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versities of Germany, where it has been for many years regarded as forming a legitimate part of a philosophical course of instruction. The lectures were generally regarded by the students as forming a very attractive feature of the senior year.

The results of the author's studies and thought on this subject, studies which he continued through his life, are contained in the following pages. It will be seen that the method of treatment is historic in its spirit, and proceeds upon the fact that, in connection with the successive periods of time, there arises also a development in the department of creative power, corresponding with the interests and activities proper to each epoch. The spirit of the work is seen to be historic also, in the presentation and discussion of the views of many writers who have made the subject of Art the theme of special study, and who are entitled to respect, either on account of their experimental acquaintance with Art, or because of the wide range of their genius and knowledge.

In preparing the work for the press, the object has been to offer it to the public in the exact form in which it was left. This has been effected, with the exception of some slight and necessary alterations. The principal work done has been in the verifying of citations and references. The references at the bottom of the page are nearly all by another hand.

It is hoped, that, at a time when the subject of Art seems to be awakening new interest everywhere, the present volume may prove a not unacceptable contribution to a view of it which, in' this country, at least, has as yet received but little attention.

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