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Johnson, Reuben, coordinator of legislative services, National Farmers

Jones, Mrs. Paul M., vice president, Young Women's Christian Association
of the U. S. A.......

Keller, Leo D., American Institute for Imported Steel, Inc..

Kohn, George F., president, Precision Grinding Wheel Co., Inc., Phila-
delphia, Pa..

Laves, Mrs. Walter H. C., director, League of Women Voters of the United


Lechliter, Irvin, executive director, the American Veterans Committee.
Lisle, B. Orchard, president, the Oil Forum, Inc.

Masaoka, Mike, Washington representative, American Importers of Japa-
nese Textiles, Inc...

Meikle, Ann, legislative chairman, Pennsylvania division, American Asso-

ciation of University Women, accompanied by Dorothy B. Robins, associ-

ate in international relations, American Association of University


Mersereau, James F., vice president, Foster Wheeler Corp-

Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce

Mitchell, William A., chairman, advisory committee on special activities,
American Bankers Association, accompanied by Eugene Zorn, economist,
American Bankers Association_

National Council of Jewish Women, Inc..

North Atlantic Ports Association..

Osborn, Mrs. Chase S., Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.

Parker, Joseph, legislative counsel, the National Grange

Percy, Charles H., president, Bell & Howell Co., Chicago, Ill., representing
the Committee for a National Trade Policy, Inc..

Picker, Harvey, Picker X-Ray Corp., White Plains, N. Y.

Pierson, Warren Lee, chairman, Trans World Airlines, Inc.

Pike, H. Harvey, president, H. H. Pike Co., Inc., New York, N. Y.

Radcliffe, Harry S., executive vice president, National Council of Im-
porters, Inc.

Ray, John C., Greater Detroit Board of Commerce.

Replogle, Delbert E., on behalf of Friends Committee on National Legis-


Resor, Stanley, chairman, J. Walter Thompson Co.

Revnes, Richard, director of services, Chicago Association of Commerce

and Industry

Ringer, Walter M., Minneapolis, Minn.

Sabin, Rebecca F., president, World Trade Club of Denver, Denver, Colo

Schramm, James S., executive vice president, J. S. Schramm Co., Burling-

ton, Iowa..

Shapiro, Alvin, vice president, American Merchant Marine Institute, Inc.

Sharp, James R., Washington, D. C., representing various importer groups.

Simpson, John L., chairman, finance committee, Bechtel Corp.

Snyder, H. B., editor-publisher, Gary Post-Tribune, Gary, Ind.

Sparboe, A. B., vice president, Pillsbury Mills, Inc., representing the

Chamber of Commerce of the United States.

Stitt, Nelson A., director, United States-Japan Trade Council.

Swingle, William S., president, National Foreign Trade Council, Inc.,

New York, N. Y.

Thompson, Marjorie, United States section, Women's International
League for Peace and Freedom..

Trescher, Robert L., chairman, Trade Development Council, on behalf of

the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia -

Walther, C. C., president, Walther Bros. Co., Inc., and Walther Paint Co.,
Inc., New Orleans, La.

Watson, Thomas J., Jr., New York, N. Y.

Weed, Thomas J., representing San Francisco Port Authority, on behalf
of the San Francisco Area World Trade Association and related organ-

Weeks, Hon. Sinclair, Secretary of Commerce..

Chart presentation.

Weitzer, Bernard, Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America_
Williams, Harold, president, Institute of American Poultry Industries.
Winnett, P. G., chairman of the board, Bullocks, Inc., to chairman
World Trade Club of Denver, Colo..


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Boschen, H. C., Raymond International, Inc., to chairman_

Bramstedt, W. F., chairman of the board of directors, California Texas
Oil Co., Ltd., New York, N. Y., to chairman__



Brossard, Hon. Edgar B., Chairman, United States Tariff Commission,
to Hon. George W. Malone__


Bryson, George D., vice president, General Foods Corp., to chairman__.
Cabot, Thomas D., Boston, Mass., to chairman__.



Carse, Stewart C., president, Linen Trade Association, Inc., New York,
N. Y., to chairman_


Casey, Mrs. Thomas G., president, League of Women Voters of Mont-
gomery County, Silver Spring, Md., to chairman__.


Connelly, Ross, S. M. Wolff Co., New York, N. Y., to chairman..
Dalzell, Lloyd H., chairman, Dalzell Towing Co., Inc., New York, N. Y.,
to chairman, and enclosure_.

Davies, Ralph K., American Independent Oil Co., San Francisco, Calif.,
to chairman___

Deane, Michael B., executive vice president, American Watch Association,

Inc., to chairman..

Dewey, Ralph B., president, American Steamship Association, to chairman.
Dysart, D. M., vice president in charge, northern district, General Steam-
ship Corp., Ltd., Seattle, Wash., to chairman.

Fiske, Redington, editor, Export Trade and Shipper, New York, N. Y.,

to chairman.

Flanders, Hon. Ralph E., to Hon. Sinclair Weeks, Secretary of Commerce--

Frost, Dudley W., executive director, Board of Port Commissioners, Port

of Oakland, Calif., to chairman...

Gallard, F. E., Gallard-Schlesinger Chemical Manufacturing Corp., Long

Island City, N. Y., to chairman__

Gettell, Richard Glenn, president, Mount Holyoke College, member of
committee on commercial policy of the United States council of the
International Chamber of Commerce, to chairman_

[blocks in formation]


Action by the president on Tariff Commission recommendations in escape-
clause cases__



Petroleum and products: Continental United States production, imports,
domestic demand, and ratios of production and of imports to domestic
demand, 1950 to 1957--


President's action on escape clause reports sent to the President by the
Tariff Commission____.


Procedures preparatory to tariff negotiations__
Recognition of Communist China__



Report on imports of petroleum products by the Special Committee to

investigate crude oil imports, June 4, 1958.




United States merchandise exports in relation to gross National product,



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