Journal of the Proceedings of the General Council of the Republic of Texas: Held at San Felipe de Austin, November 14th 1835 [-March 11th, 1836]

National Intelligencer Office, 1839 - 363 páginas

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Página 631 - Smith offered the following resolution, which was adopted : Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed by the...
Página 709 - England: he shall have power to grant writs of " habeas corpus " in all cases known and practised, to and under the same laws: he shall have power to grant writs of sequestration, attachment. or arrest, in all cases established by the " Civil Code " and " Code of Practice
Página 788 - Committee rose, reported progress, and asked leave to sit again ; which was granted. On motion of Mr.
Página 697 - Houston, John Forbes, and John Cameron, be and they are hereby appointed, Commissioners to treat with the Cherokee Indians, and their twelve...
Página 721 - State under which it was issued : SEC. 65. It shall not be lawful for any free negro or mulatto to migrate into this State ; and if he or she shall do so, contrary to the provisions of this act, and being thereof informed, shall not, within twenty days thereafter, remove out of the State, he or she being thereof convicted in the manner hereafter directed, shall be liable to a penalty of five hundred...
Página 796 - Government, as stated in the memorial ; which was read, and referred to the Committee on Military Affairs. The following Message was received from the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES...
Página 645 - Orleans, and land our troops and supplies wherever we please. "Therefore be it resolved, by the general council of the provisional government of Texas, That his Excellency, Henry Smith, governor, be and he is hereby earnestly requested to concentrate all his troops by his proper officers, at Copano and San Patricio, for the purpose of carrying into effect the objects expressed and contained in the foregoing report.
Página 761 - Look around upon your flock; your discernment will easily detect the scoundrels; the complaint, contraction of the eyes; the gape of the mouth; the vacant stare; the hung head; the "restless, fidgety disposition; the sneaking, sycophantic look; a natural meanness of countenance; an unguarded shrug of the shoulders; a sympathetic tickling and contraction of the muscles of the neck, anticipating a rope; a restless uneasiness to adjourn, dreading to face the storm themselves have raised.
Página 577 - The committee to whom was referred that part of the Governor's Message which relates to the amendments proposed by the General Assembly of Louisiana and Missouri, to the Constitution of the United States...
Página 798 - Smith, or the collector of public dues for the department of Bexar, or either of them be, and is hereby authorized, and fully empowered, to collect the aforesaid sum of five hundred dollars, from any person or persons indebted to this Government, or from any person or persons having in their charge...

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