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proceedings of the annual meeting, and as promptly as possible the executive board shall publish the proceedings. The secretary-treasurer shall receive such salary as the executive board may decide.

SEC. 4. Duties of the executive board.-The business of the association between conventions shall be conducted by the executive board, and all questions coming before the board shall be decided by a majority vote of those present, except that of election of honorary members, which shall be by unanimous vote. A majority of the board shall constitute a quorum.


SECTION 1. Dues.—Annual dues for membership shall be $75 payable before June 30 of each year provided, however, that in exceptional circumstances the executive board, by unanimous vote, may waive this requirement. Dues must be paid before the annual meeting in order to entitle members to representation and a right to vote.

SEC. 2. Expenditures.-All expenditures of the association shall be authorized by and subject to the approval of the executive board and shall be made in accordance with the regulations established by that board. The executive board may authorize advancement of funds in a reasonable amount to the proper officer or officers for contemplated or emergency expenditures needed for the proper conduct of the business of the association.


SECTION 1. Voting.Voting members shall be entitled to one vote on all questions coming before a meeting of the association which vote shall be cast by the administrator of the member agency or his duly designated and accredited representative.

SEC. 2. Eligibility. In electing officers of the association, State, Territorial, and Provincial Departments of Labor or comparable administrative agencies represented shall each be entitled to one vote.

Sec. 3. Eligibility. The Department of Labor of the United States and the Department of Labour of Canada, and such other national government labor administrations as may be members of the association under the provisions of article III, section 2, shall each be entitled to one vote.


SECTION 1. Meetings.The association shall meet at least once annually at such time and place as the executive board may decide, unless otherwise ordered by the convention.


Standing committees

SECTION 1. Convention committee.—There shall be a convention committee to consist of three members whose duties will be to make all arrangements for the annual convention of the association, including the preparation of the convention program. Additional membership on this committee may be authorized by the executive board and insofar as practicable the chairman of the committee shall be the administrator of the member agency in the State, Territory, or Province wherein the convention is to be held.

Sec. 2. Legislative committee.—There shall be a legislative committee to consist of three members whose duties will be to study legislative matters relating to the purpose of this association.

SEC. 3. Public relations committee.-There shall be a public relations committee to consist of five members whose responsibilities will be to stimulate the cooperation of all branches of Federal, State, and Provincial governments charged with the administration of laws and regulations for the protection and welfare of workers and to provide a method for the exchange of information to bring about greater uniformity of laws and regulations and their administration thereof. It shall be the further responsibility of this public relations committee to conduct, with the approval of the executive board, whatever public relations program is deemed most beneficial to the association.

SEC. 4. Appointment of standing committees.—At the first meeting of the executive board next following the annual convention, the president will name, subject to the approval of the executive board, membership on all standing committees and will designate the member who shall be chairman.

SEC. 5. Appointment of other committees. The president shall appoint such other committees as may be deemed necessary to effectuate the purpose of the organization, provided that committees shall be appointed to study and develop each of the major functions for which the Federal, State, or Provincial governments are charged, including, but not limited to, industrial safety and inspection methods, minimum wage enforcements, labor relations.


SECTION 1. Rules of order.—The deliberations of the convention shall be governed by “Robert's Rules of Order."


SECTION 1. Amendments to the constitution. The constitution may be amended by either of the following procedures :

(a) Proposed amendments to the constitution shall be filed with the secretary-treasurer at least 30 days in advance of the annual meeting. Due notice and copy of the proposed amendment shall be sent to each member of the association prior to the convention date and shall be referred to the convention for consideration. A two-thirds vote of all delegates shall be required to adopt any amendment at the annual meeting or any special meeting at which an amendment is included in der of business.

(b) An amendment to the constitution may also be proposed between annual meetings by the executive board or by any member of the association. In such case, the proposed amendment shall be forwarded to each member for consideration together with a ballot upon which the member may indicate his choice. The result of the ballot will be made known to all members and if the vote is unanimous the amendment will become effective upon notice to each member by the executive board.


SECTION 1. Election of officers and selection of the convention city.At the last session of the annual meeting the officers of the association shall be elected and installed and the selection of the next convention city shall be made, except in case of an emergency when the convention site may be chosen or changed by the executive board.

International Association of Governmental Labor Officials 1 [Resulting from amalgamation of the Association of Chiefs and Officials of Bureaus of Labor and the Inter

national Association of Factory Inspectors. For a roster of annual conventions of the predecessor associations, see Labor Laws and Their Administration, Proceedings of the 1957 IAGLO Conference, Bulletin 194)


1 Known as Association of Governmental Labor Officials, 1914–27; Association of Government Officials in Industry, 1928–33. 2 Mr. Stanley resigned in March 1928. 3 Dr. McBride resigned in March 1929. 4 Mr. Ballantyne resigned in January 1931.

No convention was held in 1932, but a meeting of the executive committee and other members was held in Buffalo in June 1932 to discuss matters of interest to the Association.

6 Mr. Sweetser served as president from May to December 1931; Mr. Patton served from December 1931 to September 1933. 7 No convention was held in 1942 because of war conditions. 8 No convention was held in 1944 or 1945 because of war conditions.

256–592 0467—15


Report of the Auditing Committee

The auditing committee, having received the audit and the certification of accounts of the International Association of Governmental Labor Officials for the period from July 12, 1965, through July 15, 1966, has reviewed the ledger account, receipts, and expenditures in detail. The report herewith presents a certified financial statement covering that period.

FINANCIAL STATEMENT Cash in bank July 12, 1965.

$4, 772. 44 Receipts (see schedule A)--

5, 275.00 Disbursements (see schedule B).

4, 607. 43


5, 440.01

Cash in bank July 15, 1966.-

U.S. bonds (6 bonds-present value of $952 each)--

5, 440.01 5, 712.00

Total assets of association, cash and bonds as of July 12, 1966.----- $11, 152. 01

Income from dues and registration fees exceeded disbursements by $667.57 for the period. Seven more payments for dues were received this year than last, including one new member to the IAGLO. Disbursements were lower this year, primarily in reduced costs for meetings of members of the executive board ($1,922.48 compared to $2,580.39 last year). Other costs for administering the IAGLO were higher.

The association owns 6 U.S.bonds valued at a total of $5,712.00. They are Series J type, purchased in November 1955, for $720 each with a face value of $1,000 on maturation in November 1967. The current value of each bond is $952. Interest rates on these bonds have not changed since purchase.

As of July 18, 1966, the association had assets (cash and bonds) of $11,152.01, $853.57 more than last year.

We congratulate the secretary-treasurer and his assistant on the accuracy and good condition of the financial records maintained for

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