietor), High-street, Whitechapel, London, Perfumer

Simmediate relief, and has me wrappes that inclose the bottles. The Proprietor cau- and Abyssinian Flower Soap-maker to the Princess of

Wales, the Duke and Duchess of York, and the Duke of Cumberland, will be immediately forwarded to any part of the world: also his Agents, viz. Messrs. Henrie

e without it, 24. Ed

he h:

The F

Also his celebrated COSMETIC POWDER is uni

Orders from any part of the Country, sent by remit-versally admired by the Ladies in the circles of elegance, ting the money in a letter, directed so Mr. Prince, 333, Oxford-street, London.

to make the Face, Neck, and Arms cool and delicate, and is generally used after washing, or perspiration. Price 1s. or 2s. 6d. the Packets; sold by Perfumers and Meap-dicine Venders in every Town in the Kingdom.

To guard against Counterfeits, be careful to ask for

tions against this imposition, by assuring that none are
genuine but what have a label on the outside of each
bottle, signed in red ink "Mochrikufsky and Prince.'s

cannot be imitated without subjecting the parties to for

:those afflicted with the Tooth Aurchasers ought to observe this signature, as that and Sons, Thomas and Co. Bowneys, Burgess, Sower

by, and Jones,wholesale Perfumers; Messrs. Longman,

MM gery.-Mr. Prince, original Proprietor of the Russia Hurst, Rees, and Co.; Mr. Leven horp, and all the Me

Oil, offers five hundred pounds if it can be proved there
ever was an article for the growth of hair of that name,

dicine Warehouses, are appointed to supply their Cor-

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