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cated-A “Necessity” for the Safety and

Freedom of the Southern States”—The duty

The Impending Crisis.

to fight for it-The South will abide by the

Constitution as they construe it--Assurance

RT I–Page 1--The Paramount Issue of the

of full Triumph to the South-The coming
lour-Democratic Leaders preparing for

Southern Domination - "Principles and
Violence-If Fraud fails, then Force-Demo-

Practices” of the Slave-holders to be Re-
ratic belief that Tilden was “legally"

stored--The Mississippi Shot-gun means
elected—Tilden cheered as “President” in

Southern Restoration - The spirit which
1880—Democratic leaders declare in advance animated his hearers-Spirit of the Missis-
here shall be “no Arbitration” this time-

sippi Press.

Wallace shrieks “Aggression"--Representa-

tive Hill declares that they will inaugurate

| PART IV-Page 8–Further Testimony as to

Hancock whether they elect him or not-

the Spirit of the South, from Southern

Speaker Randall and Inauguration by Democratic, Greenback, and other sources-
Force-Governor Stevenson declares Han-

Senator Morgan says the recent Alabama
cock is “Elected” President--Declarations

Election shows “conclusively the Spirit of
of John Kelly, of New York, Barnes of Ga., the South !"--A Greenback Orator Astound-
Montgomery Blair, General Preston of Ky.,

ed in Alabama-“The Confederacy still
Col. Williams, Col. McDaniel, and others,

exists!"_"Jeff Davis is yet our Presi-
showing the Programme of Force.

dent!”– A “Solid South will give us con-

trol, and we can redress all our wrongs"-
ART II–Page 3_The Power behind the

Voice of Virginia's Democracy-The hour at
Throne- Direct as well as Internal Evidence

last has come to take the Presidency, “and
that Hancock was Nominated by the “Solid

resume the Record of Glory where in 1861

South "--Testimony of Senator Wallace,

it unhappily closed !”-Governor Wiltz of

General Joseph E. Johnston, and Wade

Louisiana says the South is solid for Han- ·

Hampton-Hampton's condition piedge-

cock—“ There is no occasion now for Bull-

The evidence conclusive.

dozing.” The Negro must side with the

Democrats, “ or go to the Wall"--"The Im.

perishable Heritage of Glory” transmitted


by Rebels-White Republicans to be brand-

ed as Enemies— White Republican candi-

Spirit of the Solid South.

dates to be “Saturated with Stench”-1,000

Democratic votes “equal to 5,000 vile

ART I–Page 4-Wade Hampton's Speech Radical” votes—“We have the Count”-

at Staunton, Va., backed by Přoufs of Genu The Democrats control South Carolina, and

ineness—The Indissoluble Bonds of the “intend to Retain it at every Hazard !"-

Confederacy—The “Glorious Heritage” of Heroic deeds of Rebel Sires--We offer no

hate and lust of Power-He adjures Virginia Excuse for being a Solid South-The Cen-

by her Confederate “Traditions” to stand tral National Greenback Organ on the Spirit

by the “ Solid South”-A “Glorious Past” of the South-The party of Hate, Malice,

“Our one great object,” Hancock's election and Subversion-- Advises Greenbackers to

Look only to that; Fight for it !"-Elect “Work against it, Vote against it, Refuse its

Hancock and the North also shall be Bull Alliance!

dozed–The Republican vote North shall

disappear--"Peace and Union” when the

South can Dictate-“Consider what Lee


and Jackson would do were they alive.

These are the same principles for which Revolutionary Proceedings and Purposes

they fought. * * Do not abandon them

of the Democratic Leaders.


PART II–Page 5--The Confederate Briga-

PART 1- Page 10-Introduction to the Evi-
diers in the Senate—They eulogize Jeff

dences of Tilden's Revolutionary Inten-
Davis, and would Pension him and the Con-

tions-Democratic Revolutionary Proceed-

ings thus far ---Their remarkable growth-
federate Soldiers-How they Voted-Zach

How a Minority can Overthrow a Govern-
Chandler's scathing denunciation,

ment-Forcible Illustrations of the peril that
PART III–Page 7_Jefferson Davis' last set Potter strove to Precipitate-Plausible pre

Speech-The right of Secession now vindi-l texts for Revolution always ready.

PART II–Page 13 – The first Potter Letter | Investigation and Declaring that the House

declaring the Election should be thrown has no Revolutionary Purpose — Withdrawn
into the House–That the House is the sole Under Democratic Pressure after a Vota
judge of Presidential Elections, can act Which Showed no Quorum-Ben Wilson's
alone on its own information, and is su Resolution to Extend the Investigation if
preme-Tilden as Commander-in-Chief. the Democratic Committee Believes in it-

Wilson's Admission as to “Intent" of the
PART II—Page 15—The Electoral Commis Potter Inquiry-National Democratic Com-

sion Acte Votes proving it a Democratic mittee Approves the Potter Movement and
Measure-The Electoral Count the vote as

Refuses to Disavow the Treasonable Intent
announced-Subsequent Revolutionary pro -An Influential Democrat admits the In-
ceedings of the House before th: Adjourn-

tent if they can only Make a Case.
ment of the Forty-fourth Congress-Field's
Quo Warranto bill and vote on it.

