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For MARCH, 1807.


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quartered front, trimmed round the bottom, on No.1.-WALKING DRESS.

the waist and sleeves, with a white velvet ribband A Polish Robe of purple velvet, flowing open

thickly spangled with gold. A white satin sash,

tied in long bows and ends on the right side, in front, rounded gradually from the botiom towards the lappels, which are continued across

terininated with splendid gold tassels. High the shoulder, and finished in regular points on

gathered tucker of Brussels lace. Hair in dithe back. A chemisette of the same, with high || similar with the trimming of the dress; bow of

shevelled curls, confined with a white velvet band full collar; the whole trimmed entirely round with the red fox, mole, leopard spot, or grey

the same blended with the liair, and placed over squirrel. A rich cord and tassel fastened in the

the left eye. India shawl, a deep amber colour, centre of the back, which occasionally confines

with a rich and variagated fringe and border, the robe. The back and skirt cat in one; and

negligently drawn through each arm, so as to the sleeve nearly to fit the arin. Polish cap of

form a flowing drapery on the right side of the the same material, trimmed round the edge, and

figure. Necklace composed of bright top. 2, set across the crown, with correspondent skin; a

transparent, fastened with a diamond stud in the cord and tassels suspended in irregular lengths

centre. Topaz earrings of the fashionable shell from the right side of the crown.

York tan

form ; gold elastic bracelets. French kid gloves.

White satin shoes, with gold rosets. Fan of gloves; and primrose, or purple shoes.

amber crape, with devices in purple and gold.
A round train dress of soft white satin, but-
toned simply down the left side; the back very

low, and quite plain. Higli, and double puffed
sleeves, with wrap froul. Military sash of cob No. 4,-PARISIAN WINTER Dress.
web muslin, embroidered in gold spots, como
mencing from the back of the right shoulder,

A promenade coat of soft Circassian cloth, a crossing the waist behind, and passing under the pale olive colour, buttoned down the front, and right side of the busom, gathered into a pearl

formed high in the back, wiili open round lapbrooch at the opposite corner, and flowing within pels at the brisom, double roll triınming round, a quarter of a yard to the bottom of the dress,

the arm-hole and wrist; full lace tucker, and where it is finished with a rich gold tassel. Hair

dcuble demi ruff à lu Queen Elizabeth, plaited in turned up in the Grecian style; plain Vands vandyke. Sash of pale salmon colour, or pink brought to point on the forehead, irregularly | sarsnet, tied in small bows, and long ends on the curred at the ears and on the crown of the head, I right side. Equestrian hat, composed with simiwhere it is confined with a coronet, or diadem of

lar materials with the coat, projecting leaves in

front of the same. pearl. Pearl necklace, earrings, and bracelets;

Hlair close crope behind,

divided on the forehead, and curld on the sides. gold armlet. White kid gloves. Shoes of white

Shawl of pale salmon colour, wish blue and crimsatin, embroidered with gold. Fan of white

son border, carelessly thrown over the left arm. crape, with gold spangled border.

Necklace, two rows of fine pearl ; earrings of No. 3.-A Ball Dress,

gold; and fan of white tiffany, embroidered in Of plain crape, over a white satin slip, made a blue and gold. Straw-coloured gloves and shocs. dancing lengih; plain back and sleeve, with




short brush feathers of the same colour. The

chastity and elegance of this habiliment stands MOST PREVAILING FASILIONS.

