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Parents and Guardians who more their Children or Wards to a Pale finishing their education, have now the means of accomplishing this, uncert who has four daughters that bare a pe or, of the French and German Legg eta Swiss Governess, that does not a ry Lady wishes to take under her care t he Ladies, to whom an equal attention ve her as to her own children, and who,za, Of they are acquiring the necessary acc their several masters, would also have un of obtaining a perfect knowledge of fashionable living languages. Refres respectablility will be given; and lets addressed to B. B. No. 22, Great Pe be attended to.






The general admiration of these departa
ments, by Ladies of most distingust
and taste, prove their pre-eminence,
Portable Instrument ever before proc
they possess the pleasing sound of al fin
pany the voice, as also the Plane-Fer
ingly; and what renders them still m
so easily learnt to play on as to be p
Few days practice. Are to be had
Music Professor (inventor of them) a
Queen-Ann-street, Portland Chapel, L

N. B. The Pianoforte, the Pedal Ha he English and Italian Style, mughts nd abroad.


ROSS, No. 119, Bishopsgate-ter An ly recommends the Nobility, G shionable World visiting the Metropolitt a end and examine his EMPORIUMER BLE PERUQUES; where, in o

they may chuse their favourite ca = head, and adapt them to the com - inconvenient trouble of waiting, 2 lity of giving ordets.

For lightness, elegance, and ease, led; fifty per cent. cheaper than an don; and, for variety, he can daphy 5 and shapes, appropriately to be? of youth, or veil the deficiencies up eeply impressed with the liveliest se the decided preference with which oured by Ladies of the first cirtis, tin ment and elegance of taste have can ed fame of his inimitable Peragan, he the continuance of that patrong honoured with for so many ye Fully informs the Amateurs in Q e has, during the summier recess, ed application, under his own Snse expence, and by the exerti completed a numerous, turis, 7 ment of Ladies and Gentlemen's tra Bows, Circular Fillets, Fillets Ma and Figaroes, exquisite in their ich he now submits to a disceral; !himself they will allow him, for ass. of taste, to challenge the whale uch an unparalleled collection.

street, Strand. January 1, 1807.





For FEBRUARY 1, 1807, and to be continued Monthly.


An Elegant and Fashionable Assortment of Morning and Evening Dresses, Spensers, and Pelises, full [$41 Recommend their extensive Stock to Ladies of Fa-10s. 6d. cheaper than any other house in Town, by Frith-street, Soho. shion and taste, of Muffs, Tippets, and Trimmings; applying at Mrs. BARCLAY's Show Rooms, No. 33, Black and Coloured Velvets, Figured Velvets and Sarsnet. Spanish, and every other description of fine Ladies Cloth, for Pelices and Mantles.


Straw, Chip, and Leghorn Hats; Plain, Striped,
Worked, and Fancy Muslin, in both white and coloured;

Queen's Lustres, Imperial Italian, and Opera Nets for
Dresses; Black Laces; Mecklin, Lisle, Normandy,
and other White Laces; Black and White Veils
Lace and other Cloaks; Plain and Fancy Silk Hand-not gutter, except from bad snuffing or carrying about;

In consequence of the Wicks of these Candles being previously coated with Wax, they have the following advantages: First, They are seldom, if ever subject to what is called a Thief in the Candle ;-Secondly, They will

-and Thirdly, They burn longer, and give a brighter kerchiefs; elegant Shawls in immense variety; Kibbons and Broad Silks, such as Sarsnets, Satins, Per-light than the usual Mould Candles. sians, Tiffanies, Crapes, &c.; Ribbons, Hosiery, Gloves, Fans, Pins, Tapes, Needles, &c. &c.

Sold at the Candle and Soap Company's Warehouse, No. 182, Fleet-street, two doors from Fetter-lane, Fleet


The West End Corner of Chancery-Lane, near Temple-
Bar, London.

Court and Family Mourning of every description. N. B. Real Manufacturers of Muffs, Tippets, and Trimmings, which are kept in great variety both for Dress and Undress. The Show Rooms, under the Direction of Mrs. Thomas, contain that variety both for Fashionable Dresses, Spencers, Mantles, French Coats and Millinery, in all fashionable colours, for this pre-Discount for Cash on delivery, in proportion to the quantity purchased at one time, viz. sent Winter Season, that Ladies having large Commissions may be immediately suited, all Sizes being kept. A Box, containing

12 dozen lbs.