PART XII–Page 29–Potter's open Letter to

the Reverend “Blank-His Fatal Admis-
PART IV-Page 17-Report of House Com-

sions Touching the Motives at the Bottom
mittee affirming the right of the House to

of the Inquiry-The Revolutionary Intent
go behind returns, and its Authority over Laid Bare by his own Words-No Jesuitism
the Count-Vote on Burchard's Amendment

can cover it.
to it.

PART XIII_Page 31-Alex. H. Stephens' Sec-
PART V-Page 17-Morrison's letter on Til-

ond Letter to Potter-Successfully Defends
den's “pluck”—Tilden thought he had

the Hale Amendment, and Shows up the
“packed" the Electoral Commission-Hen Potter Movement in its True Colors--"Most
dricks urges the House to declare Tilden

Unwise, Most Unfortunate, and Most Mis-
duly elected—Votes by which the House chievous"-"A Contemptible Farce or a
makes that Revolutionary Declaration Horrible Tragedy”_Potter's Jesuitical Whis-
Subsequont Democratic Protests declaring perings as “Delusive and Guileful" as those
Hayes "& usurper”—Tilden officially noti of “The Great Arch-fiend.”
fied of his Election-Did he take the Oath ? -
Revolutionary Talk - Hewitt's enforced PART XIV–Page 31—The Burchard Resola-
Resignation and singular Apology-Judge tion–The Democrats “Forced against their
Black's threat.

Will” to declare an Opinion on Hayes

Title--They are taken by Surprise, are
PART VI–Page 20—The Manhattan Club Panic-Stricken and Routed--A Graphic De-

Reception-Orders which the Democratic scription of the Scene- The Vote by which
House did its best to Enforce-Treasonable

a Revolutionary House, Driven by Sudden
Utterances of Tilden, Dorsheimer, Dudley

Fear, Condemns its Own Treasonable Pur-
Field and others—One Thousand Distin-

guished Democrats from twelve different
Štates applaud the Treason !

PART XV—Page 33—The next Democratic

Move-Throwing Sawdust in People's Eyes
PART VII—Page 23--Maryland selected to --Vote on House Judiciary Committee Re-
make the First Movement in the Plot-The port and Resolution a mere piece of Clap-
Montgomery Blair Quo Warranto Resolu-

PART XVI–Page 33—The work of the Potter
PART VIII–Page 23——The Potter Iniquity Committee-Impeachment of Hayes and

founded upon the Maryland Initiative Wheeler Talked of-How it was to be Done
Randall's ruling on Question of Privilege -Hayes Out and Tilden in, or Hayes Out
The Revolutionary intent admitted–The and Thurman in-Democratic Authorities
votes in full.

for it.
PART IX-Page 25–The Casey Young Reso-

so. PART XVII—Page 34-Why Impeachment
lution--The Democratic Caucus Refuse to

was Abandoned-Rebuke from the North-
Declare that “it is not Inter.ded to Disturb

New Tactics-Forcing the Extra Session-
Hayes"--Republican Caucus Warning the

Political Riders—The New Revolution-
People that the Potter Movement is Revo-

“Starving Out," instead of “Shooting
lrtionary - Republican National Congress-

Down," the Government-Extra Session --
ional Committee's Address to the People

Threats of Senators Beck and Thurman and
Declaring that the Potter Plot is to Suborn

Representatives Hurd, Muldrow, Singleton,
Witnesses, Declare Hayes an Usurper, and

Tucker, Kitchin, O'Connor, Chalmers, Mo
put Him out.

Mahon, Sparks, Tucker, and Blackburn-

“He who Dallies is a Dastard, He who
PART X-Page 26-Alexander H. Stevens' Doubts is Damned !

Letter of Warning to Potter-The Tilden-
Potter Ruffians Hoot him Down in the

PART XVIII–Page 37-Beaten at all Points,
House-Interview with Stephens—“Snug,

(see chapters containing Vetoes) the Demo-
the Joiner"_“The People want Peace and

cratic Leaders fall back on the Fraud Issue

-The Game “ Played out"_The Bitter End

to which they seek to Drive the North-
PART XI–Page 27_Carter Harrison's “Ques Rule or Ruin-Supremacy of the South or

tion of Privilege”--Resolution Extending! Civil War-The Answer from the North.




cial Session of 1879–The Vetoes and A History of Democratic Election Frauds


from 1844 to 1880.

