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For MAY, 1807.



small brooch of bright amber confines the shirt ENGLISH COSTUME.

at the throat, and one of a larger size ornaments No. 1.-AN EVENING, or Ball Dress.

the gown in the centre of the bosom. A sash,

the colour of the coat, tied immediately in front. A round dress of soft white satin, with short | Indian turban cap, or bonnet of correspondent train, slashed sleeve, and square bosom, made tomaterials, worn generally with a veil of Brussels sit close to the forın ; embroidered round the lace. Hair cropt behind, and in simple curls in bottoin and bosom with a delicate border in silver. | front. White sarsnet parasol, with Vandy ke floss The shawl drapery, formed of a large square of | fringe. York can gloves, and kid shoes, the copink patent net, embroidered in correspondent lour of the coat. border of silver; which, by crossing the back, and being confined with a brooch on the left shoulder, furms the tunic drapery (now so much

A FASHIONABLE PARTY, in esteem) by the aid of a single pin only. Silver cord and tassels, suspended from one side of the figure. Large diamond brooch in the centre of the bosom, continued in a chain to the bottom

FIRST LADY. of the waist. Drawn tucker of Mechlin lace.

In a round dress of Italian crape, of a bright Hair in dishevelled curls on the crown of the lemon colour, over a white sarsnet slip. A short head, flowing in ringlets towards the left ear. full sleeve, and round bosom, cut low, with a Bandeau of diamonds finished in the centre in liucker of French net. Conversation bonnet of the form of a cockle-shell. Earrings of a similar chip, ornainented with lilac ribband. Hair curled form; armlets and bracelets of blended pearl

on the foreliead; and in ringlets on the shouls and hair. Pink satin shoes, trimmed with silverders. fringe. White kid gloves, rucked.


A round dress of plain India muli muslin; with A French coat of imperial satin, or twill sars- | long waist, full sleeve, and frock back. A deep net, of a lavender-blossom, or light lilac colour ; | fall of Mechlin lace quite round the bosom. A bordered at the wrist, and entirely round the short sash, of bright morone tied behind. A turcoat, with a brocade ribband of the shaded jon-ban hat, of morone, satin, shaded in checks, and quille colour. A plain walking dress of the ornamented with field flowers in front. Necklace finest French cambric, or jaconet muslin, scol- and earrings of mocho-stone linked with gold. loped at the feet in the form of shells; two rows | Hair cropt close behind, and in deshevelled curls of open hems, or work, at regular distances, im-l in front. Long Angola shawl, of a bright amber mediately above it. Habit shirt of similar ma. | colour, with a rich and variegated border. White terial, let in with ricir point lace in front; with || kid gloves, and shoes of morone kid. treble high collars of lace and embroidery. A

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