Every Article is bought with, and sold for Ready
Money only.


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The extensive Stock of EWBANK and Co. must be
cleared by the month of June, at very reduced and
uncommon low prices.

Consisting of goods in the highest repute, intended
for the supply of Families of the first distinction.

The following are particularly worthy of attention:-
Fine Linen Drapery; Muslins of all descriptions for
Dresses, Cravats, &c. great bargains in Cambric Mus-
lins; Superb Foreign Damask Table-Linen of every
size, imported prior to the late heavy duties; Holland,
and other Sheetings of every width; Irish Linens,
Silk Mercery, Haberdashery,
French Cambrics, &c.
Hosiery, and Gloves.

In addition to the above, a large supply of New
Articles for Spring Dresses, &c. arrive every week in
succession, until the contracts (previously made with
the Manufacturers) are completed; the whole are in-
cluded, and must be sold off with all expedition, equally
cheap, for ready money.

Wholesale Prices of Candles, to Families: Wax Wicked Mould Candles, per doz. lbs. 13s. Common Mould Candles, per doz. lbs. 12s. Store or dipped Candles, per doz. lbs. 11s.





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£ s. d.

0 1 1 per dozen lbs. Dis.
1 9

0 11







Wholsale Prices of Soap:
Mottled Soap, per cwt. 4l. 6s.
Yellow Soap, per cwt. 31. 16s..
Curd Soap, per cwt. 47. 10s.

Discount on the same conditions as above, viz.
Cwt. Drs. lbs.
For 1

£ S. d.


0 0




1 0

0 0 14

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40 per cwt. Dis.
3 0 Ditto.

2 0



Wax Lights, 3s. 10d. per lb.
Spermaceti Lights, 3s. per lb.
Genuine Sermaceti Oil, 7s. 3d. per gallon.
Common Oil, 3s. 6d. per gallon.
Poland and French Starch, 11d. per lb.



A situation now offers itself in a most pleasant ar Mr. Ewbank, impressed with the highest sense of gratitude, respectfully begs leave to return his most healthy Village, in one of the midland Counties. sincere thanks to the Nobility and Gentry, who have Lady and her two Daughters, who wish to undertake th honoured him by their distinguished patronage and charge of three or four pupils (the number never approbation of the plan adopted for selling off this large exceed six). Those whose Parents reside abroad, and valuable Stock (relinquishing entirely the Retail Orphans would be prefered. The greatest attenti Trade); and assures the Ladies, that the whole must be would be paid to manners, morals, and every branch cleared by the month of June; in consequence, every education; and they would be considered a part of t Article will be charged very considerably under the usual family. No Vacation. Terms and every other partic prices. No. 118, Bond-street (near Grosvenor-street).lar, will be answered in the most satisfactory manner, N. B. All orders executed with the greatest punctuality a line addressed to X. Y. to the care of the Editor [346 La Belle Assemblée. and attention. No. XIII. Vol. II.



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The universal complaint of Tea at the respective Prices generally sold, have induced Men of Probity and Experince to come forward and offer to the Public, at their Warehouse, No. 41, New Bridge-street, Blackfriars, two doors from Ludgate-hill, every species of Ten and Coffee, upon such terms as must give content, if 825.that object can possibly be attained at any Warehouse heretofore established, and the Public are respectfully reminded that no less than One Pound of a kind will be sold.


The attention of Families and the Public is called to the Warehouse, No 18, Ivy-lane, Newgate-market, established for the sole purpose of supplying them with the following Articles, on terms much more advantageous than hitherto offered by any House. The Goods are warranted of the best quality.

Yellow Soap at 72s. per cwt.; Mottled ditto, at per cwt. for 14 lbs. or upwards; White Soap 11d. per Ib; Scented Chamber, ditto 1s. per lb.; real Windsor ditto 1s. 6d. per lb.

Finest Sallad Oil, 3s. 9d. per Quart.

Fine Durham Mustard 15. 4d. per lb. such as is usu-morning until eight in the evening. ally sold at 1s. 8d.

Supertine ditto 1s. 6d. per lb.

Best Poland Starch 11d. per lb.

Stone and Powder Blue 1s. 10d. per lb.

Genuine Spermiceti Oil, warranted, 7s. per Gallon.
Common Lamp Oil 3s. 4d. per Gallon.



