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At her house in St. Andrew's-square, Edin At Cockermouth, in Cumberland, at the very burgh, the Riglit Hon. the Countess Dowager of advanced age of 86, Mr. William Gifford, Fa. Dalhousie.

ther of the English Stage since the days of the At a very advanced age, at Rippon, in York: veteran Macklin. This Gentleman was the son shire, Jefferson, the actor. He was contemporary of Mr. Gifford, proprietor of Goodman's-Fields with Garrick on the London stage, and studionis. | Theatre, to whom the public were indebted for ly copied the inanner of that great actor.

the introduction of Garrick. The younger Gif. Mr. Sawyer, of the Angel Inn, London, while ford also, in company with his father's Cometalking to a customer at his bar, suddenly drop. dians, exhibited with Garrick at Ipswich, previous ped down and expired. A messenger was in to making his debut in London. He performed stantly sent with the melancholy news for twenty years on ihe London boards with con. brother publican, and most intimate i friend; siderable success. whose family returned for answer, tinat he died Al Gateshead, Mr. Charles Atkison. He was at the same moment, and in the like sudden chosen by Lord Nelson to steer his ship, the

Victory, into the Bay of Aboukir, on the me. In an obscure lane, in the Liberty, Dublin, a morable first of August. poor old man, who, for a great number of venrs, Kya Wake, the printer, who, about the year had been the victim of disease and the most de 1795, was convicted of insulting the King on his plorable poverty.-On taking off an old wig, way to the Parkament House, and suffered an which he constantly wore under his nightcap | imprisonment of five years for it.-His death was during his illness, some papers were found sewed occasioned by his being crushed between the up in the caal, which on inspection, proved to be wheel of a waggon and a post in Paul's Chain, St, bank-notes, to the amount of 9751. and in various Paul's Church yard. parts of his tattered apparel 71 guineas and a half AųInver, near Dunkeld, Niel Gow, in the 80ih were found sewed up.-It was a fortunate cir. year of his age. As a composer of 'Highland cumstance that his only son, a private in the

Reels few have excelled him; and his spirited marines, arrived from Plymouth but four hours performance of that favourite species of national before his death, to visit him, and into whose music will be long remembered. hand; the property fell.

At Vellore, in the East Indies, Captain David Willison, of the 294 regiment of native infantry,

TO CORRESPONDENTS, only son of Mr. Willison, printer, in Edinburgh; THE Farmer's Letters are received, and will one of the sufferers in the unfortuate insurrection

be returned if called for. of the native troops in that fort.

Our Correspondent's communication from Brooks At Kintore, Mrs. Eliz. Farquhar; and, on the Green, is inadmissible, next day, herhusband, Mr. Alexander Farquhar, An immense quantity of poetry has been received for many years senior bailie of that burgh. || this ronth ; as those to rhom we are indebied for They were both about 82 years of age, and had it will see that the greater part is not inserted, been married upwards of 50 years. They had they cannot suspect that we huve any private ricus often expressed a wish that the one might not in declining the trouble of returning it, or acknowsurvive the other, and they were buried together ledging the receipt of each particular article. In on the same day in one grave.

u word, such as are disposed to honout, us with Suddenly, Mr. Richard. Scarce, aged 90, for- coinmunications (which we desire it to be understood merly master of the riding-house in Bath.-He that we solicit, and from which the greater part of voted at the last Nottingham election for a Re

our Magazine is composed every month) must sub. presentative for that town; and what is very re mit not only to the risk of having their favours markable he had the same silver buttons on his rejected, but of losing them allogether, unless they coat and waistcoat, and the same buckles in his keep copies, a precaution which we ansiously reshoes, that he wore on a similar occasion in the

commend to them,

year 1745.

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FOR APRIL, 1807.


1 A Portrait of her IMPERIAL MAJESTY THE EMPRESS OF Russia. 2. Two whole-length Portraits in the Fashionable Costume of the Month, finely coloured. S. A neat Group of Conversation Characters, selected from a famous Print representing the

style of Society in their Popular Assemblies, at Frescati, at Paris. 4. An Original Song, set to Music for the Harp and Piano-Forte, expressly and exelusively

for this Work, by Mr. Hook. 5. A new NEEDLE-WORK PATTERN for a FRENCH NICHTCAP.




On the Art of Drawing

203 British Synonimy

204 On Heraldry


Her Majesty the Empress of Russia...... 171




207 The Contrast of our present with our pos.

Original and Select .... sible Situation efficacious in cliecking the progress of Discontent


PUBLIC AMUSEMENTS. Account of a Journey to Madrid 177 | Maids to be Married; by M. Picard

215 Short Biographical notice on Madame Hel. A Day in London Yetius.....

181 On Epistolary Style, and particularly on that

LA BELLE ASSEMBLEE. of Madame de Sevigné

212 182 || Explanation of the Prints of Fashion...... The Captain of Banditii; a true Story .... 183 English and Parisian Costume...

ib. Bliomberis ...

187 General Intelligence of the most elegant The Representations of Life, contained in

Spring Fashions

218 the Works of Fiction, not to be consi Letter on Dress

219 dered as having any existence in Nature 192 | Present State of the French Stage.

221 The Ladies' Toilette; or, Encyclopædia of Antiquarian researches into the origin and Beauty 196 diversities of Costume

222 Sabina; or, Morning Scenes in the Dressing Paris Spectacles ....

223 room of a Roman Lady 197 Births, Marriages, and Deaths...

ib. Letters on Physiognomy..

200 || Supplementary Advertisements for the Month.

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London: Printed by and for J, Bell, Proprielor of the WEEKLY MESSENGER, Southampton-Street,

Strand, May 1, 1807.

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