PART I-Page 56—"Counting in " Peculiarly
RT I-Page 38—The President's Call for a Democratic Invention and Peculiarly à
a Extra Session-Why it was Necessary to Democratic Practice-Counting in of Polk
ssue it.

in 1844–Of Buchanan in 1857- The Attempt

to Count Tilden in in 1876—The Earlier
RT II—Page 38—Veto of the Army Appro-

Frauds compared with the Later.
riation Bill-Military Interference at Elec-
ons-Supervisors and Marshals Prohibited PART II–Page 59_Popular Votes vs. Electo-
om Preserving the Purity of Congressional ral Votes-Popular and Electoral Votes of
lections—Votes in House and Senate on Harrison and Van Buren, Polk and Clay,
ne Bill.

Harrison and Cass-Tilden's Pretended

Popular ” Majority-Votes in the Free,
RT III-Page 42—Veto of the Bill to Pro-

Border and Slave States-Real Voting
ibit Military Interference at Elections-

Strength of Gulf States shows a Republican
otes in House and Senate--Brief History |

Majority of 183,335 in 1870, and large In-
f the Act which this Bill Proposed to Re-

crease since---South Carolina, Mississippi,
eal-It was a Democratic Meastre De-

and Louisiana essentially Republican now.
igned to Support the Rebel Brigadiers in
he Field-It reacts, and hence the fight PART III - Page 61–The Florida Case-
gainst it.

Bloody Violence failing, fraud and Judicial

Usurpation--A brief History of certain
RT IV-Page 45—Veto of the Legislative, Fraudulent Proceedings by which Tilden
'xecutive and Judicial Appropriation Bill strove to Capture that one needed Electoral
-Repeal or Modification of the Law touch Vote-Facts, Figures and Incidents..
ng Supervisors and Marshals at Congress-

PART IV --Page 64—The Louisiana case-

onal Elections, and Jurors in U. S. Courts

--Votes in House and Senate.

Population and Votes – Ku-Klux Crimes of

1868–Tilden Rifle Clubs of 1876--The Ter-

RT V_Page 48—Veto of the Judicial Ex rible Outrages and Murders in the Seven-

senses Appropriation Bill-U. S. Marshal teen Parishes---Sheridan's Statement--The

ind Deputies at Congressional Elections-

State' Returning Board--Its duties-How

Totes in House and Senate.

and why it acted-Infamy of the Tilden


RT VI–Page 49—Veto of the U. S. Mar-
hals' Appropriation Bill—Votes in House

PART V-Page 67—The Hale Amendment to
ind Senate,

the one-sided Resolution-The Florida

Frauds-The Oregon Corruption and
RT VII–Page 51-Message of the Presi-

Bribery—The Louisiana Bull-dozing and

lent to Congress, urging the Necessity of

Frauds—The South Carolina Bribery and

immediate Appropriations for U.S. Marshals

Corruption - The Mississippi Shot-gun

ind their Deputies—The Democratic Con-

Frauds, Registration and other Statistics.

gress Contemptuously Declines to do it- PART VI–Page 69—The Page Resolution

Senator Windom's Bill Making Appropria-

condemning Tilden's attempt to steal the

ions to pay Marshals and Deputies defiantly Oregon vote, and denouncing the Infamy of
imended, and then Postponed Indefinitely. Cronin, defeated by the Democrats-Only

two decent men in all Israel.
PART VII—Page 70—The shameful story of

the Cipher Dispatches and the Tilden


“Bar'l "-Bribery and attempted Bribery

to secure Presidential Electors in Florida,

gular Session (2d) 1879-80_U. S. Mar South Carolina and Oregon.
hals and their deputies–Vetoes and | PART VIII–Page 71--The Maine Larceny

Brief History of the Garcelon Iniquity-

How the attempted Outrage came to grief.
LRT I–Page 51-The First Deficiency Bill
--General and Special Deputy Marshals-

PART IX-Page 73—The Wallace Investiga-
Political riders—Veto and Votes in both

tion-Infamous New York Election Frauds-


John I. Davenport's startling Revelations on

the Witness Stand--For twelve years Tam-

LRT II—Page 53—Special Bill regulating

many Hall has voted Thousands of Men who
pay, etc., of Deputy Marshals-Veto and never lived !-Repeaters' Frauds—The Su-

preme Court turned into a bogus Natural-

ization Mill-- Testimony of a Democratic

IRT III - Page 55-Payment of Marshals and Tammany Judge on cross-examination--A

Deputies for 1880-Latesi action in both Pitiable Spectacle--Bushel baskets full of

Houses-Propositions and votes.

Fraudulent Naturalization Papers -- The

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