Beg leave to acquaint the Public, that in consequence
of their Intercourse with Shipping and extensive Con-
nections abroad, they have been induced to establish a
House, No. 321, Strand, (opposite Somerset Place), by
which the Public may depend upon being supplied with
Wines and Spirits of the finest Flavour, and warranted
Genuine. As the Advantages they possess will also en-
able them to charge the lowest Prices, ready Money will
invariably by expected; and they presume, that the
known Equity of their Transactions, as Navy Agents,
will create Confidence in such Gentlemen as may be
desirous of giving them a Trial, which they feel
vinced will ensure them a Continuance of their Orders.
Port, five years in wood 44s. to 48s. per dozen
48s. 50s.
70s. --- 80s.




Applications from various parts in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, urge me to explain, that by carbonising instead of burning Fuel, the whole weight and substance is saved in Coke, Oiltar, ainmonial Liquor, actous Acids and pure Gas (hitherto wasted in nuisible smoke), which alone is worth 15. per chaldron in light. This Gas flows cold and transparent as air, in any tubes to any place, and burns clearer and brighter than wax and oil. It may light all rooms, halls, shops, streets, squares, road, and coasts, and serve as fire and light for every culinary pur pose. Hence it is proposed to establish Public Ovens in Cities; to issue Stoves, &c. for distant Houes and Manufactories, to grant Licences, Instructions, and Drawings throughout the Realm and the Colonies, on a reasonable scale of the size, lights, and praducts recon-quired. The saving is about 201. in every Chaldron of Coal, and as much in proportion from Timber, &c. All modern contrivances to save Heat are reversed, and proved by experiments, elucidating Count Rumford's ingenious principles, how his best Furnaces lost above one-third of the heat generated.

Upwards of 200 Pipes of Wine may be tasted in Wood.
Spirits equally reasonable.

The Warehouse is open from eight o'clock in the [916

To fulfil my original promise, and satisfy several Country Gentlemen, Subsriptions will henceforth be received at the most respectable Country Banks, wheDor-ther my Plans, Estimates, and Share Receipts, will be transmitted, and where the Deposits are to remain till called for by the Provisional Committee of Trustees.

P. S. Burton, Welsh, Edinburgh, Dundee, and chester Ales; also Brown Stout, in Casks or Bottles, for Exportation and Private Families. [340

For the Introduction of


LITERATURE AND THE FINE ARTS. On the 1st of March, 1807, will be published, price Two Shillings, No. I. of a new and super periodical Work, with splendid embellishments, entitled, THE CABINET; Or, MONTHLY REPORT OF POLITE LITERATURE. Including a Review of Books, and accompanied by a Cabinet Edition (separately paged and ornamented) of the most popular English Plays; with Anecdotes and Annotations, biographical, critical, and dramatic. The contents of this Work will be arranged under the several heads of Biography, the Arts, Criticism, Anecdotes, Miscellany, Poetry, the Drama, a Review of Books and Music, the London Theatres, the provincial and foreign Stages, &c. and will consist of a vast variety of interesting and valuable articles. Twelve half sheets (96 pages) will be given in each Number, and two Engravings, one to accompany the Magazine, the other to embellish the appended edition of the Theatre, to which 24 pages will be appropriated monthly. The Work will be printed with a new type cast for the purpose, and on a fine yellow wove paper, manufactured expressly for the Cabinet.

London: Printed for the Proprietor, and published by Mathews and Leigh, No. 18, Strand (where a Prospectus, explaining the plan and objects of this Work at large may be had gratis), and soid by all the Book sellers, Stationers, aud News-carriers throughout the United Kingdom. [$20

Twenty Thousand Fifty Pound Shares constitute a Million of Capital, of which 100,000l. disbursements, at 51. Deposits, will only be wanting. The other Calls will be gradually deducted from the Dividends.

Five Shares pay only Sl. each; Fifteen, 21. 10. each; Thirty, 21. each; Sixty, 17. each; and Hundred Shares and upwards, 10s each; with a written acknowledgment for the remainder of the Deposit when called for by the Committee. Five Shares to have one vote, Fifteen two votes, Thirty three votes, Sixty four votes, Hundred and upwards five votes. Fifty Shares are eligible for a Governor or Director.

N. B. Several respectable Subscribers after seeing my experiments, have extended their Shares in the above Scales of Deposit.

WINSOR, Inventor, Patentee, and Founder. 97 and 98, Pall-Mall. [$36

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original Designs, in 3 volumes, 12mo. price 16s. 6d. boards.

