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IN concluding the SECOND VOLUME of our Miscellany, it is with no ordinary satisfaction that we look back upon our Work, and, in measuring our performance with our promise, consider ourselves entitled rather to the thanks and acknowledge ments of our Readers, than compelled, according to ordinary practice, to sue for grace and favour, to extenuate omissions, and demand pardon for breach of faith.

If this be the language of pride, we trust, nevertheless, that it is the language of truth. And it is surely better to have placed ourselves in a situation of just, though lofty pretensions, by exertions beyond our promises, and the warranted expectations of our Subscribers, than to have been condemned, at the winding up of a Volume, to slur over all recollection of our pledges, and to have commenced another course of boast and ostentation, with a long arrear of broken faith.

A slight review of what we have done in the last Volume of our Magazine, will sufficiently impress upon our Readers' minds the truth of our assertion. And first, as far as regards the decorative part of our Work:

In our last Numbers we have constantly given the Figures in one of our two Plates of Fashion, COLOURED. This may be considered by some as a material improvement, others will estimate it more cheaply, but all must concur in pronouncing it a very heavy and additional expence to the Proprietors,-an expence, moreover, for which they did not stand engaged, and which must, of consequence, be more praiseworthy in the Reader's estimation.

Some of the Portraits likewise, in the latter Numbers, have been executed with a degree of skill and taste which, they confess, had not been obtained in their former Numbers, and rarely been equalled in any other work. The Proprietors may here refer to the Portrait of the EMPRESS of Russia, in No. 16. which for spirit and delicacy of execution, taste and acuracy of likeness, has never been excelled hy any ens graving of a similar sort.

The Musical department of their work has been improved in the same manner; and they may confidently affirm, that a more choice collection of original English Songs, each expressive and characteristic of the skill and taste of its peculiar Composer, has never appeared in any similar publication. The names of the most eminent Masters, and those only, will be found in the list of the contributors; and the present Work on this account, if no other, would be well worthy of public encouragement.


In respect to the LITERARY department of this Miscellany, the Proprietors have most faithfully kept their engagements. It is impossible to analyse each particular article, or branch, of a mass so copious and varied, but they can safely pronounce, that a more original, interesting, and choice miscellany has seldom been produced in a similar Work; and that under the department entitled, FAMILIAR LECTURES ON USEFUL SCIENCES, will be found matter not even unworthy of the reading of the professed Scholar and Philosopher.

Having taken this just and necessary retrospect, the Proprietors have not much to add. With respect to the general plan of their Magazine, it has been too strongly sanctioned by the Public to admit of any material change. There is no charm in a stiff and unbroken monotony; there is no advantage in a wavering levity and capricious change.

Animated by past favours, and happy in the prospect of opening new resources, the Proprietors close their Half-Year's labours, and cheerfully prepare for a renewal.






1. The Portrait of Her Royal Highness Princess Sophia, finely engraven, by special

permission, after an original Miniature in the possession of the Princess Elizabeth. 2. MADANE CATALANI in the Dress and Character of Semiramis, in the Opera of Semiranide S. A WHOLE-LENGTH PORTRAIT FRENCH FIGURE, in a Parisian Winter Morning Walking

Dress. 4. The authentie RoxBOROUGH EVENING Dress, as worn by the Duchess of RoXBOROUGH. 5. A newly-invented SPENSER WALKING Dress, with the INCOGNITA Hat, as worn by

Miss DUNCAN, in the new Opera of False Alarms. H. A NEW SONG, set to Music for the Piano-Forte, by Dr. Calcott, expressly and exclu

sively for LA BELLE ASSEMBLEE. 7. Two new and elegant PATTERNS FOR NEEDLE-Work.



36 TRIOUS LADIES. On Drawing.

S8 Her Royal Highness Princess Sophia ..... 3


Descriptive Letter on the Gallery of Dus

seldorf.... On the advantages of a well cultivated mind

40 The Robber ....

... 6 A particular Account of the last eruption of

POETRY, Mount Vesuvius .....

8 Original and Select ... The Golden Mirror; or, the Kings of Sheshian ; a true history, translated from

RETROSPECT OF POLITICS, the Sheshianese .....

10. On the Structure of Language; or, Rules Foreign and Domestic, for the Month of for the improvement of Epistolary Com January

45 position ...

11 The Ladies' Toilette; or, Encyclopædia of

Beauty ...

For the preceding Month

47 Sabina; or, Morning Scenes in the Dressing, room of a Roman Lady ...


SECOND DIVISION OF THIS WORK. On the Tombs of the modern Greeks ....... 19 The Representations of Life, contained in the Works of Fiction, not to be consi

LA BELLE ASSEMBLEE, dered as having any existence in Nature 22 || Explanation of the Prints of Fashion.....

49 The Story of the tame Pigeon ..... 26 | English Costume...


Parisian Costume.. FAMILIAR LECTURES ON USEFUL General Observations on the Fashions for SCIENCES February


51 On Pneumatics si || Queen's Birth-day Dresses

53 On Heraldry

33 | Birth-day Splendour delineated Culinary Researches 34 The London Shoemaker ...

55 Letters on Botany..

35 l) Supplementary Advertisements for the Month.


bondon: Printed by and for J. Bell, Proprie!or of the Weekly MESSENGER, Southanpton-Street,

Strand, February 1, 1807,

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