almost unrivalled

The Cottage cloak, of scarlet ker:egmere, is

another very attractive covering; it is made with In those antediluvian days, when fashion a hood, or cape, and lies immediately on one checked the reins of variety, and prescribed to side of the throat, leaving the shoulder occasion. taste and fancy their regular limits, when in an ally exposed. The front end of the cloak is assembly of elegant females one universal stand- | pointed, the other rounded; and the whole is ard prevailed, and diversity of colour was the only terminated with a Turkish ribband, or fur, hapdistinguishing mark of individual selection, the pily contrasted as to colour. With this cloak is pencil of the artist, and the pen of the delineator

worn a Jockey cap, or Cottage bonnet, composed were confined within narrow bounds; but in this of the same material. Some females of fashionenlightened age, when fancy is permitted to range able celebrity have sported lately silk stockings at large, and fashion is confederate with taste and the colour of the pelice, with open-wove ankles. variety, the lesson is more complicated, the la The mild and spring-like season, has partially bour more diffuse. We are puzzled with the

introduced the spenser; we have witnessed sediversity, we are dazzled with the brilliancy of veral in carriages, and in the Park, of dovethe objects we attempt to pourtray, and it re velvet, and twill sarsnet, formed with a deep quires a perspicuity of discernment, and an in- lappel, which is lined with pink, and trimmed at tense observation, to select with judgment, and the edge with skin. combine with effect; for scarcely has our ad The Cardinal coat seems chiefly to be laid miration payed due hornage to the well-chosen aside, but the Opera coat is still as prevalent as costume of one tasteful female, before our atten

ever; we witnessed one of a bright, but pale, tion is as forcibly excited by another; and we morone velvet, trimmed all round with a deep readily acknowledge that the fanciful inventions and most elegant gossamer fur. Opera tippets of our English bellos was never more conspicu. | à la pelerine, of white satin, or velvet; the latter ously displayed.

trimmed with swansdown, the former vandyked We presume not to say how far our delinea

with coloured velvet, with full puckered collars, tions have contributed to that taste in personal are very distinguishing, and particularly well decoration which so eminently distinguishes the adapted for slender figures. We never recollect present race of British fair; but we can assure the full dress costume to be more graceful or conthem of the continuation of our efforts to afford | sistent, except that the long sleeve is too genesuch information as shall secure to them that rally adopted, which cannot properly belong to necessary auxiliary to beauty-a good taste. this style of costuine. The reste, à la Catalani,

Independent of the Polish robe given in No. 1. as given in our last Number, is much introduced of our Prints of Fashion, we are enabled to give amongst fashionable circles ; it is usually coma description of a species of Pelice equally new.

posed of gold or silver chambrey, and sometimes This most graceful habit is styled the Hibernian of coloured Italian crape, embroidered in a neat vest, and is formed of velvet, the colour pigeon's || border of silver; and is worn over a white satin breast; it is forined as a fowing robe in front, so or sarsnet under dress. as occasionally to wrap round the figure; the We have lately been favoured with the sight back is cut round in forin of a high gown, with of a most elegant round robe, formed of a deliout cape or collar, and is trimmed entirely round

cate white Italian crape, embroidered all over in with a full waving skin of grey squirrel. The small silver stars. This dress was made with a vest is formed by a wid!h of velvet fastened down train, and worn over a white satin slip; the on the inside of the waist, brought across the bosom sharply rounded at the corners, with a fall bosom, and gathered into a brooch on the left of Mechlin lace round, and a drawn tucker above shoulder; it is hemmed on the edge next the it; the sleeve a plain wrap, trimmed at the edge throat, with the same skin. The back is formed with silver à la corkscrew. From the left shoulder very broad, and is drawn loosely at the bottom flowed the Peruvian scarf, of a deep salmon with a band, which is brought through the lining colour, with Indian border. The round apron of and confined in the centre of the waist with large | lace, or patent net, in white, or morone, with topaz clasps, leaving the sides flowing open. 1 light border in silver, gold, or coloured fuil, is The Hibernian hat worn with ihis pelice, is of considered as very elegant; it is generally worn the Spanish form, perfecily Alit in the rim, and with a round dress of white satin, or sarsnet, and trimmed round the edge, on the inside, with a | is confined tight round the figure, the fullness skin the same as the pelice; it is turned up being thrown quite behind, where it is tied directly in front, and over the edge waves two with bows of white satin ribband, or lassels to

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