The universal complaint of Tay Prices generally sold, have intel Me Experince to come forward and fa their Warehouse, No. 41, New Bri friars, two doors from Ludgate-tail, eru and Coffee, upon such terms is my that object can possibly be attained a heretofore established, and the P reminded that no less than One Pest be sold.

The first Volume comprises the Voyages of Byron, Wallis, and Carteret, with 10 Plates, and may be had separate, price 5s. 6d. boards.

The second and third Volumes include Cook's Three


Voyages complete, with Twenty Plates, price 11s.
Mr. SHOBERL's new and complete Translation of the

The Warehouse is open fram eight
morning until eight in the evening.
For the Introduction -

Elegantly printed in 4 Volumes, small octavo, with 24 Plates by the first Artist, from original Designs, by Mr. Uwins, price 11. 12s. boards, hot-pressed; STUDIES of NATURE, translated from the latest Pierre. To which is prefixed, a Biographical Memoir Paris Edition. By Jacques Bernardin Henri de Saint of the Author. With Notes, critical and explanatory.

Barns, Stables, Feeding-Houses, Dairies, Brewhouses,

"Miseris succurrere disco."—Æn. lib. 1. Another Edition in demy 18mo. price 11 in boards.

Applications from various parsa Scotiand, and Ireland, urge me c carbonising instead of burning Felt Country Gentlemen about to build or to alter. By NEW AND POPULAR ANNUAL SONG BOOKS,

Malting, Dog Kennels, &c. Adapted to the use of

For the Year 1807:

R. LUGAR. On 22 large Quarto Plites. Price 11. 5.
in boards.

Elegantly printed in an uniform size for the Pocket,
enriched with two beautiful Engravings, 1s. 6d. each.
Published by James Cundee, Albion Press, Ivy-làne,
Paternoster-row, London, and sold by all Booksellers
in Town and County.

and substance is saved in Coke,
quor, actous Acids and pare Gar
nuisible smoke), which alone we le
dron in light. This Gas flows.
as air, in any tubes to any place, t
and brighter than wax and ol ba
rooms, halls, shops, streets, squares
and serve as fire and light fr
pose. Hence it is proposed to se
in Cities; to issue Stoves, & Art
nufactories, to grant Licences, st
ings throughout the Realm and
reasonable scale of the si,
quired. The saving is about 23
Coal, and as much in prapena
All modern contrivance to see
and proved by experiments, da
ford's ingenious principles, horts
above one-third of the heat general
To fulfil my original pe a
Country Gentlemen, Subsriptions
received at the most respectible C
ther my Plans, Estimates, and Steer
transmitted, and where the Deps
called for by the Provisional Com
Twenty Thousand Fifty Pount bus
Million of Capital, of which 10,0
at 51. Deposits, will only be want
Calls will be gradually deducted

votes, Hundred and upwards tre are eligible for a Governor or Dre N. B. Several respectable S experiments, have extended the b Scales of Deposit.


This Day were published, engraved on 27 Folio Plates,
and elegantly coloured, with proper Descriptions,
Price 21. 12s. 6d. in boards,

At Ackermann's Repository of The MISERIES of HUMAN LIF Just published

PLANS, Elevations, and Sections, of Hot Houses, Green-Houses, an Aquarium, Conservatories, &c. recently built in different Parts of England for various

Noblemer and Gentlemen.

By G. TOD, Surveyor and Hot-House Builder. Including a Hot-House and Green-House in her Majesty's Gardens at Frogmore.

graved by T. ROWLANDSON, humour of this eccentric productia whimsicality. Price 6


Printed for J. Taylor, at the Architectural Library,
No. 59, High Holborn. Where may be had, now first

containing a variety of Designs for Farm-Houses and
Farin-Yards, &c. shewing the Construction of Cottages,

Published on the First day of February, 1807, by
JAMES CUNDEE, Albion Press, Ivy-lane, Paternoster-
row, London.

vote, Fifteen two votes, Thodes ing a brief View of the Times in which he lived; some

Account of his principal Contemporaries; his oc-
casional Verses, and other Productions -Six Numbers
are ready for delivery. Number Eleven will commence
with the LIFE of the late Right Hon. WILLIAM
PITT. In the course of the Work will be interspersed

Neatly printed in Four Volumes 12mo. illustrated by
upwards of Forty Engravings of remarkable Land
Battles, and Portraits of distinguished Officers, price
11. 2s. 6d. boards.

THE BRITISH MARTIAL REGISTER; comprehending a complete Chronological History of all the most celebrated Land Battles, in which the English Standard has been distinguished in the Field of Mars, from the earliest period to the present time. With interesting Anecdotes and Biographical Memoirs of popular Military Officers, who have distinguished themselves both at home and abroad. By Roger Macdonald, Esq. late in the British Service.

This Work cannot fail to be interesting, in an eminent degree to every one who has the love of his country at heart; inasmuch as it proves to an astonished world, that Englishmen are still the same, whether in Egypt, at Trafalgar, or on the Plains of Maida.


Five Shares pay only Sea each; Thirty, 21. each; Siry, dred Shares and upwards, 19

Printed uniformly with Duncan's Life of Lord Nelson,
and to be completed in Twenty Numbers.
Number One, (enriched with a fine Portrait, price

The BULFINCH: or, British Warbler; combin ing a choice variety of the most admired Songs, Sentimental, Descriptive, Moral, and Pathetic; to which

acknowledgment for the remaindera 6d. each), of the LIFE of the late Right Hon. C. J. are prefixed, Anecdotes of some of the most celebrated Vocal Performers of the present time.

* Mr. JANSON, an English Gentleman, who has lately returned, after a Residence of 14 years, from terials towards furnishing a complete Survey of the America, has brought with him many interesting maState of Society and Manners in the only Republic

WINSOR, Inventor, Free upwards of 20 fine Portraits of distinguished Public now existing on the face of the Globe. These mate

97 and 98, Pall-Mall.

The APOLLO: containing a valuable Collection of the most popular modern Songs in the English Language; to which are added, select Toasts and Sentiments, of a superior cast. Third Edition, considerably improved.

The VOCAL ENCYCLOPÆDIA; comprising an extensive variety of popular Songs, Catches, Glees, &c. Sung at various convivial Meetings, Places of Public Entertainment, &c. including Martial, Naval, Bacchanalian, Comic, Pastoral, Sentimental, and Descriptive Subjects, with the most favourite Airs, and other Pieces, which have, from time to time been introduced into the various successful Performances of the present day. To which is prefixed, brief Memoirs of the most celebrated Performers of the present time. Third Edition, much improved.

The HARMONIC MUSEUM; being a pleasing Miscellany of English, Irish, Scotch, and Italian Songs, on various Subjects, now performing at the various Places of public Entertainment.

The GOLDFINCH; containing a valuable Selec tion of the most favourite Sons of the present day.

rials, the result of actual observation, he is now ar

Characters, living, or recently deceased. Each Life ranging for the Press, and they will speedily appear in
will form a separate Volume. By G. Paxton, Esq.
one 4to. Volume, accompanied with a number of ele-
VOYAGES of the great Circumnavigators, Comme-gant Engravings from Drawings taken on the spot.
dore Byron, Captains Wallis, Carteret, and Cook,
successively undertaken by the Hon. Commodore This Day was published, engraved on 20 Folio Plates,
Price 11. 1s. plain, and elegantly coloured 41. 45.

TWELVE ETCHINGS ESTE Byron, in 1764; Captains Wallis and Carteret, in 1766;|

and Captain Cook in the Years 1768 to 1780, inclusive;

MISERIES OF HUMAN LI comprehending authentic and interesting Accounts of in the various styles of Modern Embellishment, with

that most entertaining and hemat

Countries never before explored, with the Longitude,
Latitude, relative Situations, Soil, Climate, Natural
Productions, Customs and Manners of the Inhabitants,
&c. &c. Illustrated with Thirty Engravings, from

Pilasters and Frizes at large, designed and etched by
G. COOPER, Draftsman and Decorator.
Published by J. Taylor, No. 59, High Holborn.




This Day is published,



A WORK of the ARMY of RUSSIA, with the Uniform, in Portrait, of the Russian Soldiery. Dedicated to his Imperial Majesty Alexander the First, contain At £4 4 0 are entitled to 18 books town,or 24country ing a Portrait of his Imperial Majesty.

$ 30............ 12..........
2 20.....
6.......... 12
1 11 6.....

Each Folio, Quarto, and Octavo to be considered as
Two Volumes.

1. The Body Guard,

2. Foot Guard,

S. Chasseur Guards, 4. Guard at Night,

5. Infantry,

6. A Sailor,

7. A Soldier of the Police,
8. A Cosack.

Subscribers at One Guinea and a Half per Year, Eighteen Shillings the Half Year, or Half a Guinea per Quarter, will be entitled to the new and most expensive Works as soon as published.

Subscribers at One Guinea per Year, Twelve Shillings the Half Year, or Seven Shillings and Sixpence per Fleet-Quarter, will be allowed two Books at a time, but not [335 entitled to the new and valuable Works.

And Subscribers at Sixteen Shillings per Year, Nine Shillings the Half Year, or Five Shillings per Quarter, will, as usual, be allowed two Novels at a time, but excluded from every other Publication.

Subscribers residing in London may exchange their Books once a day, but not oftener.

One Book will be considered an Exchange. The Money to be paid at the time of subscribing. Catalogue Twe Shillings.

From Original Drawings done on the spot, in the possession of the Right Hon. Lord Kinnaird, large 4to. size, coloured, price 21s.

Published by Edward Orme, Bond-street, the corner of Brook street; sold by Longman and Co. PaterHoster-row; Vernor and Hood, Poultry; White, street; and by all other Booksellers.

This Day is published, handsomely printed in Two Volumes, Quarto, on a fine Paper, with upwards of Seventy Plates, of which Sixty-one are from Paintings after Nature, by Sydenham Edwards price 31. 10s. or beautfully coloured, 6/. 6s. in boards.

A COMPLETE DICTIONARY of PRACTICAL GARDENING, comprehending Classifications and Descriptions, as well as the most improved Methods of rising, forcing, and manging different sorts of Vegetable The Proprietor, for the better accommodation of Productions, whether of the esculent or ornamental persons residing in the Country, engages to provide kinds; with correct Engravings of the various Appara-Boxes, with Locks and Keys, which, with Carriage tus necessary for the purpose, in Buildings and other from and to the Library, are to be paid for by the SubContrivances, from Original Drawings made by Mr. scribers. Blunt, as well as of the more rare and curious Plants Non Subscribers to deposit the Value, and pay per employed in the way of Ornament and Variety in the Week for each Volume as under: for Folios 1s.Pleasure Grounds, Green Houses, and Stoves; engrav-Quartos 6d -Octavos 4d.-Duodecimos Sd.-Single ed by Sansom. Plays 2d. per day.-Modern Publications extra.

The whole intended to afford a full and complete
View of modern practical Horticulture,

Nurseryman and Gardener.

Printed for G. Kearsley, Fleet-street.

N. B. The Purchasers of this Work in Parts are re quested to complete their Sets without delay.



This Day is published, in a neat and closely printed
Volume, small 8vo, containing several very useful
Plates, price 7s. in boards, a New Edition of

A NEW SYSTEM of DOMESTIC COOKERY, formed upon principles of economy, and adapted to the use of Private Families. To which are prefixed, Miscellaneous Observations for the use of the Mistress of a Family. The whole tending to unite elegance with economy, and to produce the same appearance with less expensive means.

The Supplement for the Year 1807, will shortly be ready for delivery GRATIS to the Subscribers, and which will contain every modern Work to the present period. [828

The whole is the genuine work of a Lady, who formed it for the use of her own family.

Printed for John Murray, Fleet-street; and J Harding, St James's-street, London; Archibald Constable and Co. Edinburgh; and Archer and Keene, Dublin. It is sold also by every Bookseller throughout the Empire.


This Day is published, in one Volume, thick 12mo. price 6s extra boards, embellished with a a fine Portrait of Voltaire, printed on a fine paper,

The HISTORY, LIFE, and CAMPAIGNS, of CHARLES XII. King of Sweden, from the French of M. De Voltaire. A new translation from the last Paris edition. To which is prefixed, a Sketch of the Life of the Author.

Where may be had, Dr. Shaw's English Edition of
Lord Chancellor Bacon's Works, complete in 12 vols.
small 8vo. price 31. 12s. extra boards.
Where may also be had,

FABLES of the ANCIENTS, in Philosophy, Morality, and Civil Policy, illustrated and explained by Fraincis Bacon, Baron Verulum, Viscount St. Alban's, and Lord High Chancellor of England. With Notes, critical and explanatory, by Dr. Shaw.


This Edition is improved by the introduction of many excellent Receipts, and the Miscellaneous Observa tions, which form the principal novelty in this work, and which have been found so exceedingly useful, have been augmented with numerous and improved Remarks, which render this part of the Work infinitely service-particular account of their Lives and Misfortunes. To able to a Lady desirous of directing the proper regula- which are added, Poems by Pope, Madan, Cawthorn, tions of her household. There are also added, a Chap- Birch, Seymour, &c. &c. ter upon "Carving," wherein plain rules are given for attaining that useful art, illustrated by several appropriate Engravings; "Cookery for the Sick;" Receipts for "Cleaning Furniture;" and "Directions for Servants."

Where likewise may be had, printed uniformly with the above, price 4s. extra boards, LETTERS of YORICK and ELIZA. To which is added, a Sketch of their Lives, &c.

This is the only Edition published, where Eliza's Let ter's are incorporated with those of Yorick's

Printed for M. Jones, No. 1, Paternoster-row; and sold by Mills and Son, 368, Oxford-street; C. Chapple, 66, Pall-mall; T Goddard, the corner of the Haymarket; and Whitmore and Fenn, No. 6, Charing [$15 cross. [S14



At £4 40 are entitled to 1

3 30........

2 20........


1 11 6........ Each Folio, Quarto, and Octaen s le c Two Volume Subscribers at One Guinea and a Eighteen Shillings the Half Ter, per Quarter, will be entitled to the pensive Works as soon as published

Subscribers at One Gumpe Te the Half Year, or Seven Shilling

Quarter, will be allowed twe Bora

entitled to the new and valable Fr And Subscribers at Sixteen Sh 3 Shillings the Half Year, or Five Solg will, as usual, be allowed two cluded from every other Poli



Subscribers residing in Londurmama Books once a day, but not after

One Book will be considered The Money to be paid at the t Ca alogue Tus S Tap The Proprietor, for the betr persons resting in the Connm, ege Boxes, with Locks and Keys, whic from and to the Library, are to be par scribers.

Non Subscribers to deposit the
Week for each Volume as under: is

Quartos 6d -Octavos 41-D
Plays 2d. per day.-Modern Post

The Supplement for the Year ready for delivery GRATIS to the which will contain every modern a period.

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his is the only Edition published, whom E are incorporated with those of Yuri's rinted for M. Jones, No. 1, Pater by Mills and Son, 365, Oxford-stree Pall-m; T Goddard, the comed nre and Fens, Na

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This Day are published,

Adorned with two Narrative Prints, admirably engraved
by Fittler and Anker Smith, from masterly designs
by Devis and Wilkie, Parts I. and II. price 2s. 6d.
each, of a new and elegant Monthly publication,

CLASSIC TALES, carefully selected from English Authors of original genius, and newly translated from That long-projected Work of the WILD SPORTS the Classics of other Languages: with Critical Essays of INDIA, by Capt. WILLIAMSON and SAMUEL on the merits of the Authors. Each Part will be em-HOWETT; exhibiting a novel and curious Natural bellished with a Narrative Print. History of Hindostan, is just completed, in 20 Num

PARTI contains Louisa Venoni and La Roche, bybers, at 21s. each.
Mackenzie; The Disabled Soldier, The Strolling Player,
and The Man in Black, by Goldsmith.

at the News Office, in Brydges-street, Strand; and may
Printed by and for John Hunt and Carew Reynell,

be had of all the Booksellers and Newsmen.

PART II. contains The Chinese Philosopher's Son,

The Decayed Beau, The Clubbist, The Author's Club,
Choang and Hansi, and The Man-hater, by Gold-of



Handsomely printed in fourteen volumes foolscap
octavo, on a superfine paper and hot-pressed. Embel-
lished with Seventy-four Designs from the Pictures and
Drawings of Loutherbourg, Stothard, and Tresham,
Royal Academicians; and of Thurston, Burney, Uwin,
and others; and are engraved in the first style of ele-
gance and beauty, by Angus, Armstrong, Bromley,
Delaire, Milton, Neagle, Parker, Raimbach, A. Smith,
AR.A. Skelton, and Warren.

FOR THE USE OF SCHWA This Day is published, in one o

price 6s extra boards, embelished

trait of Voltaire, printed on a fee The HISTORY, LIFE, and CBy HARLES XII. King of Swede 1. De Voltaire. A new trans aris edition. To which is prefast, a fe of the Author. Where may be had, Dr. Shawk Ep Ord Chancellor Bacon's Works, caper! all 8vo. price Sl. 12s. extra boards Where may also be a FABLES of the ANCIENTS, S ity, and Civil Policy, illustrated aincis Bacon, Baron Verulum, Visa HLrd High Chancellor of Eng


ical and explanatory, by Dr Shaw LETTERS of ABELARD and H

To expatiate more on the subject would be superresult of many years practical experience of the facts Auous; suffice it to say, that the Macassar Oil, is perWith a copious Appendix, containing a fectly innoxious; and it will retain its virtues in any elucidated.

ticular account of their Lives a great number and variety of Astronomical and Geo-climate; therefore, it is earnestly recommended to Lach are added, Poems by Pox, Ma graphical Problems; also some useful Tables, and a/dies or Gentlemen going abroad.

comprehensive Vocabulary.

ch, Seymour, &c. &c. here likewise may be had, printed the above, price 4s. extra bat

The Lectures contain much useful and scentific knowledge, divested of such mathematical elucidations as require previous mathematical instruction; yet suf

A Caution is necessary to prevent mistakes:-The Macassar Oil, for improving the growth of hair and adding to its beauty, is sold at 3s. 6d. per Bottle, duty included, only by the Proprietors, Rowland and Son,

LETTERS of YORICK and ELIZA ficiently aided by the truths of that sublime science for No. 1, Kirby-street, Hatton Garden; and by their ap

led, a Sketch of their Lives, &c.

pointment, wholesale, by T. and R. Rowney, Perfu-
mers to their Majestics, No. 106, Hatton Garden;
Messrs. Bourgois and Amick, Perfumers to their Royal
Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales, No. 32,
Haymarket; and by Mr. Overton, Perfumer, No. 47,
New Bond-street.

Just completed,


Dedicated, by permission, and under the immediate
patronage of his Majesty, his Royal Highness the
Prince of Wales, his Royal Highness the Duke of
York, the Hon. the Court of Directors of the East
India Company, &c. &c.

MANLEY WOOD, A. M. of Exeter College


Printed for G. Kearsley, Fleet-street. [337.


This Day are published,

In one large Volume, 4to. handsomely printed, with 36
Plates, elegantly engraved, price Two Guineas and
a Half in Boards, dedicated, by permission, for the
use of her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte of

Published by Edward Orme, Bond street, the corner of Brook-street. May he had in boards, or elegantly bound.

Price in boards Six Guineas, or on a large paper with first Impressions of the Plates, Twelve Guineas.

UTILITY AND ELEGANCE COMBINED. The Text of this Edition is corrected by the last called "The Analysis of Beauty."-It is an axiom, The celebrated Hogarth published a singular Work Edition of Dr. Johnson, and Mr. Steevens: and at the the truth of which cannot be controverted, that a fine end of each Play is a selection of their Notes, as wellhead of hair is the most prominent trait of beauty in as those of other Commentators, independent of verbal

criticism, illustrative of the text, the Manners and

toms of the Age in which the Poet lived.

popular reception, and clear, accurate, and extensive


Sold for the Authoress, by George Kearsley, Fleet-
street; and Carpenter, Old Bond-street.

Also, just published, the First Number of a New Work Engravings, of the BRITISH FIELD SPORTS, executed in the same approved style; price 21s. each Number, to be completed in Ten Monthly Numbers. Bond-street, the corner of Brook-street. [604

either sex. To procure this the hair will require that

Cus-nourishment which alone can tend to its increase.

The Proprietors of the MACASSAR OIL can proudly appeal to an enlightened and judicious Public for the unrivalled efficacy of this Oil. They wish not to deceive or delude by rhetorical declamations or bombast language they solicit only the test of experience, and with confidence they can affirm, that the more it is known in a higher degree of estimation will it be held., The utility is evinced by preserving the hair from falling off or changing colour, and its elegance by producing the most smooth and beautiful gloss ever known. Thus to the fairest and most amiable part of the creation it must prove an invaluable advantage, its virtues being so great an auxiliary to heighten their charms.


In the Bills of Mortality for 1806, 3996 persons are stated to have perished by Consumption. This dreadful list too plainly shews that the usual expedients only scatter flowers round the victim they delude to the grave. Had the above Persons employed the Medicine now announced, it it is morally certain more than one thousand of them would have been snatched from the grave, because constant experience proves that three out of four are regularly cured.-This Medicine is sold under the name of HOPE'S HECTIC PILLS, at 2s. 9d. the Box, wholesale and retail, by G. Walker, No. 106, Great Portland street-gratis to the Poor.-Sold also by Ward, No. 824, Holborn; Sheppard, Bristol; Hazard, Bath, &c. [S47

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